Monday, September 2, 2013

doing the right thing

I have picked blackberries,

made blackberry jam,

and baked blackberry crumble in a pink cast-iron pot,

as befits the lifestyle blogging genre.  Self-satisfaction must surely follow.

Following on from their Moroccan art expedition last year, my friends Elizabeth and Margaret are traveling to Paris this month to give some painting workshops.  French readers, if I have French readers, perhaps you would like to join them? All details are here.

The women of the parish wonder what my new metal sign, Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, means. It is a standard placeholder, reserving the textual space until the day comes when the true sign will burst forth in a blaze of revelatory significance.  But that day will not come. A metaphor for my life.

Happy Home goes to Flora, of Through the Round Window. Thank you all for entering, and for your welcoming comments since I resumed posting. You are such a convivial, kindly lot.


  1. It is the sheer pinkness of it all which sets you apart from the average lifestyle blogger, Mise. I wish blackberry pips didn't get stuck between one's teeth, though.

  2. It sounds silly, but I am hesitant to pick wild blackberries. I did once in my youth, and found a happy little maggot inside just as I was about to pop it in my mouth. I must grow up and make myself some humble pie.

    xx A

    p.s. Adore your hydrangeas. Yum, yum.

  3. Good golly, that's me! Thank you, I'm stunned. I'd like to thank my publicist, my family, my agent etc.

    Blackberry crumble and and jam is all very well, but I've made some blackberry gin. By my calculations it will be ready on Christmas eve, how timely. Recipe here: Cheers!

  4. Despite having sliced up many blocks of dummy text in a variety of sans serif typefaces for paste-ups, I never once read the words. mea culpa.

  5. Hi, you put me to shame. I cycled past plenty of blackberry bushes today but was working hard to keep up with five children and couldn't stop. Didn't stop. I really wanted to stop.

    (lovely blog, just clicked over from the Quince Tree)

  6. Funnily enough I have just clicked over from The Quince Tree too! Mise you are indeed doing the right thing. I've been doing similar blogworthy activities today with damsons .

  7. Hi Mise and thank you for your supportive words, it is not great to be nauseous all the time but now I crave your blackberry jam, crumbler and pinky cast iron pot despite the nausea((:
    New profile photo! Pretty you with these girly flowers in your hair. You inspire me with pink I have to admit.... And I am a pink lover since the 70's!!

    Xo z

  8. So many blackberries! That crumble looks delicious, and the pink pot is happiness itself. Your jam looks lovely. Reminds me of the book Bread and Jam for Frances.

  9. Oh my - blackberry crumble! With whipped cream - lots of it I hope. Yum. I'm so envious.

  10. Oh dear Mise,
    I fear that I must be in a different blogging space to you ........ I fail to collect blackberries let alone make blackberry crumble ... I have no straws, twine, colourful cushions, handmade lampshades or the like ! .... although, I do have a blue child and a pink child .... does that count even though they are in their 30's !!
    Your crumble looks yummy and your jam does I always say .. I just wish that you were my next door neighbour so that you could leave a crumble or two on my doorstep ! XXXX

  11. What I want to know is - how come you have blackberries - there are non ripening round here - and how come you collect them in a cute pink pail when most of us just use a plastic bag. Now we all have to live up to your standards.

  12. What very nice and inviting pictures of your berry collecting and jam making. My problem with jam is I tend to make too much of it. One does when fruit grows on trees in the back garden like it did in our previous home. And I'm practical rather than pretty, so my jam isn't the kind to give away as gifts. Anyone need 25 pints of apricot or peach jam?

  13. Blueberry Crumble, yum. It looks delish Mise!

    Art by Karena

  14. Mise, you definitely deserve a bloggy award of some sort for this post! From the berry picking, to the baking, to the perfectly pink pot...even a happy giveaway winner (congratulations to Flora!) to top it all off, the whole lot is so wonderfully and properly blog-worthy, it's what we all strive for...well done!
    xo J~

  15. You are the epitome of a lifestyle blogger! The recycling of the bonne maman jars will ensure your place in the Lifestyle Blogging Hall of Fame!

  16. Indeed! Berry picking, baking and a pink cast iron dish, how do you do it Mise? If that is not a bursting forth of blazing revelatory significance what is? You are always bright and shiny to me. It is very kind of you to include Elizabeth and I in the blackberry achievement. (they make me think-the blackberries of Mary Oliver,

  17. Perfect blogging activity I joined in too and love my jars of bramble jam x


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