Friday, December 9, 2011

an illustrated gift guide

I'm honoured to feature today in Shell Sherree's series of illustrated What I'd Like for Christmas Gift Guides.

Shell, whose enchanting drawings exist at the point where the worlds of Audrey Hepburn and PG Wodehouse meet, has been my comrade almost since first I tentatively tinkled a vintage silver fork against my crystal glass here in Blogtopia.  She does the colour pink justice like none other while never neglecting the other important pastels, and her lightness of touch with words always elicits a smile.

[click here for a larger version and links to all the items]

Vicki Archer was the first person to get the benefit of Shell's gentle idealism with her choice of gifts, then came me (Me!)...

[Me (Me!)]

... and I'm eager to see who will be next.  You'll be rushing off now, I know, to see where you can buy that dainty little milk-pan, but do take a moment first to say hello to Shell and admire her Tom Ford frock.


  1. Mise the blushing celebrity! Think of all the lucky people in the streets who will stop, turn, and stare now they have seen that very fetching (whoops; I almost wrote retching and that wouldn't do at all)portrait of you.

    They are wonderfully penned drawings and I will indeed go and say hello to the talented artist.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Hello Mise:
    If ever a partnership was made in heaven then it surely has to be Shell and Mise ...... or should that be Mise and Shell ...... ......... or should it be S and M .....perhaps not......or M and S .......oh no, we think that we have heard that somewhere before!!!

    Whatever, clearly you were twins separated at birth since you are in such close tune with each other that there can be no other possible explanation.

    Oh how we have loved the pinky gift ideas, beautifully illustrated by the talented Shell.Although, how she will deliver them in the emerald Tom Ford mermaid dress we shall never know, but a woman of spirit clearly.

    We shall now pop over to see what previous delights have graced the pages of Shell's blog. May all your gift wishes come true, dearest Mise!!

  3. From Flaubert to Ford in a matter of days.

    Bet that inner hurt is feeling a little bit better now, no?

    xo J.

  4. I can't help but think that you could just frame it and be completely satisfied. So incredibly delighful and pastelicious. Meredy xo

  5. My Congratulations Mise. Shell has captured your essence. Are you going to frame it, tie it on a chain and wear around your neck (I would).

  6. Yes, I certainly want the dainty pink milk pan, and the Tom Forde frock shall surely come to no harm in your chimney. But most of all I would like to join your party round the fire. I will bring extra florentines - to which I always add a modicum of stem ginger - and also some quince cheese to complement the champagne (prosecco is also very good, especially when chilled in snow). When we have exhausted the nature of whimsey and the beneficial influence of pale blue, I feel there is much to be gained from listening to the music amongst the trees in the garden.

  7. Oh, I've been coveting that sweet little pink milk pot and it's best friend, cute little green porridge pot (that's what it's called at another purveyor)...actually now though, after popping over (just like you said I would) to L & W...I think the whole lot of enamelware will have to be considered!
    If there was ever something lovely and's your list Mise...Shell did such a magnificent job capturing your happy, pretty & pastel spirit, a very special gift in itself!
    xo J~

  8. Mise....your BlogoStar is certainly rising, and so well deserved! Shell is so talented and she captured your blogessence just perfectly!

  9. Dewy blooms and Bonne Maman jars - Shell knows you well, and her gift guide is gorgeous. I'm really hoping Santa takes note of that wish list especially the pink milk pot! xx

  10. Mise, I'm so happy to have been able to treat you with this pastelicious gift {and thank you to count it all joy for an adjective that surely should be inducted into the dictionary}. And I feel rather honoured to be included in the same sentence as Audrey Hepburn and PG Wodehouse, but even more so to have created this with you. Thank you.

  11. i somehow knew you would be the girl to team a pom pom beanie with a pleat front dress on the wish list. I like that about you!

  12. what a lovely and lucky you . i fancy you should have your own cartoon strip now.

  13. You look so cute as a sketch. (And as a real person, of course.)

  14. So sweet, and such fun--I love your choices and the beautiful illustrations.

  15. What a lovely list Mise, and such good taste. I fear my children will never wear an ironed shirt again. I am still lost in wonderland catching up in your archives and now you have introduced me to Shell's blog.....oh dear.

  16. oooh, almost celebrity status. Hope you have a lovely Christmas Mise :)


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