Wednesday, December 4, 2013

the red dogwood

Now that the sun is shining, I thought everyone would be delighted if I were to post a photo of the shelf over the range, with the red dogwood looking well in some coloured bottles.

It's hard to fathom the thinking behind the newly designed Cadbury's chocolate wrapper. 'EASY RECLOSE'?  Is it now the done thing to reclose one's chocolate bar rather than consume it all in one sitting while browsing for an old-fashioned brass locket to send to America? It is only a small bar, a mere eight squares.

I have also fallen a bit behind in blogging conventions and have been slow to notice that it is an essential of lifestyle posts to shoot the same photo from various angles and distances.

To make amends, you will see that my camera and I have backed cautiously away from the chocolate in order that the image should also encompass my petit four serving dish, my pink poinsettia, and my Greengate tea towel. One could almost call the ensemble a vignette.


  1. How do you always find those gorgeous pinks!? Love the poinsettia and yes it is a vignette. About that chocolate, there were days I would eat more in one sitting but pregnancy luckily for me is making it easier, apples are (and pears) the craving((:
    xo Z

  2. The further away you get from the chocolate bar with your camera, the smaller it looks ... really I can't think of any reason why one would need to re-close such a pitiful morsel. It could be snaffled in a mere two bites.

    1. I zoomed over to your blog, Susy, to see what a person of such good judgement had to say, and was overwhelmed by your coolness. I need to buy myself more interesting sleeves.

  3. I haven't seen the reclosable packaging on this side of the Atlantic, but I agree -- I certainly don't need to reclose my "empty" chocolate wrapper!

  4. A pink poinsettia? Be still my beating heart … x

  5. And if you are to make any use of the "EASY RECLOSE", you must back away. Might as well make a photograph. Nice poinsettia. I think I like pink poinsettias better than red.

  6. Surely the reclose facility is only there so that you may recycle the wrapper and use it for something else? I can't think what though.

  7. Easy Reclose sounds like a divorce solicitor's term.

  8. Mise, here's bit of a coincidence...if you stretch the concept a bit.

    When i was on my October UK holiday, I had several occasions to change trains at Newport Station in Wales. On one of these occasions, I did nip (is it permitted for a NYC visitor to nip?) into a little container shop on the platform. I am always curious when away from home to see what's different and what's not.

    Well. I saw the Dairy Milk Bar with the packaging announcing its newness. I think that the Cadbury choc that we get over here is not what you all get over there, so...I bought a Milk Bar. You never know when a train might encounter a delay and you might be hungry (even if you'd started your journey on the strength of a massive breakfast.)

    So. I did nibble a section of that Milk Bar before i got to Paddington. And I did re-seal the package.

    Back here in NYC, my neighborhood Fairway Market does sell a Cadbury selection, but...the Milk Bar chocolate is not the same. The USA packaging cannot be resealed.

    Your posts are so much fun to visit!


    1. I am a changed women, Frances, and from now on shall be resealing chocolate wrappers in your honour. European size 6 can only be a month away.

  9. It is perfectly acceptable for you to 'nip' or even 'pop' into a shop while in Great Britain. It is a sign of your impeccable manners, that you are prepared to adapt to our funny little ways. I hope you had a nice cup of tea with your breakfast. I cannot abide a Hershey bar and would have no difficulty in reclosing one. I was weaned on CDM and allowed two chunky cubes of it each day for my playtime break snack. My father kept an enormous stash of said bars in the pantry at home. A custom that my brother has adopted. He has no need of the reclosing facility either.

  10. What delightful colours, my dear. I feel particularly drawn to the sapphire blue one next to the charming daffodil figurine.

    1. I don't think glass is permitted in Her Majesty's Prisons, dear Ada, but perhaps plastic also comes in fetching colours?

  11. I have just photographed my lunch from several different distances and angles.

  12. Dear Mise,
    I cannot imagine resealing a chocolate bar after opening it! Usually I am wishing there was another bar just in case! I do wish you would shoot the "vignette" from several other angles and distances!
    The Arts by Karena

  13. This may come as a shock but I don't buy chocolate of any description but if I did it would most certainly be Fruit and Nut - and I am alarmed by the new packaging, why wasn't the foil and purple wrapper good enough - after all many generations have eaten those chocolate bars that way to no ill effect - the people who have taken over Cadbury's want their wrists slapping. Oops where did that come from. p.s. you needed to take more photos from more angles - don't worry, you'll soon get the hang of it.

  14. The idea of resealing a Cadbury bar-unless it is one of the huge bars- just sounds silly. They are meant to be consumed at one sitting. This from a woman who wrote to Cadbury years ago, trying to get Yorkie bars sent to her from the U.K. to the U.S. Mission unsuccessful. English Cadbury bars fyi have a higher butterfat content which is why they are the best.

  15. I see you are fine tuning your blogging skills to perfection, well done! the chocolate eating must be a great help in helping the brain to do this...I must go and try it myself immediately!
    Love the bright pops of color over your I think my shelf looks a bit dingy, definitely needs a few pops.
    xo J~

  16. I love looking at pictures of your house. Such a bright and happy place.

  17. Here's to more vignettes soon Mise! Merry merry Christmas!
    Amanda x

  18. While I see the need for resealable Bombay Sapphire bottles, I fear the provision of resealable chocolate bars is frivolous ~ but I applaud their efforts to encourage moderation nonetheless. Merry Christmas, dear Mise, to you and your loved ones. I hope you've been having a fine time, vignettes or otherwise.

  19. Dear Mise
    Your fireplace is definitely a vignette. You are a true artist in your selection and use of colour.
    How about a song to go with the chocolate bar

    "Re-close, re-close, the chocolate bar
    and put it away in a pretty jar
    To be opened again another day
    hey, hey hey what do you say"

    I hope Willie Nelson is reading your blog, give him my email address for the rest of the song

    Happy New Year to all of you
    Helen xx

  20. Darling Mise,

    We have returned to Blogland after an absence of more months than make a year only to find that there is no more Blogtopia for you are not here.

    We have searched for evidence for you everywhere. We have scoured the depraved and deprived, the drunk and the dank, the dark and the delightful and you are nowhere to be found. We are DEVASTATED.

    Darling, darling Mise. Only you can write about a shelf and Shakespeare comes to mind. Only you can explore the practicalities of resealable chocolate wrappers with an intelligence that leaves Einstein in the shade. Only you can gather together bits of this and that and make it a work of art....for lesser others, it would be a mere vignette.

    So, darling Mise. Please come back. We miss you. We are bereft without you. We love you. We hope you are well. Love and hugs......Hattatts

  21. Goodness Golly!! Just last night I was wishing for a chocolate bar wrapper that would close! (No joke!) But, it was some ghirardelli baking chocolate that I needed for a recipe but had ravenously unwrapped as soon as I got out of the store and into the car. I was wondering how I could possibly conceal my moment of weakness from my boys who bring the groceries in, you see....

    You always bring such a wonderful perspective on life! ;)


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