Tuesday, May 29, 2012

waiting for the rain

At the end of a busy, busy hot day
I am waiting for the rain from the south 
 to reach my parched poppy seedlings. 

The year starts to run away from me when the peonies are over. 
There has been a rush of emails lately
out of the bleu
eager to contribute a guest post to my lovely blog, Pretty Far West,
about home furnishings or environmental concerns or whatever I like;
I am to simply let them know what suits.

One suspects their motives,
and yet,
because I am so weary,
perhaps it is time to stop dishing out the stern NO
and let them at it
with their furtive links to 
affordable sofa plans and 
five star hotel deals
as though we were all a bit dim. 

And I can sit on a stone wall in the freshly plopping rain,
looking at the lights gradually going out over on the islands
while the guest posters beaver fiendishly away.

You people wouldn't abandon me, I know:
you would comment favourably,
perhaps even gushingly,
on the affordable sofa plans
and the five star hotel deals.
The whole blog would still appear normal.  


  1. I took up someone on one of those offers for my Celery Tree blog. She did an amazing job, her two posts had more comments than mine ever had, despite their furtive links that no one seemed to notice, and I began daydreaming about how nice it would be to hire a professional copywriter for that blog.

  2. I do wish you time on that stone wall, looking out at the lights, but I'm not so sure about the guest posted sofa plans. You simply cannot be replaced. Am I selfish?

  3. Hello Mise
    Oh I don't know Mise if anyone could ever take over your Chair. There is only one you. Besides you'd have to change your signature to "Mise agus Daoine Eile"
    We will give you all the time in the world to sit on the stone wall and watch the sun go down on Galway Bay and the lights Aughnish and the islands.


  4. No, no, please no. Better silence than that. What you need is an enforcer--someone to chase them away, so you can enjoy the stone wall, plopping rain, and continue sharing bits of your sweet life with us.

  5. There is no normality without my cushion covers, Mise. You know that. X.

  6. What's normal dearest, what, in the end, is NORMAL?

  7. This is all way too FUNNY! your writing is hilarious and very mind stimulating...what ever you decide... and what ever you feel like ... you should be ok with it and nobody else... and perhaps also your Scott Husband, even though if he is smart, he knows that "happy wife is happy life" and you look happy to me (:
    hugs Z

  8. Guest posted sofa plans, what is this tosh, pull yourself together. I think it may be the effect of extreme heat on the Irish brain. Who could place a juicy lemon, just so, near a pile of soon to whither leaves, a legendary lifestyle moment if ever there was one. You are quite simply irreplaceable.

  9. Hello Mise:
    Carpe diem! Or in this case, seize the guest posters and, entirely to mix metaphors, make hay while the sun shines, and leave all those eager beavers to write their stuff on whatever. Of course it would not be at all the same and their receipts, sofas, hotels, vacuum cleaners, etc. etc. most likely would not be to your taste but you, on the other hand, free to look at the lights going out over distant islands in a haze of softly falling Irish rain, could contemplate, in turn, becoming a guest poster elsewhere for which, if you take our advice, you would charge a substantial fee.

    But do tell us, dear Mise, where we are going wrong? Not a single soul has ever wanted to guest post for us.

  10. Don't give in to them Mise. Please Don't.

  11. I think that you should just leave a 'test card' type picture that we used to have on the BBC when they were off air. You could leave a photograph of your delightful yellow aga with blue and pink daughter doing colouring. I certainly wouldn't leave PRETTY FAR WEST in anyone elses hands.They might write about politics, religion or current affairs with no mention of a cushion .... God forbid. XXXX

  12. I ageree with Jacqueline.
    You could maybe just hang a "Gone Fishin'" sign on your blog for a few days. Then sit back on that stone wall and fish for compliments from the family.
    Poke them with your fishing rod if they are slow coming up with the required words of admiration.
    Everyone needs a stone wall moment.
    We understand.

  13. I for one wouldn't mind a new sofa but am not likely to get it from Ireland now am I....

    But I would be happy to hobble over and join you on that wall.

    I need a slipcover. We could talk.

    xo Jane

  14. Nobody has ever asked to link furtively or overtly with me thank you very kindly. You can resist their blandishments I know but by all means put up a notice (like the one I have on my front door to stem the tide of junk mail) for when you need to be off sentry duty.

  15. I am with Jacqueline Mise...I think I would just sit on that wall...with your camera and look at your surroundings.
    Your take...I have a feeling we would be greatly entertained!
    Jeanne xx

  16. It just wouldn't be you Mise, unless you find some highly entertaining, humorous, intelligent guest(s) to take your place, ever so briefly!

    Art by Karena

  17. Normal? No. Down with that sort of thing.
    Go and sit on the wall, and come back refreshed and revived.
    We don't want normal. We want you.

  18. Until someone offers a guest post with furtive links to scatter cushions I'd pass if I were you x

  19. Oh I don't know Mise, but I might be in the market for a new sofa soon. Sure either way, I'll still pop over here for a visit :-)

  20. I read you were waiting for rain, and couldn't read on ;-) Down here in Cork, with the one single day of hot sun in the last 2 weeks, I would happily swap for some blistering heat!

  21. How about a guest post about sofa plans IN posh 5 star hotels? They could try their hardest, but couldn't make me smile as you do.
    Happy wall sitting (take cushions)

  22. Rain is here I do not have to lug about with hose tending to dying plants,
    so will sit on bottom instead, not on the wall or the fence! Enjoy your rain too but I need the sunshine back for bank holiday weekend off to Roundstone in caravan!!

  23. I have yet to click on a Guest Post...or respond to one of their requests.
    Poppies, eh? Oh, how I wish I could have them in my neighborhood!!

  24. The beginning of a slippery sofa plan-five star hotel slope I fear. My dear go ahead and perch yourself on that wall, gaze out at the fading lights, and we shall patiently, and faithfully wait for your return. I'm afraid that no matter how shiny and bedazzled in warm homeliness said sofa plans and hotels may be, they will not be on par with your witty prose and pretty images.

  25. I count on those same industrious people for 50 percent of my blog comments.


  26. You know you've arrived, when you start getting those offers! I'd continue saying "no". Maybe not sternly, because it takes more energy than it's worth!

  27. It might open up my world , unveiling opportunities as yet unheard of ....


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