Monday, October 17, 2011

no platform

Karen has pointed out that a blogger should have a platform.  How true, and how wise, and how speedily I rushed to write a conspicuously placed little sentence explaining what Pretty Far West is all about so that the busy reader knows what's what before she clicks briskly away.

It's all a sham, of course, as I don't have a platform, and merely want to talk about myself. Today, for instance, exhibit A is the pink ring Scottish Husband gave me to celebrate 10 years together, and exhibit B is a few of the many bracelets Pink Daughter has crocheted for me to match every possible outfit.

The sorry truth of the matter is, I suppose, that I am not even waiting for a train.


  1. What a beautiful ring, Mise; what lovely bracelets!

  2. Life according to Mise is a pretty powerful platform, I think.
    Love the ring too.

  3. Ah you beat me to it again.

    What a beautiful ring myself, what lovely bracelets.

    xo jane

  4. I love how you are often first to comment on your posts. You'll never get comment angst that way. I also like that you have no platform. It took me many visits to work out the mystery of Pretty Far West and then I was addicted.

    Congratulations on your 10 year anniversary. The ring is utterly gorgeous. I have similar bracelets (albeit in more masculine colours) that my boys have French knitted.

  5. I think once you're famous for being you, anything you say is interesting. At least if the tabloids are to be believed.

    It is a beautiful ring, and the bracelets are indeed lovely.

  6. Have just asked husband why I haven't had a ring to celebrate 10 year together. He says we haven't been together 10 years; we've been together 22 years.

  7. Oh Mise is that a pink diamond? Scottish Husband is the best isn't he. Or is it a garnet? Whatever it is quite beautiful.

    Love those crochet bracelets. Don't wear them in the rain.

  8. The only platform I'm remotely aware of is the Harry Potter one...and look where that gets you!
    Love the ring, love that your girl makes you things, love the whole 10 milestone and the offerings that come with it x

  9. Congratulations Mise on ten years with Scottish husband. Well done and if you managed ten years of marriage without a platform I would say you can also live without one for your blog.

    Personally I have a pair of platforms, they are from the 70's and very stylish indeed but a bit worn down at the heels.

    Someday my train will come but with my luck I will be at the the bus stop.
    PS Fabulous ring and even better bangles.

  10. Hi Mise
    That first commenter is very smart.. didn't mention platform at all...

    Congrats on ten years of wedded bliss Mise.... that's a gorgeous ring.. Scottish husband did well!!! ciao xxx Julie

  11. Did you ever come back and read my response to your platform question? Because I said that you do indeed have a platform!! I even told you what it was LOL.

  12. I too have a hard time wrapping my mind around the concept of platforms. Also branding. Isn't that what they do to cows? What a beautiful ring, Mise, and such lovely bracelets.

  13. With a ring like that who could care about platforms? And the bracelets are in a different category altogether.

  14. Kudos to husband and daughter. They understand that one without a platform needs beautiful jewelry. I think it's because one without a blogging platform or agenda is a beautiful person who deserves to be celebrated.

  15. You are the train driver and that makes me a happy commuter waiting on the platform for your next stop.(I'd like to extend the metaphor to the buffers but have run out of steam.)

  16. I'd better draw myself a platform, in that case. Congratulations on your very pretty assortment of jewellery items. When I dress tomorrow, I will be even more aware of my lack of a matching bracelet.

  17. I'm reminded of this now ,and I imagine as the train pulls up pretty far west, there you are,
    in your knee high blue platform boots doing your best agnetha faltskog impression belting out this
    doing the beyonce 'put a ring on it' hand twist with one hand and proffering a plate of those gorgeous cheese and spinach puffs in the other .
    You OWN that platform girlfriend .

  18. Congratulations on a beautiful life together. Gorgeoeus little presents you have there too!

  19. This is good! I am chuckling and after the exceptionally miserable weekend we have had as a 'aren't we lovely' family I think this is the first time my lips have curled upwards.

    Congratulations on your ten years together. I love the ring whether it is a diamond or garnet; it is just stunning.

    I'm getting you slowly and surely and I'm loving it.

  20. Oh Mise I adore you and your blog platform or no. I don't even have a mountaintop to shout from!

    Love your ring and the special gifts; hand made from your daughter. Thats what its all about.

    I have a Designer Pillows Giveaway I hope you will join!!


    Art by Karena

  21. Well, I don't have a platfom either Mise.....I'm all over the place !! One minute I'm one thing then something else the next. Mind you, that's me so spot on !
    .....and, more points for lovely Scottish husband for that beautiful ring. I love Scottish husband....he does the most romantic things. Does he ever do anything wrong ? I think not.
    ....and, I mustn't forget to give pink daughter points as well. Lovely friendship bracelets. I think that she should start a bracelet business. XXXX

  22. I've never had to wonder where you stood on things :)

  23. Haha - the lady with the big giraffe called you Martha Stewart... thats funny.

  24. I want the crochet recipe…It will keep blue daughter and pink daughter of my own busy while I sort out lighting ideas so you can live vicariously through moi ;-) Have much missed you and your wonderful Irish humour. Unfortunately; I can't even stop to read your spinach puff recipe yet. I have to hit the atelier.
    FABULOUS 10 Year anniversary to you

  25. What Mise said! Congratulations too.

  26. I don't think you need a platform when you have such a pretty ring and bracelets. Me, on the other hand, I will think about this. : )

  27. What a beautiful ring - but of course Scottish people are blessed with exquisite taste. For our 10th anniversary Malcolm gave me a gold bangle - which I never (well hardly ever) take off. But he now says I have enough jewellery (excuse me - how can a girl have enough jewellery??!!) so this year for our 25th I got a very big lens for my camera!!

  28. Can you please just explain one thing to me? How come I've never been this far west before?!
    Just love your blog, I've sat and scrolled down your posts giggling and smiling all the way - thank you! you're up on my blogroll (to stay) love it all!!

  29. I have a platform! I can see it from my living room window. I share it with many commuters and day trippers, though. And the trains can get a bit noisy.

    Congratulations on your beautiful ring and your lovely bracelets! I don't have outfits in all those colourways, but then, neither do I have bracelets...

  30. Thank you, everyone, for your thoughts and commiserations on the lack of a platform.

    Sue, that's two rings and a gold-edged milk-jug then.

    Jaboopee, you've been a major international celebrity just like Lucy Jordan and Sylvia's Mother all along and I never knew it. God, to think of the opportunities I've missed to be photographed with you.

    Amee, I was so very pleased to be compared to Martha Stewart. And although the puffs have not yet gone over to the dark side, one certainly has a sense of foreboding.

  31. I have a large scar on my left knee to remind me that I fell off a platform, aged 17 ... dangerous things, platforms!!
    PS What a beautiful ring, Mise; what lovely bracelets :D

  32. oh! A platform? I just read (well half-ish read) Karen's post - why am I here indeed? And if one should have a platform for one's blog, perhaps one should have one for one's life, or children, or goldfish.... the mind boggles at the possibility of it all...

    Happy anniversary - such a pretty ring, and wonderful bracelets!

  33. Hello Mise:
    *nasal voice as if emanating from inside tin can*

    .....the train now arriving....!!!

    The 'World According to Mise' is our companion guide which we refer to at regular intervals in order not to lose out, not to be square, not to be behind the times, not to be seen to be taking things too seriously and in order to be fully conversant with all matters domestic, philosophical and magical. We love the ride, never mind the platform!!!

  34. The suprises that await one when they first start clicking away at PFW are much more exciting, varied, and interesting than a mere paragraph could ever convey. Your pretty little picture and the *important* sentence you do have, are the perfect intro to 'The Wonderful World of Mise'...we need not have a dram more!
    And...Happy Anniversary to the happy couple!! It's nice to see that your family is keeping you esconced in lovely jewlery...I wonderif my nephews would like to give bracelet making a go?
    xo J~

    (The ring really is fabulously sweet...I feel a covet coming on!)

  35. Darn it Mise, you just get better and better. How is that even possible?

    Never mind Martha, Karen says you're Jane Austen. Jane Austen!

    We are not worthy.

  36. If you had a platform, you would be expected to leverage it. Whatever that might mean. You are clearly better off without.

  37. That ring is divine, congratulations on your 10 years. I don't know much about 'platforms' but yours perfect.

  38. Congratulations on 10.

    Pink Daughter is fashion forward.

    Your platform is welsh cakes.

  39. Thanks for visiting my blog Mise and leaving a message - i agree about the cushions in that photo, just one or a few self conscious ones wouldnt have done the trick!
    Glad to have found yours, and look forward to delving deeper!
    Special bracelets, what a thoughtful and industrious daughter you have, as well as a kind husband - lovely ring!

  40. Hello Pretty Far West.

    i love your blog , its lovely.
    I am new to blogging. I started by following Helen Tilston..
    Lovely ring.. and such a sweet gift your daughter Pink made for you.
    Wish you a happy day.
    will read on ..


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