Friday, October 19, 2012

I surely need striped twine

Striped baker's twine is the latest thing I need. A roll of it in every colour, to cover all eventualities. 

From The Twinery, the mothership of twine. It is available in Ireland from here.

I cannot, in fact, think of a single eventuality, but am instinctively convinced that twine will return me to a simpler existence, where our family will live in a sparse yet cosy cabin   a sort of indoor prairie, if you will  in which we will sit on rough-hewn benches, transform outgrown garments into patchwork dishcloths,  and eat bowl upon bowl of hearty porridge.  It will be emblematic, all 18 large rolls of it, of breaking free of the shackles of consumerism. 

One can also buy smaller quantities, but would it be enough?
[Image: The Twinery]

Until the courier arrives with the twine, rough-hewn benches, beginners' patchworking kit and organic hand-selected oatflakes, I have my final fling with clutter by upcycling a bottle.

An empty Bombay Sapphire gin bottle makes a fine lamp.
Blue Daughter added Blue Teddy. 

I drank the gin myself, made the lamp myself, and was briefly self-satisfied until I started fretting about where I would find an incidental-looking vintage metal display unit in which to store the rolls of twine.  The sort of thing that looks as though I spotted it in a chicken-shed and reclaimed it, but without having to go and peer into local chicken-sheds as I am too busy for that, too busy planning my Quaker future with all the lovely, lovely twine.  

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I used to feel sorry for people like me

I used to feel sorry for people who browsed in the Lifestyle section of the library. Did they not find knitting and scone-making mundane and transient? Where was the romance and rigour in 30 Ways To Transform Your Room With Curtains?

Autumnal Daughters. The purple and yellow colour combination works less well in the Home

Fruit and flowers, lifestyle essentials both. In the background, a new hook for my apron. Progress.

The Internet says that marigolds will dry well upside down. I'll believe it when I see it.

But now, after a ten year gap during which my interest in storage solutions has blossomed, I've rejoined the library to keep the Daughters supplied with books, and my first stop is that same Lifestyle section. With the awareness of experience, I frequently interrupt my study of advanced dusting techniques to check whether anyone is lurking nearby in Epistemology or Ecclesiastical Theology, feeling, in turn, sorry for me.

Pizza is our meal of choice here since I had the idea from the wonderful Sue at The Quince Tree of parbaking and freezing homemade bases. Topped with goat's cheese, roast peppers, sweetcorn, sweet chilli sauce.

Another pizza: spinach with nutmeg, potatoes, blue stilton.  Very nice, very nice.

The Aran jumper my mother knitted for the Sindys, as they were feeling the chill.

My younger self was wrong, I realise now. Right for her age, perhaps, but wrong overall. The stuff of life is in the weft of a tea towel, the cobalt rim of a bowl, in comparison shopping for thermal vests.
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