Tuesday, April 10, 2012

turkey eggs, wedding cookies, and a giveaway winner

Off we went through the sunny hailstones this morning to meet Móna Wise for elevenses. While her children put mine to shame by eating all their salad leaves, I had a look at her soon to be published book, The Chef & I, a memoir and recipe book in which she persuades The Chef to marry her, opens a restaurant, adopts and fosters four children, and feeds everyone beautifully photographed food.

Those speckledy ones are the turkey eggs

Móna gave me turkey and duck eggs from her own flock, the height of lifestyle exoticism, as well as cranberry wedding cookies made by The Chef.  He'll be doing some more baking for the book launch in May, apparently.  Feels hungry, makes diary note.     

Pink Daughter hanging expectantly round the wedding cookies

After a few of those cookies, I had the strength to draw a giveaway winner, and the House & Home Pickit membership goes to Joanne of the eBoutique interiors online shop.  Thanks to everyone who entered!


  1. The book sounds wonderful. I need to introduce elevenses into my life.

  2. The wedding cookies sound delicious and your daughter is adorable.

  3. Did I miss a giveaway? Are both daughters miniature copies of you? Would this make you mauve?

    Do you think JMW is as glamorous as her picture would lead us to believe?

    Food for thought Mise.

    xo Jane

    1. I'm convinced she is just as glamorous in real life, Jane. That really shows up myself and yourself, doesn't it? You don't mind if I speak for you too?

    2. No you may speak freely for me. Indeed today I am in several mouse colored garments.

      Serviceable yes. Glamorous? Nyet.


  4. Those are rather large eggs. Please tell me you will be making a sponge cake with them...And I imagined you to be a shade of lavender rather than mauve. xx

  5. Hello Mise:
    Turkey eggs cosseted in straw and sealed with a raffia tie. Simply lovely and, we are sure, they will be delicious in whichever confection they find themselves combined with your own fair hands!

    Elevenses are alive and well here too in Budapest!

  6. Loved getting a close-up of Pink Daughter...she's adorable.
    Congrats to the winner...:)

  7. oh mise (0h my) always such a dee light to come visit you in your delightful charming cottage and I could read for hours your wonderful way with words. You are a treasure.

  8. But does Mona iron her flat sheets?

  9. The Móna link alerted me in big letters to malware so sadly have not been able to peruse further.


You're looking particularly well.

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