Thursday, August 29, 2013

am I the only one who has no paper straws?

I never purchased the striped twine after all. I yearned for it, of course, as bloggers do, and fully understood how useful it was for tying things up in situations where a plain twine would cause offence. But it was such a challenge to select a sensible number of colours, and then, one day, the passion for twine was gone. I just wasn't interested.  Paper drinking straws were what I wanted instead.

this sort of thing, from

You have them already, I assume, in a little enamel pail on your sideboard, colour-matched to your fruit-infused vodka cocktails.  I wish I were more like you, so on top of things. I've only just added that Follow with Bloglovin badge to my sidebar that everyone else has had for ages. What is Bloglovin and why omit the g? Is there anything else important I'm not doing?

At least I have a sign. You've had Read and Eat and Sleep and Live about your house for as long as I've known you, inspiringly placed in activity-appropriate rooms, and I've had nothing, not even my quilted initials over the mantel. Now, at last, with my new sign, I can hold my head up and blog without shame.

my new sign, propped up by hydrangeas

Unless, of course, signs are so last year. Are they?

I mustn't forget to draw a name for the Happy Home giveaway and will do so the second I have finished adhering labels to everything for the start of the school term and drilling the daughters to coordinate their lies about what they did during the holidays. The more inquisitive teachers can be so canny.



  1. Rest assured, no paper straws here (the thought of them turning soggy between my lips makes me cringe a little) and I too am still feeling my way around the Bloglovin' thing.

    I've just googled your latin phrase - project manager? I should like a sign that simply says 'Bugger'. It amuses me.

    Heather x

    PS I keep chuckling about inquisitive teachers - you're so right.

  2. No, not I. I have no twine, no signs, no paper straws no enamelled pail or any of the other things you mention. It is a boring life...

  3. I must have forgotten to add straws to my hot chocolate station. Oh! wait, silly me, you can't drink hot chocolate with a straw! They would look nice on display though.

  4. I forgot...I do have straws. My mum has to use one to drink since her stroke. I have only plastic bendy ones though.

  5. I have a sign. It's on my fridge and says 'don't forget to buy malt vinegar'.

    1. So your sign must say:
      non emere oblitus brasii acetum

      No don't thank me. It's all part of the service.

  6. Mise, you are the only person I know who would think to colour coordinate their straws with their hydrangeas. Respect.

  7. I fell for the string, it's beginnings were to be used as "bakers twine" and after all, I am a baker! I could not resist. The straws on the other hand... i'm looking forward to the next very-important trend to come along and turn them into a distant memory.

  8. Things must be really falling apart here-no twine, paper straws or signs :-)
    I'm always so amazed about what the children tell the teachers, their news copies read like a community newsletter at the end of every year!

  9. How fickle of you Mise ....... one minute twine .. the next straws. What will the fad of the moment be next week ?!!! I've read that it's Cath Kidston thigh length waders ..... get your cheque book ready !!
    When returning to school after the Summer hols, our childrens " What we did in the Summer holiday's ' essays were always strewn with ' went to the pub' !!!!!!! XXXX

  10. Dear Mise, I think it is just wrong for the snarky teaches to ask that question about the Holidays.
    I mean some kids were in Europe 2 months and some went fishing at the pond at home!

    Now to have to admit that I have not beautifully coordinated striped straws in my home. I have no excuse. Something must be terribly wrong with me!

    Feature: “Love Where You Live”

  11. Paper straws are very odd to drink through. They also get soggy rather quickly. They do look lovely though. I covet them too, regardless of sogginess.

  12. Dear Mise

    As an artist, I'd have to draw straws (pun? maybe)
    I am sure Pink and Blue will have loads to tell about how they spent their summer.
    Wishing the good luck in their new school year

    Helen xx

  13. I want straws, but they're a bit fancy and I have no occasion to use them for just yet. Will reprot back if and when I do. I still don't have signs, but I have the bloglovin button. and no one's followed much. It doesn't matter, I think its cool if I say it is. :)

  14. I once saw a classroom display of 'What I did in the holidays' essays where one child had put the modest truth, but someone (in slightly different handwriting) had shoehorned into the last paragraph, 'But we are going to America next year.'

  15. Ah Mise! Thank you for the grin that has spread across my face! Good luck with the straws.

  16. Out of ignorance and interest I looked up your sign - glad to know it means absolutely nothing - I was beginning to regret not learning Latin.

    1. Ah but when I looked it up it said Product Manager.

    2. But what you also need is one that says habeo paleam. Gosh I wouldn't have failed Latin with a grade 9 if it had been as much fun as this.

  17. No sign
    No paper straws
    No Bloglovin
    No twine

    Must make a lifestyle plan for these parts ...

  18. I don't think I said this earlier Mise, but it's great to have you back again. I've missed your wit and yearning for string....

  19. Eh? No paper straws? Mise ... Annie Sloane chalk board paint is hot right now and I am sure - even pretty far west - you could rustle up a bit of blue baling twine to suffice ... your wit and wisdom has been missed greatly .. welcome home x

  20. The straws are a much more sensible choice over the string! One can use them *everyday* if one chooses, whereas the would have to get very creative (which no doubt you could be) to find suitable daily uses (hair ribbon substitutes for Pink & Blue?). The straws on the other hand...endless daily enjoyment for the whole family!
    I would love having a sign that could mean what ever I wanted it to depending on the mood of the day, such as 'happy straws make a happy house'...even more endless enjoyment for the whole family.
    xo J~

  21. No , no straws here either , rather sadly .
    As for your sign ..... an older version of "The quick brown fox ..." ?
    For better educated typists than me/I , perhaps .


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