Friday, July 27, 2012

the rise of the closing question

I notice that the closing question has become a common feature of lifestyle posts, as good-hearted bloggers reach out to engage with their readers.

sudden summer outside the kitchen window

"Here's my fabulous sofa!" has given way to the more inclusive "Here's my fabulous sofa! Do you have a fabulous sofa too?"

this year's crop

People now append a solicitous "How is your vegetable garden coming along?" to "Here's a photo of my homecooked, homegrown dinner! I just love vegetables!"  It makes all the difference.

you like my oilcloth, don't you?

What an admirable trend, and how lovely it is to see Blogtopia becoming a kinder, gentler place.

Are you planning to finish all your posts with a question? 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

God bless the fairies

The search party of shimmering fairies arrived by courier from the UK last week along with a hefty instruction manual on fairy deployment, and by Friday afternoon the missing ring had been located. It reflects the ailing daylight as I type. Thank you all for your helpful and imaginative suggestions. God bless the fairies.

the turf-shed, scene of the joyous fairy find

the turf-shed in the particularly wet rain, for added realism

I have turned off the statistics on my blog. The mystery of why I have so very many readers in Mexico and County Cork had lost all fascination for me, and I decided that one should be peacefully unaware of viewing figures, just as is the case with the calorie count of cheese.  

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

enough sunlight to take a photograph

Do you remember, Pink, the big glass goldfish bowl you left behind in Simmonscourt when you returned to America? Despite moving house many times since then, I still have it. There it is with the blue hydrangeas in. If ever you want it back just have your diplomats call my diplomats.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

the lost ring

The National Monuments (Amendment) Act, 2004 provides, I am told, that it is illegal in Ireland to use a metal detector.

My ring, the one that I lost in the turf-shed, or possibly in the long grass

The government's great fear, I assume, and it is undoubtedly a justified one, is that someone might use such a device to detect metal.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

what I have been googling lately

Recent strings from my Google search box:

 "Symptoms of tonsillitis in children"

 "Gentle games for cranky children"
[Scrabble, and let them cheat.] 

 "Will lettuce sandwiches do?" 

 "How to find a special gold ring that is lost in the turf-shed" 

 I would like to show you my colourful new spoons:

perfect for eating yogurt

And we're back once again to the Google searches, that window into my life:

 "Yogurt: how much is too much?"

"What to do about hydrangea blooms that wilt soon after cutting?"
[This one is a tested triumph: you just dip them in hot water, then place them in normal tap water.]

"Other uses for gram flour"

"Can I get from here to Ikea without changing lane?"
[No, I can't.  I abandon the Ikea dream.] 
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