Friday, August 23, 2013

this and that, including a Happy Home giveaway

Now this is a giveaway only insofar as I am giving something away. Nothing big, nothing special. Just a book called Happy Home.

If you are interested, you know the drill: comment accordingly and let the stars hold your destiny.

When the washing line broke under the great weight of our habitual garb of vintage French linens and delicately embroidered brocades, Scottish Husband rigged up the Land Rover as a temporary pole. 

Good upcycling, no?  I assure him that this sort of stuff is worthy of inclusion in the 66 minute, professionally edited film of his life, even at the expense of close-up shots of him fine-tuning the motorcycle engine to maximise torque on the straight. I do hope I have that technical terminology right.

And these Liquorice Allsorts are my current downfall, not that I am falling down.


  1. I'd love to win a copy of that happy looking book. Sorry no Twitter....

    1. I found Twitter was like being caught in an ocean current without a cup of tea. It's nice to see you again, Chania.

  2. Oh the secrets of a happy home. Is it really as simple as colour? Get me to the craft cupboard forthwith. Lots of primary splashing and sploshing over the weekend. Bet it would never look like your pics, or theirs!

  3. Clearly I would love to give such a happy book a room of it's own.

    Tell pink daughter to pick me!

    xo Jane

  4. Liquorice Allsorts. I love them.

    'fine-tuning the motorcycle engine to maximise torque on the straight'?

    Very nice. (I have no idea what you are talking about - have you?)


  5. I love that pink poof on the cover of the book! :)

  6. Hello Mise

    I burst out laughing at Scottish husband's ingenuity of using the landrover to support the laundry. He is not just a pretty face.


  7. Yay, so delighted to see you are back! I missed your wit and charm, here in the Blogshire, my dear, it just was not the same without you. xx

  8. I second Ciara! Delighted you are back x

  9. Yes. Just as I suspected. Not only do you fling color like flower petals up and down your garden path, you gobble it by the handful. I remember the days when licorice was a plain old unromantic black without shoes, and a Land Rover was meant to be used as a hot house for nurturing spring seedlings.

    You are colorful inside and out, Mise. So glad to be visiting you again.

  10. So very 'MacGyver' of your husband to rig up the line...quite impressive!

    The bright pops of color on the book cover look so very Mise (nice of you to offer btw)...and how cute is that little liquorice man running on the package? I just might have to draw him.
    xo J~

  11. Oh those Scottish husbands are crafty stock!! Wise, wise man. If that beautiful book came from your home, it would be happy. As for liquorice, I'm a recovering addict. Ate so much after I moved here, that my legs were swelling. Found out it was a symptom of too much black liquorice; who would have thought, certainly not me. Sending you all the best from a rainy, dark Scotland on this Saturday! x

  12. Miss Mise it looks like a book I can really get excited about. Love looking at so many great ideas!

    Featuring:Artist Anne Harwell

  13. Just hope he remembers to untie the washing line before zooming off in the Land Rover - it could be disastrous for your French brocades!

  14. this looks like a nice book :)

    contact email tsgiveaways(at)

  15. You must own the most extravagant and well-travelled (in rough terrain) clothes line in Ireland. All your blogging fans will be rushing to Land Rover dealerships around the world demanding to know the vehicle's clothes drying capabilities...and count me in for your lovely giveaway. Have I told you that you have beautiful hair? xx

  16. I applaud your ingenious upcycled washing line. It's so crafty. I also have a terrible weakness for licuorice.

    And of course, please count me in for your amaze-balls giveaway! I wants.

    xx A

  17. Catching up on all the catching up I haven't done lately. Dear Mise, please don't think I'm only commenting to enter your giveaway. Really I'm here to say hello, howdy, hiya etc. as it's been an awful long time without your posts to brighten my reading list. Good to have you back, xx

  18. Your hubby is a man keeper! Love to be rescued with quick on the feet type of guy(:
    Good for you Mise!

    I am into sour candy as I never am but being nauseous and pregnant doesn't feel so great at the moment(: and spur helps!
    Xo z


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