Friday, February 17, 2012

the verification

Jen was asking me about the new Blogger comment verification,
widely deplored,
which demands that you type two illegible words
before your wise and pithy remark can appear. 
I humbly refer her to
(please jump straight to point 5).

[Pink Daughter is nearly 7 years old:
that step from little girl to big girl;
how these years of the small furniture fly past]

This approach to moderation works, or Jen's money back.

I apologize for posting so frequently this week;
could it really be that I have nothing better to do?


  1. Hmmm. This topic, again. Perhaps I should turn off the pesky verification...

  2. I'm glad it's not just me. I have begun to think that I am a figment of my own imagination, as most blogs pretend they haven't seen my comment while swallowing it whole.
    It starts to feel personal after awhile!
    I am deeply familiar with the inside of a lot of spam bins.
    I agree with all you say on your erstwhile post.

  3. I especially love 7 year olds , i have experience in this regard as my tree of the same name attests..
    a 7 year old once said to me , " i love spring , i love winter ,i love autumn and i love summer "

  4. My best loved blogs come up (in response to a complicated keyboard code) on a page called Top Sites. The rest are visited in darling old fashioned bookmarks. I am not a Follower and hope that no one will hold this against me. The Followers do not by and large (see the added gravitas that puzzling phrase confers), comment.

  5. The verb to follow has taken on a whole new meaning in this time of social media has it not?

    Word verification in my experience is completely unnecessary. Never had it, never had spambots.

  6. Sommeone recently told me that she had "unfriended" me on Ravelry .... I told her that was ok, I would unfriend me too, my page is so boring!!
    This new word verification is a pain in the backside - I always leave a comment on my fsvourite blogs (but I don't "follow", I just have a list that I go through each evening).

  7. The word verification thingies are driving me nuts. It takes me about 3 or 4 goes to leave a comment these days.

  8. No apologies required. We realise this is a public service announcement...and are grateful. I will be nominating you for a Service to Blogging award once it gets the royal nod... It will be a little keyboard medallion with pastel pink ribbon and you may even get a title. xx

  9. I'm famous! And all I had to do was complain. Mise--that is a stellar post, and should be required reading for all bloggers.

    Unfortunately I cannot see the ohoto of Pink Daughter--our internet is so slow in the Catskills that pictures do not upload. But I look forward to seeing it next week.

  10. Wordpress. And, or, Word Press!

  11. I've had no end of troubles with word verification for the past couple of weeks. I think it's a plot by someone somewhere to do something to me, but I haven't the foggiest what. I'm going to take your advice, Mise, and try turning mine off to see what happens. If a pox falls on my bloghouse, I'll turn it back on again.

  12. Sometimes, when I type the words correctly, I feel clever and capable (even if my proffered comment isn't all that,) and I like that feeling.

  13. Word verification deactivated here ... a highly recommended theraputic action, more satisfying than popping bubble wrap ;D

    1. And let's face it, there are few things more satisfying than popping bubble wrap!

  14. So true then and now. Really, most of us are so desperate for feedback that we are grateful when a spammer finds us.

    Also, I always find subliminal messages in the "random" choice of letters for verification, which leads me to believe the tool is both sentient and rude.

  15. I have to tell you.... Blogger does not like me. I have tried to comment unsuccessfully several times... I always feel like, perhaps, there is a little switch that you can click on your end that is for 'oh no, not that bothersome one again' and it turns my comments into a tail spin. I dwell on this for days...and then I try again. And again. And again.... Until I catch a moment of time where the gatekeepers are entertaining .... And one comment slips by....

  16. I've had to turn the verication thingy on and off (it's off now) several times due to people having trouble leaving comments...and I've had to have the pop-up comment box every now and again too. It's all so tricky...
    Hoping the small furniture will have a few more years (or at least months) left as a part of the family!
    xo J~

  17. I am grateful for your illumination of the bloggosphere. My son is turning 7 and our little chairs are woefully outdated. I havent't replaced them, though, because I think they look great. So he stands when he works at his desk. froGs Brea tH h Ush

  18. I wish this new word verification would go away, I have been having awful problems since it turned up a few days ago on my Photography blog! Yey my blogs are set NOT to have word verification and have been for ages, even little badges to inform my readers!! I just cannot get rid of it and I know it puts people off commenting, so any ideas would be much appreciated. Apologies for the rant here, but your post today touched a raw nerve. :(

  19. I don't use word verification on my blog...but then I do get lots of spammers:(
    Happy Blogging!

  20. Wow: I thought it was only Wordpress bloggers who needed enter those two weird words in the interests of counterespionage! I'm always getting them wrong.....

  21. Annoying, yes, but less so now I know this:

  22. I am back in the land of high speed internet and can see the picture. Pretty chairs and kind of poignant. Didn't Piaget say that seven is the age when children start to be able to reason?

  23. Did you get a yoga mat? You have all the luck.

  24. I've got rid of mine ..... Tom told me to !!!! XXXX


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