Wednesday, January 23, 2013

quiet for a while

Pretty Far West will be quiet for a while.

Thank you, as ever, dear reader, for your companionship and charm, and there are various notification options over there on the left sidebar if you'd like to be informed when I return to speak importantly once more of small domestic matters.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Nirvana Minus Two and the crooked thing

Readers found that the Blogtopian dictum, Everything is Lovely, even if it isn't, was severely challenged by the delightfully froufrou lampshade covers in the last post, so we'd better leap swiftly back to the safe territory of white paint. Yet is it so safe?

That bookshelf above was brown wood until a week ago. Now it's a soft, clean white, and my heart is at rest. With this project, we've reached a stage I call Nirvana Minus Two, as this was the third last item of furniture on the painting list. Soon the whole house will be gloriously white.

Certain people will be cross, of course, as the shelf is made of oak, and oak, especially here in Ireland, is one of those "you benighted philistine, you painted that fine piece of wood?" materials. Modern oak, not stately old oak. Is that acceptable?

Just in case it's not acceptable and you need rapid distraction, here's a close-up of the crooked Moroccan perfume dispenser behind the armchair. It's still crooked.

And a close-up of the books. See that top one? Dream Gardens, at which I look sometimes in an attempt to determine how to transform my own G into a DG so as not to feel left out. I came across an article on the dear amusing Hattatts in it, and realised that I think of all you lovely blogging people out there as being fictitious, and am ever so surprised when you become real in print. I shall resolve to meet more of you this year, but not until I have replaced my broken eyelash curlers and am looking my best.

Monday, January 7, 2013

all the lampshades must be covered

Among my Christmas presents was Romantic Prairie Style, a timely wake-up call that I make insufficient use of garden furniture indoors and fail to display flowers in my wellington boots. All that is going to change. The first major sweep of prairie-channeling round here will be the lamps. They need covering. 

a charming little cover by Sandra Black
You may not have heard of lampshade covers before, but the above is a beguiling example from etsy. I like it a lot. As I pursued more of them, my credit card hopping about excitedly on its little credit legs beside me, I found that almost every online retailer who sold such covers has closed catastrophically down. What does this say about society, people? Is it time to look into our hearts and support lampshade covers?

a tennis skirt repurposed as a prairie chic lampshade cover

For a self-deluding instant, I was all set to make one myself. I even watched a How To and opened my fabric drawer. Then it struck me that a daughter's outgrown tennis skirt would be just the thing.  You merely fling it over the existing lampshade and tweak it just so for instant prairie chic. No tradesmen, no mess, no wiring. Nifty, no?
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