Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Deep inside the forest is a door into another land

 I devote myself, as you know, 
to a major sociological study of Blogtopia 
and its manners and customs, 
with pink footnotes.

[late afternoon sunshine in the kitchen]

A giant leap of understanding has occurred just now
in this important field 
with my revelation 
that Blogtopia ressembles nothing more than
a modern, indoor version of 

Now that the beast has been identified 
and the old familiar tune stuck in your head for the day, 
my work here may be done.


  1. Never watched it, but somehow know the song all the same. I'm afraid I'm not going to thank you for introducing it into my brain for the rest of the day.

  2. Hello Mise:
    Maybe......provided that we do not have to hug a bear, or camp out, or go into a forest, or grow beards,or go huntin', shootin' or fishin'.......but we should love to sing round the camp fire!!!

  3. I remember that!
    Lovely sunshine and happiness in your home- as always!

  4. Instant transportation to childhood. Mind you, the theme tune is pretty much all I remember of the show.

    Lovely flowers and backdrop, by the way.

  5. I never watched the show, but gosh, darn and shucks you have done it now. I will never be able to get that theme tune out of my head. Where did you get that sunshine from? I think you got some of ours.

  6. I know not of what you speak so shall assume that as ever you are right and take it from Susan's comment and the programme title that we are all channelling the the frontier life!

  7. Like Annie before me, I too know not of what you speak (perhaps it wasn't shown on BBC, which was required viewing in our house, none of that commercial tv nonsense!!) However if camp fires are involved, I can do that, having learned when I was in the Girl Guides how to make a campfire which would light with just one match!

  8. Like the Life and Times of Grizzly Adams...only much harsher. Frontier life was nothing compared to the daily rigours of presenting one's life in perfectly framed domestic vignettes and its accompanying pithy reportage. I have to say, I fear I have gone native and done away entirely with the pretence. I haven't photographed any tablescapes for a week! M xo

  9. Perhaps a bit off topic, but... My father quit his job, left the city, and grew a beard in the late 70s. We used to call him Grizzly Adams.

  10. The words to the song are so beautiful, Mise. May we all be as hirsute as Grizzly...
    And in your lovely image, I notice your wine bottle in the background is levitating in mid air. Is this a new trick? xx

  11. I'm resisting Grizzly in favor of a dream about your sunlight, and your flowers.

  12. With such colours of sunshine abouding in your kitchen, you must be impossibly cheery in the mornings, Mise. As for Grizzly, his life and times seemed from the ads to be far too arduous so I couldn't bring myself to watch it. And I am stoically refusing to let my ears wander there...

  13. I love grizzly Adams and curse you for putting the earworm in my head. It will be with me for weeks - or until I cave in a watch it with the kids who will, no doubt, love it too. And oh my, what pretty flowers you have with all that sunshine too.

  14. My Father looks a bit like Grizzly Adams ( I don't think he will be reading this on your blog Miss Mize)

    Lately he has been doing a lot of woodworking in the garage...not sure if he is chopping down trees in the Forest.... I mean backyard or not.

    Art by Karena

  15. I've been wish-in
    I've been hopi-in
    I could get your style
    Into my ho-ome
    But instead, for a while,
    I'll make do with a po-ome

  16. Nope, it all passed me by I'm afraid.

  17. Good work Mise! Lovely flowers!

  18. Now you see for me it was Flipper, living a life full of wonder

    also a very effective earworm, so I have two playing in counterpoint.


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