Monday, August 31, 2015

Quickly before it's September (Op. 349)

It will be time tomorrow morning to start once more on my winning ways with bread and cheese in school lunches. So this post is a marker to say that I am just about still here

as are my Nutella scones 

and my dainty pink bucket such as is suitable for a harvest of fuchsia flowers picked by small visitors -- there is no need to write censoriously in; we left thousands for the bees, who like it here where no one turns on the radio to disturb their hum with running jumps at the human condition

and my pretty bunches of flowers from the garden, emblematic of an imagined utopia in which there is no impending tax return.

Those were three (3) things. To recap: scones, fuchsia, bunches of flowers. Now that Bloglovin' is bombarding me with its top posts, I note that they are all counted items. Seven ways to exercise at your desk. Six second chances at life. Ten steps to a better you. A better me!  Four super Scandi suppers. This is my 349th post. Opus 349 if you will. Containing three things.


  1. Your mugs are notably tasteful Mise. And in number, more than three. What more does a good blogger need?

  2. Only six second chances, Mise? Shudder...
    Fuchsia are oh so lovely. Correct: 125 fuchsia- blossoms in one (1) bowl are ultimate lovely (did I count right?)
    I have a friend who counts almost everything she sees. Reminds me of a Beatles-Song: "One, two, three, four - can I have a little more? Five, six, seven, eight - gee, I love you!" "You" in my case means "life".

  3. Safety in numbers. Counting your blessings. A journey of 100 miles begins with one step... Shall I stop now?

  4. Three is a lucky number, or so they say, so hope you will have a lucky September. Love the mugs too. Great colours.

  5. What a Blogtopia lifestyle you lead Mise …. if only I could manage just one then I would be a happy blogger. XXXX

  6. I count the train cars as they pass at the crossing because my mother always did...and I count sheep when I cannot fall asleep...and I count the number of cookies left on the plate...but that is about all. To recap: that's three (3) things I count; train cars, sheep, cookies. But sometimes I count the days until we hear from you again...

  7. lovely Miss Mise! I just signed up for your posts with my new email address!
    Thank you so much for visiting my friend!

    The Arts by Karena
    Featuring Sharon Santoni

  8. Reasons to be, two, three!

    Lots of cheer found here, Mise. May September treat you very well. xo

  9. Oh it's you! I've missed you. Did your young visitors make the fuchsia blossoms into ballerinas? You need a pin to scratch a face on the bulbous green part just under the flower and a very thin stick or stiff flower stem to push through the flower just under the face for arms. A photo showing what I'm on about would help here wouldn't it?

    1. We just use them for the nectar, Sue, but I mourn all our wasted ballerina opportunities now. A photo would help sure enough.

  10. Your posts make me happy. You could write one a day and I'd never tire of them.

  11. Hello stranger - nice to see you pop up out of the blue on your annual visit to blogland. How can Bloglovin post about ten steps to a better you - you already score ten out of ten.

  12. Six second chances at life, now that has my attention, I would read that for sure. And given the chance I would eat three Nutella scones while so doing. CJ xx

  13. I always love it when you pop in. Your breathtaking wit and domestic warmth are welcome.

  14. My wallpaper says hello to two of your mugs. I wonder if your Nutella scones would be one of the 7 Ways to Beat Sugar Cravings?

  15. Hello Mise, Your observation of bloglovin is keen and accurate. The power of three will always prevail. Congratulations on 349 posts. Have you created a recipe for fuchsia? I will be watching for a new Cookery Show on "foraging fuchsia"

  16. I only read the Nutella scones and then re-read it and then looked at the picture, and then went back to the beginning and read it again. Such good taste we have. Nutella forever.

  17. The Nutella scones have deeply impacted me, dear Mise. I'm afraid I can't get them out of my thoughts ... damn you, Nutella scones. And I am so NOT baking this weekend.


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