Wednesday, July 13, 2011

the pace, the pace


As balmy summer takes hold here and the white butterflies flit about in the clover, I undertake to publish a new post STRICTLY EVERY TWO WEEKS or when I feel so inclined, and to reply to email messages and comments STRICTLY WITHIN SEVEN DAYS or when I feel so inclined.

In return, I'd be grateful if you could fling my name into all your giveaways if you feel so inclined.  Should I have to choose between wonderful prizes (a), (b) and (c), please put me down for (c), or the one with most pink or cobalt blue. If your giveaway is geographically confined, remember that you and I are fellow citizens of Planet Earth and pop "so lovely!!! Mise, Ireland" into the hat anyhow, there's a dear. 

I shall continue, of course, to comment on your blog A PICO-SECOND AFTER YOU HIT 'POST' or when I take a break from watching the fluffy clouds above, and I'll certainly be at the launch of your on-line shop, clamouring for something stripey.

what lovely handwriting you have



  1. So you're taking a bit of a break, is that what you're saying?

    Fine. I'll continue to stalk, er visit, and read posts from olden days to quench my thirst.

    Enjoy your summer. But come back soon.

    xo your very best friend ,jane

  2. Hello Mise:
    Is this worth the paper it's written on? Shades of Chamberlain returning from Munich!

    And to have any chance of holding up here, it needs to be in triplicate, at least, signed in blue ink, black will not do, and be officially stamped at least five times. Then, and only then....

  3. I saw the pink and yellow image on my blog reader and I knew it had to be you Mise.

    Enjoy the slow blogging days while it lasts. A blogging disaster could strike at any minute like a polka dot paper lantern explosion, or an under-cushioned settee...You know you'll be needed to make all the hard decisions. Keep your laptop handy. xx

  4. and the summer beat slows down...I can relate.

  5. Love it my dear, you made me smile today!! I hope you are enjoying the summer!


    Art by Karena

  6. a wall has fallen down in the blog world , it's a catastrophe , i'll have to go on my holidays now so , can't bear the thought of your absence.

  7. Thank you, dear Jane. I guess I was saying that I don't have much to say these days, but expect to say something at some time.

    Jane and Lance, you are clearly accomplished veterans of International Peace Discussions. I shall look out eagerly for a Blog War where you can do your stuff. One day someone will say they don't like someone else's armoire and all hell will break loose.

    Anita: an under-cushioned settee, I shudder to read the words. Thank you for considering the worst-case scenarios as the rest of us drift heedlessly past.

  8. that's one contract worth signing, mise.


  9. Karena, thank you!

    Becky, I hope it keeps as wonderfully lazy and sunny for you as it is here.

    Jaboopee, come west on your holiday sometime! It's nicer here than it is in airports.

  10. Pondering fluffy white clouds is a full time job in wonder you will have little time for blogging......thinking of you whenever I see pink........

  11. I'm still laughing!! Enjoy the summer, and I hope you work up the energy for another post sometime soon!

  12. Ooooo Mise,
    I've come over all Edith Blyton !!
    It sounds as if you are off to find some adventure with the Secret Seven .... I wish you sunshine, piles of ham sandwiches and lashings and lashings of ginger beer ...... if you feel so inclined !!
    Have a beautiful summer with your family Mise and hurry back. Much love. XXXX

  13. Hmm, slow blogging ... this could be the start of a trend ;)

  14. I feel rather special to be present for the Slow Blogging movement. Something I feel I could happily embrace. Enjoy those fluffy clouds and white butterflies, Mise.

  15. Ah Mise,
    Even here, with all the kids, we have slowed to snails pace. The weather makes a girl a little crazy and do things like lounge outside and pay no heed to frivolous chores like laundry housework.

    I have printed your contract and placed it on my whiteboard with very fancy pink and yellow magnets and I will use it as a daily reminder to get out and enjoy the sunshine.

  16. Hi Mise Ireland

    I think the Union has made it's way to the West. Your demands to the blog world whisper "working to rule".
    We, the people, feel that "Pretty Far West" falls under "essential services"and we hereby give you 2 weeks of chasing butterflies, after which time we insist you get your head out of the clouds and return to your constituents.
    Minister of Bloggers for the Planet and the Islands

  17. Ah..Mise you are the wise one. To take time to watch those fluffy cloud formations and to revel in the fun and giggles of your wee girls. For summer flees so fast and and so does our youth. My that sounds morbid..oops!! What I MEANT to say is, have fun and you know your fan base will always be here waiting for your next witty words.

    "your very best friend" Deb x

  18. Oh goodness! The giveaway! I've totally forgotten it. The world waits breathlessly while I sit on the desk and stare at the water instead of Googling "randomizer".

  19. Hope those clouds are a tad more fluffy wherever you are enjoying your holiday Mise!
    Come back soon. Blogtopia is just not the same without you.

  20. I won't pretend that I'm not upset that you are going to post infrequently this summer. I hope that your summer will be wonderful, and you will later share the impressions.

  21. Keeping a round the clock vigil, just in case you decide to tear up the contract.

  22. Dear Mise,

    It has come to our attention that your contract isn't valid. There are no pictures of kittens, and we only accept Slow Blogging Contracts with pictures of kittens. I am sure this is just an oversight on your part. We do agree that is a rather lovely looking chair. However, rules are rules. Please re-submit your contract with aforementioned kittens asap (or sooner) and we'll let you off. There are standards, you know.

    The Blog Police

  23. More hilarious laughs from Mise...I came over purposely to tell you to pop on by to enter my Giveaway
    to Pimp my etsy shop...but rather i guess I’m just suppose to pop your name in the hat for you.

  24. And I was having such a good day. Now what am I supposed to do with myself?

    I took photos of Bonne Maman jars in various locations during our holidays which I will obviously bedazzle, embellish and frame before sending to you. This was despite the children yelling "Can we just open the jam for our scones?? We're starving!!" or "Mum, seriously, we're in Woolworths - why would anyone want a photo of a jam jar from Woolies?". I can't explain this behaviour - I must have subliminally known that you were on a blog break and I would have to fend for myself.

    Enjoy - I must go and track down some new fabric for the cushion emporium. Pink and cobalt blue did you say? Meredy xo

  25. You're a witty one aren't you Miss. Mise!! I needed a laugh to pick me up out of my slumpy, summer blogger doldrums and here it was all along...thank heavens for that little pink chair in the sidebar! I know many who are a bit blank at the moment...myself strange!
    Today was the perfect, fluffy cloud day btw, white not gray for the first time in days!
    From the Emerald City to the Emerald Island - thank you...and best of luck on all those giveaways!
    xo J~

  26. show off. us girls down here are freezing our extremities off, and you're talking of lazing and cloud gazing. lap it up lucky duck x

  27. Yes actually, how DO you do that instant comment thing that you do? I picture you waiting patiently by the computer with a large klaxon that goes off as soon as I hit post (I don't like to think how this actually works, but imagine the klaxon is a bit like the one they used to use on Gladiators) Am I very far off the truth?

    Enjoy your break, may your days be sunny and your children biddable in the coming weeks.

  28. Does this mean you're on your way over to share a gin and tonic on my sprawling lawn??? I do hope so . I need someone stylish and indefatiguable like you, dear Mise, to rush about picking French wildflowers to fill my vintage glass jugs. My Azzur blue daughter and Lili the pink other daughter would be so pleased to meet your pink and blue too :)


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