Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas About the House Part II

In my festive enthusiasm yesterday, I showed you a glimpse of Christmas round my house. Well, there's more! Much more!

Only three days to go. The stockings are up and the 7 euro 99 cent bucket is still going strong.

Stained glass baubles from Flora at Through the Round Window hang over the kitchen range. Those knives in the background are evidence of Cooking from Ingredients as a lifestyle blogger should.  And some kitsch: an important counterpoint to all the handmade goodness.

The knitteds.  A bell and tree on the tree.  Baby Jesus safely asleep on his knitted hay.  My favourite Nativity character, the donkey, giving us another opportunity to have a look at one of the Best Cushions in the World 2012 as voted by mainstream cushion experts internationally.

Happy Christmas, lovely readers!  And a special hello to the bloggers I met in person this year in the depths of my reclusion: Helen Tilston and Móna Wise.  And many thanks to the dear commentators who amuse me so wisely and well!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas About The House Part 1

It's a quiet day at work and I was going to show you Christmas About My House. Novel and original at this time of year, I know. But then I got distracted by the tumble-dryer.

While loading it with my fine cambrics I felt once again that quiet moment of inner pride I always experience when I turn the dial past 'iron dry'. Iron dry, I tell myself: if only the bloggers could see that, they'd assume I'm the sort of person who irons everything to gloriously crisp creases.

But then there's Easy-Care to the left. How utterly insulting that is in a household appliance. This family wears only 100% wool, 100% cotton, and 100% linen. That makes 300%: good going, no, on a chilly day?

I had to dust that dial before I could photograph it. Go and check your tumble-dryer. Be honest, now, it's a bit dusty, isn't it, right above the dial pointer? Especially when photographed.  You and I, we're not arrivistes with shiny new tumble-dryers. We've had that same vintage one since the turn of the century. It proves our indisputed dignity.

But I was a bit bothered by the dust nonetheless, as I like things to be clean, so I went and had a cherry. Long-time readers will know that in a world gone mad, glacé cherries are my calming drug of choice.  Just the one cherry sorted me out after the dusty tumble-dryer crisis.  A lesser woman would have had three.

See how I didn't bother with one of those dear little expensive cloth lids on the cherries? That's because the hammer-blows of fate wait for no lifestyle tweaks and sometimes you just need quick access to the cherries.

I'll leave you with a sneak preview of Christmas About My House.

This is the kitchen chandelier, ablaze with electricity,

and a candle, a profound and enduring symbol of the possibility that the electricity may be cut off over Christmas here in rural Ireland while the repairmen are jollying it up with port and stilton.   More Christmas About The House tomorrow, or when the notion takes me.

Monday, December 10, 2012

distracted by Twitter

Twitter has been distracting me lately. I only signed up to keep an eye on a young acquaintance who is starting off in the challenging field of dental assistance, but I soon spotted dear familiar faces and started pottering delightedly about the place.

I think I have grasped the Twitter modus operandi now: one rushes about madly following everyone in sight,  then sits back and watches the great ocean of tweets, while occasionally casting in one's own photo of the reupholstered chaise longue, favouriting other people's chaise longues, and posting three links to one's new blog post in case it is inadvertently overlooked first or second time round.

in my enthusiasm I decorated my profile with peony petals

"Double Yippee!!!" I remark happily to myself, "I can do all that too!" The only minor downfall is that I lack something to sell, which appears to be the crucial undercurrent of the whole determined affair. I have made no charming little pincushions, written no pamphlet on getting ahead in styling, produced no artisan falafel and am still waiting to hear back from those damned dawdlers in the Patent Office about my Rite Price Popomatronic.  Vain gaiety, vain battle, vain repose.

But perhaps it is ok to have no motive for the ninja socialising!  Perhaps one can just say a tentative hello!  If I haven't followed you yet, please let me know straight away so that I can remedy the situation. It is awfully lonely over there without you.

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