Monday, November 26, 2012

presents for particularly nice people

As Vintage Tea Time expressed disappointment at the paucity of present ideas in my most recent post, here are some more lovely things that you may want to give to particularly nice people.

The charming Flour Girls, handmade from flour and salt, come from Skerries, Co. Dublin. There are six of them at €22.00 each,

including guileless Róisín

and Niamh the daydreamer.

Garrendenny Lane is changing focus and clearing its existing stock. Among the bargains are a few things from the lovely Penelope range from Greengate.
Penelope table runner from Garrendenny Lane

Myself, I own the Penelope apron and am quite the figure of fun as I feed the birds wearing it over my eighties-revival legwarmers and artsy dresses. 

And finally, a blanket.  Stylists always fling them casually over sofas for that perfect touch of colourful warmth, and I'm damned if I'll be left out of the casual flinging. 

The dear Foxford blanket from Clery's was a childhood stalwart,

and for a more modern alternative there's the beautifully simple
Lighthouse Stripe range from Runaway Coast,
also available in fuchsia and other, lesser colours.

It's traditional in my household to complete the present-purchasing by the 1st of December, so that we can then put all our oomph into being smug and having a glass of port at lunchtimes.  I am well on the way along that thorny path and hope you are too. 


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  2. I too am stumbling around and wish I had a striped blanked casually flung about my person to cushion the inevitable fall.

    Revel in your smugness. I have only bought presents for myself.

    xo Jane

  3. I prefer to drink the daily port to fortify myself for a last minute shop on December the 20 something (I can't give the exact date but it will probably be a Thursday).

    Last time I bought a flour figure - sometime in the 90s - it got weevils, just saying.

  4. I actually remember making flour creatures in school and painting them bright colors, adding a string and giving it to my mom to hang on the Christmas tree. Mine never looked so cute!

  5. i think i’ll make that chocolate Guiness cake instead...

  6. Mise - your service - in responding so quickly, and with such good ideas, to my last post's comment - is exemplary - and far better than the response I've had re most of my online Christmas shopping...... Perhaps you could extend your service to opening a 'darling little pop-up Christmas sho'p selling 'a little bit of style for those whose heart is in Ireland' (well, that strapline works for Country Living). You leave me with a dilemma though - should I now be obliged to do a post myself - my first in over a year! - as your millions of readers will doubtless be disappointed elsewise, if they head over following your link. Hm - ironing or write a post....

  7. A thoughtful and diverse curation, dear Mise. You've well earned that port. {And I'm sure you're a vision of loveliness in your Penelope apron and accoutrements.}

  8. I'm with Annie. I am well along the thorny port route. Everything else will go to the wire..

  9. you may be in the casual fling but do you make cushions out of your throws?! That's the ultimate!

    (excuse me, now. I have to go look up 'paucity' - it's been too long....)


    1. Make cushions out of throws? What then should I be throwing?

      I'm never going to get this lifestyle business sorted. My flour decorations also suffered a sad fate one year. Damp. Not pretty

  10. You're good at this--more, please?

    Garrendenny Lane has some wallpapers that I love, and you can never have too many blankets. I love the pink and white one. Thank you to leading me to Clery's Bed Advisor. I need a new bed (mattress, anyway) and the process of finding one has me on the verge of a breakdown.

    Enjoy your port. It goes along with a peat fire and thick novel, I hope.

  11. Love the little girl ornaments! Throws, I have them everywhere because I am cold all of the time. You will often catch me with a book, a nice Vodka and cranberry with a throw wrapped around me! I did some cyber shopping though!

    Art by Karena

  12. I see you are busy shopping too. I must say I do like hassle free online shopping and am well on my way to a glass of port at lunch too. Lovely selection Mise .

  13. I am way beyond impressed that you have nearly finished your christmas shopping - would you like to do mine too? We could come to an arrangement I'm sure, then just for once I'd know what it felt like to enjoy port and look smug!

  14. As soon as I saw the title of your post I knew you were referring to me, so I hot-footed it here at once. Still only one foot, you notice, though I'm pleased to report that the other one is improving at last, and I hope to be done with these crutches very soon, and certainly by Christmas. And that would be a lovely present indeed!

  15. Early's of Witney from cot to big girl's bed over here. I bought a cellular blanket just before the factory closed ten years ago. It's not the sort you can fling anywhere but I plan to take it with me to the retirement home.

    1. I rushed to investigate, Lucille, and what lovely blankets and scarves: honest, sturdy warmth. We are all relieved that you will be cosy in the retirement home in due course.

  16. You have such a great sense of humor. Love reading your posts, your wit makes me feel like i can tackle the world and it matters not what the results may be! Thank you for that contribution!
    Good plan to have your shopping done by the first, just the nudge i need to get it done this wkend!

  17. Oh, I'm totally done with the present buying! I just put money in envelopes~~that's what my boys like best. :)


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