Friday, February 17, 2012

the verification

Jen was asking me about the new Blogger comment verification,
widely deplored,
which demands that you type two illegible words
before your wise and pithy remark can appear. 
I humbly refer her to
(please jump straight to point 5).

[Pink Daughter is nearly 7 years old:
that step from little girl to big girl;
how these years of the small furniture fly past]

This approach to moderation works, or Jen's money back.

I apologize for posting so frequently this week;
could it really be that I have nothing better to do?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

isn't it odd, Blogger?

One should never say this aloud
but, very occasionally, I unfollow blogs.

You know the way you'd see an interesting post 
about someone painting their stable door pink
and on a mad impulse you'd click 'Follow,' 
only to find as the weeks draw on that the stable door was a once off 
and that every single other post is about their cat.

[proud of my new window-box]

Or worse, 
when the volume is turned up on your computer 
you realise that a country song plays whenever their blog opens, 
the sort of country song that makes people go soft in the head.

[still proud of it from a different angle]

The thing is, though, that it's never actually possible to Unfollow. 
Unsubscribe. Are You Sure You Really Want To? 
Yes, Damn You
and you think the thing is defeated, 
but no: 

Every few weeks, the whole lot of them, every blog I've ever unfollowed, 
shows up in my Google Reader, 
a veritable vista of cats 
with that soft stuff about love and the hard times 
playing in the background. 

 How the cat people and the country music people will hate me now,
and rightly so, 
but they'll never be able to fully Unfollow me. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


After the emotional rollercoaster of reading your comments for and against steam cleaners and realising that I just want my very existence to be more like Sue's refrigerator, it's a relief to sit down in a quiet room and gaze at my new curtains.

They have birds, they have flowers, they are in soft shades of ivory and raspberry: tick tick and tick. What decent Lifestyle Blogger could fault all that?

[the fabric is Clarke Grandeur Antoinette Rose, for the technically minded]

The glorious vista of the window as a whole cannot be shown until the new iron curtain rail is also up, which involves getting the drill from the attic. Generations to come may see that, even if I don't.

I've also been choosing a frame for Shell Sherree's original of the Gift Guide Drawing she did for me, which she very kindly sent all the way from Brisbane.

It makes me feel beautiful and important and I look forward to having affirmation of my imagined beauty and importance on the wall.  Please erase my name from the guest-list for all your C-List parties and add me to the B-List, for the fancier canap├ęs and the slightly more expensive wine.

Monday, February 6, 2012

is steam cleaning a suitable hobby?

You'll have wondered why I've been looking so pensive lately, so full of care. You'll have noticed that I'm skipping meals, and remarked on the light burning late into the night from the top window. This is because I have been thinking about buying a steam cleaner.

It's not that my house contains any dirt. Oh no! I spend every waking hour polishing the copper and putting things back where they belong, dusting beneath them as I flit about. No one ever notices my efforts, of course, but one day I'll jet off to Havana for a week and people will see what it's like when I'm not there, how the contents of every room gradually creep into the kitchen and the dear little flowers droop and wither.

[very clean house, fancy cakes]

So I'm not sure why I want a steam cleaner: it's just a yearning, probably to do with being 41, a natural progression from making yogurt and becoming dependent on eggshell paint and idly thinking about upholstering a chair but never actually bothering to do so. I suppose the device will shine my windows and turn the teacups so that the handles are the right way round. I'll have more time to spend with the children and Pink Daughter will award me two stars on the chart she keeps to monitor my behaviour.

Do you have a steam cleaner and how has it changed your life?  Is it better or worse than a staple gun?
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