Tuesday, January 31, 2012

bring me sunshine with your duvet cover cover

A recent present of a Toast duvet cover was very gratefully received: it was pretty and soft and peacefully striped and had the feelgood 'organic' label attached, but, best of all, it came in its own matching duvet cover cover.

There's been a trend in recent years to label everything round the house - soap bowls, string holders, bread boxes, jam pots, tea and coffee jars and all that vintage glory stuff.  I've campaigned tirelessly against this, led marches, organised petitions and sat in for sit-ins, as I don't like being patronised by my groceries, but somehow it's different if you use containers for the wrong purpose.

a fine cover for my Macbook

As though any greater delight were possible, the matching pillowcases came in smaller, even more beguiling bags. I don't know what I'll do with them yet but just having them makes my life complete.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

I wish I could make curtains

Most curtain fabric is horrible, either glaringly retro-modern or populist posh with shades of tobacco in the background.  It also seems to cost 87 euros per metre, which is not what one wants to hear when one's window is rather large, at a time of year when the Chevy will soon need tax, insurance and a replacement left sidelight bulb before it can be legally driven to the levee.

I should hoist out the sewing machine, buy these attractively striped sheets, line and interline them, casually add some heading tape and there we are, Heaven On Earth for a fraction of the cost of Made To Measure, just like the wonderful Jaboopee.

That's what I'll do. Right after I've made the bag that came free with Cath Kidston's Sew, two and a half years ago.   The bag will be perfect for my trip to the levee, to carry handkerchiefs, perfume, little essentials that they might not sell in the levee gift-shop and cafĂ©.  Maybe some photos of my curtains to show new people I meet there. Very few people aren't interested in curtains.

Monday, January 23, 2012

curtains just so

The samples of curtain fabric 
have been arriving so furiously here 
that we hardly have time to eat, 
and still the postman struggles up the drive with more.

[a mere few of the many rejected fabrics]

I plan to continue with this fascinating topic tomorrow.
When a former colleague has been awarded an MBE
~ while oneself INEXPLICABLY has not ~
it is more important than ever to get the curtains just so.

Monday, January 9, 2012

the little dresses

Am I the last one back after Christmas? Is there a prize for that?

These little dress paintings by Permanent Magenta on blocks of wood were my Christmas present from me to me.

As you can see, I've sprinkled them fetchingly among my dried hydrangeas and my china, to give the place a certain lovely eccentricity.

Scottish Husband likes these too, he says. At last we are finding common ground. Normally he asks me to come and have a look at a photo and specification of a fascinating new technical gadget and I reply that I would love to but unfortunately am So, So Busy, and he says, "but look, there is an interesting cushion in the background behind the technical gadget, slightly blurred", and I bestir myself from my So, So Busyness and have a glance, but only a quick glance lest he should think that I am interested in anything beyond blurred cushions and segue from describing the technical gadget into an opinion on Tier One Capital Ratios, in which I never claimed to be interested, not even in the dizzy days of Young Romance.

In fact, all recent visitors to the house have admired the dresses. Why be the odd one out?  Bring on the glowing praise. I have been very ill (only somewhat very ill, no need for concern) for the past week and mostly unable to read your blog but I long to do so.
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