Saturday, December 31, 2016

Golf Biscuits through the mists of time

O lost friend of my youth rediscovered. Golf Biscuits were a staple when I was a child, from the hefty Good Housekeeping volume that the President gave Mother. I believe she still has the book, but that much-used page is gone.  And then one day the recipe appeared on the trusty old Internet, in the Vintage Cookbook Trials!

The good, kind person who posted it there does not speak highly of them but they are as delicious as ever, either plain or with chocolate.

That rustic look is Entirely Intentional, excuse me.  I add chocolate to biscuits by placing a few lovely Callebaut chocolate chips on top of them and returning to the oven for a minute, then spreading. No doubt you have a better way.

Note that they contain 2 oz sugar.  1 oz suffices, really.

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