Sunday, October 9, 2011

the sliding shelf

I never was able for hearty people. I met such a person lately, and after she had told me hearty things in a hearty way I had to go home and seek reassurance in the sliding shelf of my bedside cabinet, so useless yet so beguiling.

[I thought it would be handy for cups of tea]

Days later, I still don't feel quite right. I worry that we'll just have to keep being cheerful, that I will be assigned a role, that it is a good cause and that everything will be for the best.  

[but it isn't]

I live in fear that someone will tweet at me.


  1. I have a sliding out shelf arrangement on my bedside table. For my glass of water. It is practical until a small person enters the room and decides to close it.
    Yes hearty people can be so heartless in their heartiness. xx

  2. I grew up a quiet girl in a family of hearty people, wondering what was wrong with me. Even now when I get together with my sisters, the heartiest of souls, I shrink away and need a week's worth of homebodiness with my quiet husband in our empty nest home to recover.

  3. I have this fear I'll get rather loud AC ( after cigarettes).

    I had a friend who stopped and her volume increased with her newfound oxygen intake.

    But I won't be hearty. Probably just bitchy.

    Perhaps I'll postpone my visit for a year or so?

    xo jane

  4. Have you read the book? Thoughts? It looks very nice on your shelf.

  5. Gak. Those hearty people, brimming with bonhomie and bluster, all "Hail fellow well met". Loathsome. Give me friends with similar levels of angst to my own any day of the week.

    Far more interesting and reassuring. Hearty people are far too occupied being busy and important to take in the delights of a sliding shelf or a particular fluffy Welsh cake. Meredy xo

  6. Hearty people are exhausting. Thanks goodness you have your bedside table, along with bed, flowers and book. A bit of solitude, beauty, and a nap makes everything better.

  7. Oh Mise, being around hearty folk can take such a long time of recovery, I know, as I am surrounded by them and feel as if I'm in a constant state of recovery...very exhauting. Thank heavens for elegant little sliding shelves, bright yellow junk drawer boards, happy pillows, toy boxes in the entry, and most of all, the kindred spirits out there who truly appreciate (and understand) these cheerful tokens of all that is great and good in the world as much as you do...harbingers of beautiful sanity and comfort they are!
    xo J~

  8. I know someone so hearty she would make your head spin, her volume setting fell off years ago. Lying down in a darkened room with a bag of frozen peas on your forehead is the only answer. However recovery can be painfully slow.

    The louder someone else gets the more I shrink into myself.

  9. I think that I may be a bit on the 'hearty' side I lose a lot of points by this confession ? I'm not loud though. Exactly what is the definition of a hearty person ?
    .....maybe if I acquire a bedside table with a sliding shelf ,it would lull me into a state of contemplation and take my mind off of the mere thought of heartiness ?
    I'm off to John Lewis as we speak. XXXX

  10. It's a lovely delicate shelf. Quite the opposite of hearty. If it's of any comfort, I promise not to tweet at you, dear Mise.

  11. Anita: small people always do the most wonderfully obvious things, don't they?

    Jane: ok, you've scared me; I have you down for October 2012.

    Denise: I enjoyed it - it was tense and crisp with shifting insights into the interpretation of events.

    Susan T.: wouldn't a floral lace-edged cover for a frozen bag of peas be the perfect lifestyle accessory?

    Jacqueline, you are an exception and are requested to remain as you are, including alleged heartiness.

  12. How did I survive before I 'met' you? Lord, maybe that sounds too hearty! I am chuckling over your sliding shelf and I honestly believe hearty people have been put on this planet to make us normal beings feel insecure.

    I'm waving and still chuckling.

  13. I am now envious of your sliding shelf, though not of your encounter with the hearty person, they can wear one out in minutes. I trust that your recovery is imminent?

  14. I have a sliding shelf. It is used for when I have unexpected guests. I am usually quite taken aback by 'unplanned' visits so I open up my sliding shelf, I mix myself a nice stiff drink, after offering the guests a sherry of course, and then I stand back and am thankful that this shelf is here to hold me up, and my bottle of Gin, when needed.

  15. My - you are so elegant, with your sliding shelf ..... I am experiencing severe sliding shelf envy!
    I recently spent 3 hours on a bus with a very hearty woman, speaking very loudly, for the whole journey .... and then the same for the return journey. It took me a week to recover!

  16. Mise, would you or anybody explain to a non English person what a HEARTY PERSON consists of, does or doesn't do?!
    Just so that I know if I fall in that category...!

    Loved the Julian Barnes book and love your little bedside arrangement; could be my place - only I've more books, far more - and a bottle of water or a large mug of cold tea, flowers sometimes...

    Does that make me a 'hearty people'? I'm scared now...

  17. I suspect that a great many of us bloggers are hiding out from hearty people in our little world impacted only by a comment or two a day - most of which require no responding - and many quiet photos of pretty things that do no more than slide in and out once in awhile. And only if we want them to.

  18. They are the most distressing of people - I fear them the most of all. They are always so hard of listening.

    This person was in a Musical society without being in possession of a voice, I'll wager!

  19. 'I live in fear that someone will tweet at me.'
    My favourite line in the whole of blogtopia.

    I'm not hearty, but I get enthusiastic and Tigger like sometimes. It never lasts; I'll need to go and have a wee lie down.

  20. Móna, I promise I will never upset you by visiting you unexpectedly, despite the appeal of sherry.

    Kiki, a hearty person is cheerful without restraint and they want to pop by for just a few minutes to see what you can do for them.

    Amee, nicely put, "hard of listening" is exactly it.

  21. Speccy, thank you. I guess we all get that wild fling of enthusiasm when a new cushion is spotted or a Duran Duran tune plays on the radio, but yes, a wee lie down must swiftly follow.

  22. Hello Mise

    Your definition of "hearty" is great.
    A friend of my father's used say "that lad is like a radio, he only transmits and does not receive."
    I can understand how deflated you felt following the visit of such heartiness. I'm surprised you didn't yank the shelf out of its pretty hinges and fling it to high heaven.
    Helen xx

  23. Hy Mise,
    chanced upon your space while blog hopping...glad I stopped by...
    awesome space you have...very interesting posts with lovley cliks..
    Am your happy subscriber now..:)
    do stop by mine sometime..
    Tasty Appetite

  24. I'm always disheartened by hearty people :( And I don't even have a sliding shelf to console me!

  25. Recently I told a hearty friend I'd been to the Grand Canyone. "Did you trek down?" she asked heartily. "No I did not!" I replied, having been driven there in a pink, air-conditioned jeep.

  26. I am a bit embarrassed to say that though I am a painter I still sometimes qualify as a Hearty Person. The evidence would lie mainly in my proclivity for swimming in cold water.
    I can remember once returning from a swim to encounter a particular willowy poet friend smoking her morning cigaret. Years later I recall her words "How thoroughly refreshed I feel to see that you've been swimming". (I also remember the grilled shrimp and gin and tonics and how I walked smack into a wall that night).
    To my un-hearty credit I am bookish and also allergic to team sports. So I've got one foot in each camp. I do agree with Jen of Country Weekend.


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