Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Yellow-Framed Talking Point

This image from the new Heart Home online interiors magazine gives me hope.

[image: Heart Home]

It makes me aspire to transform the family Odds & Ends Drawer into something like that yellow-framed picture, incorporating the bicycle lights and cup hooks and theirs of the 27th inst. re mine of the 11th inst. and Scottish Husband's device for starting a fire when one is stranded on a desert island. It would be a Talking Point. A Talking Point sounds so much better than an Odds & Ends Drawer.

One should never, of course, admit in Blogtopia to the existence of an uncurated Odds & Ends Drawer, but now that you find me in full-blown confessional mode, I have a question for you:

Since we took up the carpet, our study floor is bare concrete - not artistic, polished loft-living style concrete, but a mottled dusty grey abomination (undepicted). One day it will be tiled, but it is part of a larger project, tentatively scheduled for the vague future.  I thought I could paint the floor as a stopgap, but no; the internet tells me quite vehemently that tiles will not stick to paint. Can anyone suggest a temporary solution that will make the place look decent without considerable effort? 


  1. Wow, could I make a picture out of the tangle of mobile phone and camera battery chargers in my odds and end drawer?

    I agree that grass or rush amtting might be the answer to your flooring.
    Something like this perhaps?

  2. Not the sexiest of solutions Mise...but how about giving it a good clean. I'd use an oxygen-bleach (like oxyclean). Give it a good soaking and let it sit for 15-21 minutes to let the bleach do its thing, then get out a stiff broom and give it a good scrub. You could maybe rent a tile washer (a bit like a vacuum) to suck up all the water and debris. It may take some elbow grease, but think how fit and sanctimonious you will feel afterwards!

  3. Is there an IKEA nearby? They have 5' x7' rugs for 20 USA dollars...don't know how that translates to Irish coin...I'd be slapping down a few of those plastic-y but good-looking area rugs.

  4. Perhaps you can stain it. I use a deck stain on my front concrete step.

    What kind of tile are you putting down eventually. If ceramic, they get set in cement anyway so should not be an issue.

  5. Hello Mise:
    Now, why stop at a framed 'cabinet of curiosities' as a talking point when you can make your entire study into one?

    As a temporary measure, before it acquires the Mise/Nicky Haslam touch in decorating, could the room not be pepped up with a little cocktail cabinet, a few bar stools, a flame-effect fire and sheaves of artificial flowers, illuminated by a gigantic glitter ball. Surely, then, whatever is on the floor will not matter a jot and the nights can be danced away without fear of damage.Just a suggestion...we do have others if interested!!!

  6. Matting, Sue and mybabyjohn/Delores, a new idea. Preliminary investigation just now suggests it's a bit expensive for a temporary solution, but perhaps it's only in Ireland that it's 200 e per square metre. Measures study, finds it to be 9 square metres, is dismayed.

    Jacqueline, that had occurred to me, but there are bits chipped off the floor and old adhesive round the edges. Mind you, a clean would not do any harm. Thank you.

  7. Becky, I do wish I could go to IKEA and pick up some of those charming glass lanterns that one sees on all the best blogs, but my aversion to motorways, roundabouts, and industrial buildings is such a deterrent. And they do appear to have rather nice rugs.

    Chania, perhaps stain wouldn't stop tiles from sticking! I will investigate! Thanks.

  8. Jane and Lance, you have mercifully pulled me away from the boring old straight and narrow. Your solution is a wonderful one. May I offer you the position of Senior Senior Design Consultants to Pretty Far West, assisted by a Junior Senior Design Consultant (vacancy to be advertised)?

  9. I think you should question the authority of the internet on this matter. I am very suspicious of their decree that tile will not stick to paint. With the right prep and adhesive I believe anything can stick to paint. Meanwhile if you have chalk you can play hopscotch.

  10. Could it (the floor), perhaps, be framed in yellow?

  11. I have consulted with he who knows everything - but it turns out he doesn't know why tiles wouldn't stick to a painted floor. Do you have 'freecycle' - you might be able to get a carpet from someone that would do as a stopgap .....

  12. Hi Mise
    Great suggestions and I love Jane and Lance's suggestion - you could have your own night club and charge admission and that would accelerate the tiling timetable but of course the Senior Junior Designer must approve
    On a serious note, how about canvas as used by painters, get a large roll or whatever measurement your room is.
    Cut to size - Paint 2 coats of any latex paint on each side, then do a design on right side - let dry --put 2 coats of acrylic urethane on each side - will wear forever.
    I have made several over the years and they can be washed and mopped easily
    Helen xx

  13. First off, the yellow framed (or possibley pink!) odds & ends drawer work of art is a fantastic idea and I think would knock blogtopia off it's preverbial design rocker, starting a whole new fad..I'm up for trying it myself, I love it! already have some wonderful suggestions here, and my first thought was a largish, inexpensive cartet that you liked enough to use again somehow, somewhere. With winter coming, it would help with the concrete chill effect, offering a bit of cozy along with the cover.
    Design limbo is always a tricky place!
    xo J~

  14. I have a son who loves the concrete floors in their home. They ripped up the carpet down to concrete and then after that I'm lost because I wouldn't trade carpet for concrete ever. But he and his wife love the look of it.

  15. I think I'd lay some hardboard down and paint it in a cheerful chequer board design. I got this tip from my late father who would have coated and clad the entire house in hardboard given half a chance. A roll of polystyrene underneath would keep out the chill.
    Can I be the Vice Senior Junior Design Assistant?

  16. Embrace the 70's Mise and get some vinyl action happening! You can buy it off a roll at the hardware and most importantly, it can be hosed down at the end of the day after all manner of activities. It ticks all the boxes surely? Either that or I have to admit to being rather partial to Amee's suggestion of sawdust....although I would like to embellish it slightly with a scattering of peanut shells. Perfect for line-dancing so you and Scottish husband can keep the love's young dream alive. Meredy xo

  17. Meredy beat me to it! So I can only offer the following solution.

    Some people use remnant commercial carpet tiles as a temporary measure. If you get different coloured tiles and feel particularly inspired, you could create a mosaic of the Mona Lisa. xx

  18. You cannot beat latex-based self-leveling compound - unless your floor is on a one in four incline. Trowel it on as a liquid, then sit back and watch it settle into a perfect, semi-flexible, polished finish which can be treated with a dust-inhibitor, with some colour added if required.

    Either that or carpet.

  19. I cannot possibly top Meredy's suggestion, especially as it keeps that young love alive!! A rug sounds just too depressing in comparison.
    Can't wait to see your odds and sods talking point frame however...

  20. Helen, canvas is a great idea, ever so innovative and I'd have such fun decorating it. Would I just nail it down, I wonder?

    Lucille, hardboard is a good bet too - easy and very paintable. Yes, of course you can be the Vice Junior Senior Design Consultant, and we should be able to organise some sort of Vice Junior Senior Design Consultant in Waiting to support you if the staffing budget allows.

  21. Meredith, thank you for being so solicitous of love's young dream, often overlooked by other commentators in the rush toward the owl lamp aisle. We will raise a Tequila Sunrise to your health.

  22. Mise...frankly I'd go with Tom's solution...he told me how to hang mirrors on a mirror over a year ago now, and they are still right where they are supposed to be. I think he knows of what he speaks...on this topic anyway!

  23. I would think that tiles would stick to paint, you will have to give it a sand probably but it should be fine, must check out that new online magazine - so many of them now!

  24. Fun mood board!!

    The floor, I am thinking a stain might work out well, you can always try it and then if not move to plan B.

    Art by Karena

    Do come and enter my Giveaway from the Jose Esteves Collection at Interieurs!

  25. Hello Mise

    I think you would have a great time creating your own floorcloth.

    When the Polyurethane is applied to the floorcloth it makes it rather stiff and almost like lino so does not need to be nailed down. (it mops up easily)

    Suggest you fold over,and glue, (carpenters glue) the first inch of the canvas and the last - the sides will remain straight.
    Use a heavy quality duck or cotton canvas
    Latex or waterbased house paint works well and is economical for the background. Depending on your design if it is large and abstract, use latex too, however for more detailed patterns use artist's acrylic paints.
    Have fun

  26. i've just packed my messy drawer, dwaer and all. There's no amount of yellow paint that was going to make that pretty. It very nearly went to the bin, drawer and all, but it is highly likely the kids birth certificates are in there somewhere.

    you could always paint it and then rough it up later with a sander and some course paint. I think it would just need to be scratched up a bit. talk to a tiler, they'll know best.

  27. Your odds and ends drawer sounds like our odds and ends room! So I would not be the best person to make any recommendations for your floor except to say maybe some kind of neck brace to keep your head tilted up - then you don't have to see the floor??

  28. I would layer it with a fine pea gravel as they do with all the fine 'Caves' in Champagne. Then, have Scottish husband quickly erect perfect racks for riddling and viola, you now have an enviable cellar in your study.

    Or, paint it. I am sure, as Lorna mentioned above, that with a bit of sanding (which will destroy your soul and cast dust everywhere) and the tiles will surely stick just fine.

  29. I am a useless commenter. I have no opinions about concrete floors, other than a general agreement that they are to be avoided.

    I did however dream about you starring in a film about the creation of a baking cooperative. You would only take part if you got a pink tractor. Is there something you haven't told us?

  30. You have just been awarded The Versatile Bloggers Award. YOU deserve it and I really enjoy your blog. You can find out more by going to my blog.xx

  31. I'm with Bromeliad. frame it in yellow. My second idea is that of Helen Tilston-the canvas solution.


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