Monday, August 6, 2012

My Living Room, by Permanent Magenta

The blog is like a Tamagotchi pet: it needs to have its hair brushed and its water changed or fails to thrive.

I realise it's been a while now since I posted a picture of my lunch, or some fine thoughts I've been thinking, but the best before date on the milk carton is a harbinger of the final weeks of the summer holidays, and childhood years fly past marked by steadily increasing shoe sizes for the return to school of patent feet.

How can I just stop and type with all those days falling behind me?

by permanent magenta

Margaret saw my living room a few posts ago, and painted it.

Just when you're thinking, "ah, I won't bother blogging for a few months," someone paints your living room and sends it to you and you exclaim to yourself that you can never stop posting, never, not while there are still kind people and polka dots out there, and blogging will be all the social interaction left once your dwindling stockpile of Benefit lipstick finally runs out and you become a recluse. Only two lipsticks to go: perhaps four months' supply AT MOST.

And so I bake some tasty apple bread, add a few flowers to quell my sense of alarm, and the Tamagotchi blog and I are back on boogie street.
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