Monday, January 9, 2012

the little dresses

Am I the last one back after Christmas? Is there a prize for that?

These little dress paintings by Permanent Magenta on blocks of wood were my Christmas present from me to me.

As you can see, I've sprinkled them fetchingly among my dried hydrangeas and my china, to give the place a certain lovely eccentricity.

Scottish Husband likes these too, he says. At last we are finding common ground. Normally he asks me to come and have a look at a photo and specification of a fascinating new technical gadget and I reply that I would love to but unfortunately am So, So Busy, and he says, "but look, there is an interesting cushion in the background behind the technical gadget, slightly blurred", and I bestir myself from my So, So Busyness and have a glance, but only a quick glance lest he should think that I am interested in anything beyond blurred cushions and segue from describing the technical gadget into an opinion on Tier One Capital Ratios, in which I never claimed to be interested, not even in the dizzy days of Young Romance.

In fact, all recent visitors to the house have admired the dresses. Why be the odd one out?  Bring on the glowing praise. I have been very ill (only somewhat very ill, no need for concern) for the past week and mostly unable to read your blog but I long to do so.


  1. Welcome back in 2012, soon-to-be-well Mise. I like your little dresses too, but can you include some blurred technology in the background of the next post?

  2. Mise, I hope you feel better soon....

    I think they are really sweet. Perhaps you should post a snap of some of your husbands things....just to mix the pot a bit.

  3. Hello Mise

    Those are delightful little paintings and I love how you display them.
    Scottish husband certainly knows how to get your attention, one pin cushion at a time.
    Have a great week.

    Helen xx

  4. They are beautiful Mise. Sorry to hear you've been under the weather.
    Husband and I have much the same relationship with regards to football and hockey. I feign interest but can't seem to keep myself from yawning.
    Hope you are back to your old self very soon.

  5. Lovely, pretty frocks Mise. Sorry to hear you're unwell...I didn't think that happened in Blogtopia...but I will send you a posy of virtual get-well flowers to cheer you up. xx

  6. Ahh...I think what you are is fashionably late - and really is that not preferable to being one of the masses who arrive on time....?
    I do hope you are on the mend, and able to enjoy those really rather pretty dresses perched amongst the dried hydrangeas and china.

  7. Somewhat very ill is bad enough. I shall therefore be lavish in my praise of the little dresses, spectacular I think or maybe it is the way you display them, there you are starting to feel better already aren't you. Good to have you back x

  8. My get well gift to you is Miss Flora McFlimsey by Mariana. She wears dresses just like those. Christmas Eve and Easter Bonnet are my favourites.

  9. That Tom's a bit cheeky isn't he? Sorry to hear you've not been feeling you're normal, sparkly self. The little dresses are, of course, divine. They make a lovely vignette when placed next to such lovely elements as hydrangeas and fine china.

    I can't help but wonder if you will be twitching your fingers to make dresses based on these for your beautiful daughters. Only they could do them justice.

    Sending you some virtual chicken and matzo ball soup. Meredy xo

    p.s. it just hasn't been the same without you:)

  10. Welcome back, Mise! I'm sure there must be a prize for such a thing. If not, something is amiss in Blogtopia. Those are very sweet paintings by Permanent Magenta. Adorable! I hope they chase away the last vestiges of your illness.

  11. Happy New Year!

    Gadgets are far too unseemly for Blogtopia, you do well to avoid them.

  12. You probably win the prize but I suspect the jury is still deliberating! Love your pretty and quirky art, and hope like Hades you're well again soon :)

  13. Mise,
    Love these adorable little dresses...glad you could gift yourself with them, especially if you've been So-so-Sick!!

    Wishing you lots of Get Well Wishes.

  14. There's no gift like a self gift, for who knows one better than ones' self?

    Is that English?

    The dresses are adorable, you are as deliciously witty as ever and the gang's all here.

    Looks like a good if late start to 2012.

    xo Jane

  15. Shall I make some soup? Perhaps a little broth to cure what ails you?

    The Chef was also ill for a time over the festive period and it only slowed us down to a nice fine crawl of lazy lumbering about with less rambunctious kids.

    The little pieces of wood with dresses painted upon them are gorgeous, made only more gorgeous by the perfect placement, of course.

    Welcome back Mise. You were hugely missed in Blogtopia.

  16. Such pretty cheerful dresses/art. Welcome back!

  17. Adore your little dresses and the way they are artfully placed. Feel better soon! It is good of you to humor your hubby!


    Art by Karena

  18. They remind me of the paper doll wardrobes I used to make endlessly as a girl. They just need little tabs on the shoulders.

    Here's to feeling somewhat very much better soon.

  19. Dear problem page,

    I'm so glad you're back- I need to share with you my horror at Spurs Fan buying a cushion. Alone and Unaccompanied. Without Supervision. Now it's in the living room. It's got an Olympics logo. What am I to do?

    p.s. Your art work is simply perfect. Good self gifting.

  20. Oh how sweet the dresses are.... they would look lovely on the wall in our granddaughters room. We are working on the rooms for the grandchildren so when they visit they have wonderful rooms to call their own. Without them being so childlike that a adult would not stay there.

  21. the dresses are the prize and a lovely recompense to that dreaded lurgi , hope your feeling much better

  22. I am so glad that even in illness you remembered to get yourself a little pretty something for Christmas. It was the least you could do. I am also so glad that you have reminded me that I didn't! I wonder if Permanent Magenta makes plus size dresses for blockheads ...

  23. Dear Mise,
    I always think that it's a good idea to have a present from me to me at Christmas.....our son bought himself a present from him to him which was some piece of sound equipment or somesuch which will enhance the music of the London fireworks next year, if he does it again.
    Wishing you and your lovely family a Happy, Healthy and Peaceful new Year filled with many magical moments and pinkness !! Much love. XXXX

  24. I hope you are now fully recovered and able to entertain us again with your thoughtful and insightful posts ...... with or without blurred objects in the background (in one of those little coincidences in life, I have a photo with an out-of-focus background in today's post!!)
    I love the little dresses!!

  25. Welcome back Mise and Happy New Year!
    Everything is a bit slower during this time of the year so no worries...It is indeed fashionable to be a tad late! Very understandable particularly when you are feeling not up to par...Hang in there...Spring will be here before we know it!

  26. Sorry to hear that you have been unwell, but welcome back. Did anyone make soup for you?

  27. Those dress pictures are just divine, and placed so perfectly, like little rays of sunshine.
    I hope you're feeling much better. If you replace technology with fishing, you have written the gist of conversations in my home :-)

  28. Not sure about the prize for last back, but you definitely get the prize for best dressed, or do I mean dressed most fetchingly ;)

    Hope you're now somewhat nearly better, if not altogether better and back perusing gadgetry in pursuit of cushions :D

  29. Lucille, thank you, I hadn't heard of Miss Flora McFlimsey. I must have been a teen when the books were published, and unimpressed by charm.

    Flwrjane, that is surely English.

    Speccy, would it work to buy (or MAKE?) a nice linen cushion cover for it, with crochet lace edging, and tell Spurs Fan that it needs to be covered so as to protect it from dust?

  30. Mise you are much too young to remember Miss F McF the first time round she was published. Not alive even!

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. Getting purtyer every day... Look at that photo of you could you br any more adorable? I think not. Thanks Mise for your usual cynical spin and wickedly clever turn on things... All the very best for you and your in 2012

  33. Bloggersphere was not the same without you, Mise!

    I hope you are feeling better? I don't know about you but whe I am ailing I feel so sorry for myself! I suspect I am unbearable to be near...

    Those party frocks are delicious. I particularly hanker after the first one.


  34. Ooh really like those paintings Mise, very nice! Happy New Year btw! :-)

  35. Mise..I love presents from me to me! A woman after my own heart!!I always have a present like that under the tree at Christmas. This year it was a silver leather notebook!!! I love the dresses. Sinead

  36. They are charming. Sensible not to repeat the blue background for the one with the blue dress.

    I do hope you're feeling bright and sunny soon.

  37. Too funny. Firstly welcome back and hope you are fully recovered from the illness. Totally agree on giving presents to yourself "To Me, from Me" is something I like to see on gift tags particularly. Your gifts to yourself and really lovely.And you are so right - never show too much intersest in technical gadgets, EVER. There's no coming back from that slipperly slope. Happy New Year. x

  38. These paintings are delightful! I'd love to have these around my house :-)
    (and there should be a prize for last back!)

  39. Sorry to hear of your ill health, good to see you on fine form again.

  40. Hope you are feeling better Mise.
    The dresses are very pretty.
    Just got back from my summer holiday so I'm catching up on my favourite blogs
    Happy New Year to you & all the best for 2012!

  41. Sorry to hear you've been laid low Sweetie - hope Scottish Husband has been tending to your every whim. Do love those prints, better put a sticker on them so the daughters don't fight over them as they're moving you into your room at The Twilight Home For The Bewildered in 40 years time. One must be prepared for these things.
    Millie xx

  42. Hello Mise:
    We have yet to make a real comeback, so the prize must be ours [what is the prize exactly?]but en passant as we are we had to say how much joy your little party frocks have given us.What exquisite miniature scenes of delight bound, we are sure to make anyone smile who glances in their direction.

    As this is the year of the Diamond Jubilee, we think that there must be lots of party frocks and tiaras all round. And, as always, dear Mise, you set the trend. Where your little dresses lead, we mere mortals must follow.

    Much joy and prosperity to the Mise household in 2012!!

  43. Those sweet dresses have got to be helping in the healing could they not?! They must bring loads of smiles, and that's always good for the immune system.
    Wishing you and your loved ones everything good and great in the New Year Mise!!
    Health & Happiness...
    xo J~

    (I too try to avoid with all my might those special internet 'call-overs', though I don't always make the getaway! I do greatly admire your ability and fortitude at foot putting down very much!)

  44. Sorry Mise, I somehow missed your entrance back on the blogging stage. Sorry you've been under the weather, at least you've got that out of the way for 2012. Love your little paintings, they look very happy.

  45. They're sooooooo sweet Mise - I remember wearing little party dresses just like those!!!

    Blurred vision must be a common female complaint where techno is concerned - I've no mind for such things at all.

    Just give me the fru fru and I'm as happy as a bird!!


    Wishing you all the New Year Blessings you're dreaming of - and much much more - Mise darling!
    Live, laugh, love and "be happy and healthy" in 2012!


  46. Sorry you have been ill, I hope you are feeling better. Those little dresses are enough to cheer anyone up, the are delightful. Love Linda x

  47. Last night my Polish husband tried to get me to look up from my Very Important Braided Necklace Project to see the replay of football players. There was nothing blurry in the background except hundreds of people who evidently care about football.

    Your paintings are lovely. I will get up and look at them anytime.

  48. they are SO cute.
    cheers to a happy new year. !!

  49. Oh oh, Look! ME! I came for my dose of an orderly, stylish world where sense and sensibility are in perfect balance, and look! I am so pleased that you like the little paintings but-sorry-more pleased that Scottish husband does! Wow. I better get cracking on some vintage clockworks...

  50. Just found you. You make me laugh. Over and over again. Most likely you will never see this comment, it is so long past the posting, but those dresses reminded me of a book I read as a child and read to my children as well. I thought your pink pixie might like it too. The Hundred Dresses by Eleanor Estes. Have you heard of it before this?


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