Monday, December 19, 2011

the spoilsport sort

I have long been the spoilsport sort
who isn't interested in going to Graceland while I live
or to Heaven when I die,
who gets tired of the Christmas tree  
after a few days
and would prefer a large pot of hyacinths.

But it is good to live with a household of people
who are enchanted by the fairy lights, 
swathing themselves in wrapping paper,
inventing chestnut roasting devices, 
and constantly counting how many sleeps till Christmas -
Six! Only six!

And it is also good to be here among you bloggers,
you who so zealously,
so admirably,
are baking mince pies,
the good ones with suet
and the good ones without suet,
sewing miles of red and gold bunting,
applying glitter to everything in sight,
stalking the robin for your snowy image,
adding the last jelly to the gingerbread house,
and mulling batch after batch of wine
to get the ratio of cloves to sugar just so.
Yes, I'll sample a glass. Sure, why not?
Thank you, bloggers.


  1. Have you seen The Holiday?

    I always imagine the blue/pink daughters to be rather like the children in the movie.

    The "You look like my Barbie" children.

    But Irish of course...

    Happy Christmas you.

    xo Jane

  2. Are you telling us that you are not mulling wine or baking shortbread Mise.....we want to see your Charlie Brown tree and handmade bunting.

  3. Who could not find it in themselves to bless you after an unspoilt rant like that? So I will, so I will.

  4. Look, you made a Christmas tree out of your words...crafty or what!!

  5. Mise, do you mean to tell me that you are not making a batch of Christmassy cranberry yoghurt while carolling?

    I had the chance to go to Graceland about 20 years ago as a young naive backpacker...but I went to Dallas instead! Who knows where I will go when I die?

  6. darling child looks like mum. Sorry to hear about
    Lead Rabbit...perhaps it was the stress of performance that lowered her resistance. I hope she gets over it
    and continues to persue her acting career.

  7. Hi Mise

    It is good to see Pink Daughter smiling again and recovered. I hope the weather is gentler and that Santa will make it to Pretty Far West. One year in Aughnish, Santa came at "Little Christmas aka the Ephphany" Jan 6, as the waves washed out the causeway to the Island on Christmas Eve. Do you light twelve candles on Jan 6?

    Nollaig Shona a Cara
    Helen xx

  8. And thank you, for smile after smile, all year long.

  9. oh dear! I doubt a rousing rendition of Wham's Last Christmas would help get you in the spirit....or perhaps after a glass or two mulled wine it might be just the thing....

  10. Oh lord, my daughter keeps singing 'Last Christmas' and it is driving me insane.

    Thank you Mise for your take on the strangeness that is blogging.

    By the way I am still waiting for my Ramsign house number -they take a few weeks apparently, but I will feature it on the blog when it arrives.

  11. Hello Mise:
    How accurately you describe our time in these days leading up to Christmas, dear Mise. Even as we write this, we are surrounded with piles of homemade paper chains, glitter everywhere, hand drawn cards to be drawn, puddings steaming [or whatever they do], mincemeat mincing, cakes to be iced, stockings to be filled, trees to be dressed [well, first purchased] and all manner of other festive activities. No Scrooge here!!

    But, whatever, the anticipated joy and excitement of Christmas to be had by small children everywhere is absolute magic and something to be well and truly treasured.

  12. Art comes in many forms. Some create it in embroidered Christmas stockings or elaborate mincemeat; others in words.

    We all have a spoil sport in us Mise. You are not alone! Let your family do the work here and just let yourself get swept along on the tide of red, gold, and green.... and sugar!

  13. That smile cheered me up no end. And so do you, for which many thanks.

  14. She's so enchanting! I feel myself flagging but I will remind myself of this image daily to help get me over the Christmas line.

  15. I'm a spoilsport as well. (Although I did dabble in non-holiday-related glitter.)

  16. Her excitement just leaps off the the page! (er, the computer screen.) When they grow up you can have your pot of hyacinths, but for now I have a feeling you will find a happy balance of calm and festive.

  17. Tell me more about the chestnut roasting devices, I have an abundance of hyacinths I can share in return ;D

  18. Do pop in to see my contribution to the Christmas alcohol makings, including Turkish Delight vodka ..... yes, it is delightful!!

  19. Well, you have your own Christmas tree fairy!

  20. Yes I think I could be a professional mulled wine taster but glitter applier, not so much.

    With that angelic, adorable face, all looks happy and bright. Thank God for children!

    Wishing you all a truly fun and festive holiday Mise. May Santa arrive with his bags full and his belly full of laughter.

    Here's to 2012!

    x Deb

  21. Well it's good that they are so excited to counteract your ambivalence!! Seriously I expect you are a lot more than you let on!! And look at that gorgeous face - too cute for words. X

  22. That is a 100 watt smile if ever I saw one. Enjoy the season. New Year can be calm and graceful again.

  23. So the Lead Rabbit has recovered in time for Santa!! Four more sleeps...and counting...have a HAPPY CHRISTMAS, Mise. Thanks for the smiles and laughs all year long...looking forward to next year's.

  24. I baked the good ones with vegetable suet.... I'll be mulling my wine on Friday, please feel free to call by xx

  25. What a sweet smile! Hope all is now better!
    Merry Christmas to all,

  26. Oh I dread it all!...I am trying hard not to this's only kind of working.
    No mince pies here, the tree's not long up, it'll be soon down! I brought the little ones to see Santa the other day...they hugged him...traitors!..I thought they'd at least cry! They're converts apparently...
    You little one is dotey!

  27. That's a lovely photo....merry Christmas to you!!

  28. I must be the spoilsport sort as well, Mise, but you are right. It is good. And tomorrow I'll make some cookies for the party.

  29. I'm not doing anything like that, and is it bad to admit that I paid my neighbours teenage son to bake my mince pies (because they really do look as though I might have made them myself!) But I do love my visits to your vision of blogtopia Mise. They never fail to make me smile. Have a lovely lovely Christmas. Amanda xx

  30. Thank you Mise for always making me smile.

    And for your kind words.

    Happy Christmas to you and P and B Daughters and S Husband.


  31. Dear The Mise Family

    Our mince pies come from a box (what is suet?)
    Our Christmas cake came from a friend.
    The presents came from Santa and the internet.
    The wine has a screw top, and is not mulled.
    I am a disgrace to blogging.

    Luckily I have you good friends to guide me and show me the way, even if I fail/ don't even try to get there.

    Have a wonderful Christmas. I will try harder next year. Maybe.

  32. Pink daughter looks ready to fly, hop, and sing, she looks so excited...what a fantastic smile!
    I have a clovebud sized bit of suspicion that nestled in a comfy corner of that bright, clever, and pink heart of yours, a little bit of Christmas cheer resides, and is secretly baking red & green sprinked sourdough loaves of bread and adding silver dragee's to her homemade yogurt!
    Two pumkin's and an apple pie here, btw.

    Merry Christmas Blessings you, and every single one of yours!!!
    Thank you for a lovely & delghtful year of pink tinged wit!
    xo J~

  33. I cooked not one whit of food this year. It was OK, or so they tell me. Merry Christmas to your little girls. I wish them wonder all their days.

  34. Here I am enjoying the laziest day of the year amidst the detritus of a pretty awesome Chrissie Day. MOTH received a new drill & wheelbarrow from Santa, if that isn't a hint to get cracking with the renos, I give up. A big hug to you for all the pleasure PFW has given me this past year. You are one of a kind dear Mise, may that never change!
    Millie xx

  35. This is about the tenth time I've tried to post this....keep on being interrupted by those pesky Christmas elves, claiming to be my children. I was so sure that you would have some spiced mulled wine in one hand while stirring your brandy sauce on top of your Aga with the other. Next thing you know you'll tell us that you haven't given away homemade gifts in recycled Bonne Maman jars! What a blessed relief.... If it's okay with you, I'll join you on the make the martini's, I'll bring the Lindt balls and some bought mince pies. Meredy xo

  36. Hope you had a lovely Christmas Mise - full of glitter and mulled wine - and that 2012 may bring a load of great things to you and your famil

  37. ditto to all above..
    agree wholeheartedly with flwrjane... and just rewatched that movie a couple of days ago and thought of your munchkins..

    Ok.. very late xmas greetings.. been lost in no man's land .. and unexpected absence. It must have been the heat.. and lack of mulled wine..

    Hope you and yours had a wonderful christmastime and that the soon to be New Year brings much happiness and joy into your world.. ciao xxx Julie

  38. What about those of us who swear at the gingerbread house - are you grateful to us, too?

  39. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas filled with the sounds of joyous glee as Santa's presents were discovered!

    Have a wonderful New Year....only another week before that tree can come down...don't despair!

  40. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year, Mise, and that you got a new pot of new hyacinths (and a cushion cover), that pink and blue daughters got just the thing that made them smile with delight, and that your hubby got a good mince pie with suet and some tasteful accessory for his motorbike (not sure what that can be, a crocheted seat cover?)

    Here's to 2012. :)

  41. Happy New Year Mise,

    I really hope that you have not been blown away in those awful storms.
    The tree can officially come down today.
    I hope that you all had a lovely Christmas.


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