Saturday, July 30, 2011

ensuring adequate pinkness for an important visitor

While you've been empathising assiduously in the comment boxes, bless you, we've been bustling about here making sure everything is dainty and sufficiently pink for the arrival of Casapinka and her daughter. In truth, I have done most of the bustling myself; other family members have spent the time standing around remarking that the visitors might like afternoon tea after driving all the way to the pretty far west.  They're probably right.

So, while the oven heats, I thought I'd show you my latest purchase - Coming Up Roses in the Drawing Room by Shell Sherree.

Is this picture beautiful, I ask you, or is it doubly beautiful? I plan to hang it across from my favourite armchair, so that I may live in an internally consistent world.


  1. You inadvertently sent me on quite a long journey through some other blogs to a recipe for Moroccan mint tea, but I made it back here safely to say that it is a very nice picture. I enlarged it to make sure.

  2. Hello Mise:
    How absolutely delightful your latest purchase is and, from a technical point of view, how very up to the minute for we are certain, although quite ready to be shot down, that giclée prints were all but unheard of a few years ago. And did it really come all the way from the US of A? But then, of course, you are that bit closer than we are!!

    How splendid to be having visitors [we have sneaked a look via your link] who, we are confident, will have the most wonderful time with you as we are sure that your house will, as always, be looking absolutely charming in readiness for their arrival. Have a very happy and relaxing time.

  3. Oh dear Mise, I must say Ms. Shell Sherree has captured your world beautifully...that is how I picture you.... sitting in your pink floral chair, in your pink flowered world sipping tea from a delicate pink floral china cup.....forever in harmony with all that is beautiful!

  4. I have no children ( well,excluding my child bride of course) yet I lingered long in casapink. Is that the correct name?

    Wit and charm and a very funny sweater can hold this woman's interest for a looong time.

    Enjoy yourselves. I'm green cause you're all in the pink together.

    xo Jane

  5. A Mise

    There's nothing like company coming to get the dusters out and the polish.
    Are you baking your delicious scones?

    Your new painting will fit beautifully in your home opposite you delightful pink chair. It has a calm, peaceful and orderly feel. It is beautifully drawn.

    Have you met Casapinka before?

    Looking forward to your next post



  6. It is indeed beautiful to the power of the US debt. Lucky, lucky Casapinka.... Meredy xo

  7. Oooh, a bloggers meet up, enjoy :)

  8. I knew this was flying all the way from Australia to the very loveliest of people, dear Mise, and now I feel even more honoured than before. Thank you.

    Ever yours,
    Blushing & Chuffed

  9. Oh Mise - it's just too, too pink!

  10. I love it. Even though there are 3 girls and only one boy in my house there is not nearly enough pink! I now have a hankering for a pink floral armchair and my own pretty picture to look at.

  11. I love the picture - I want to create a little corner somewhere in the house to look just like that, where I can sit and contemplate how to solve all the problems in the world (or more truthfully, have a nap!!)

  12. Helen, yes, she and I have known one another for over 10 years. How the time goes by. Thanks for your kind words.

  13. I'd say 'tripley' beautiful!! I'd love to be sitting in your painting this very moment actually...all would be right with the world then.
    Wishing you and Casapinka a very fun time together, I just bet there will be a myriad of stories to tell on the flip side!
    xo J~

  14. Your print has MISE written all over it and just radiates PINK !!
    Get the kettle on's what everyone wants when they travel Pretty Far West ..... but, when I visit I would like a G&T please....or, maybe a pink gin....I don't want to feel left out. XXXX

  15. That picture is gorgeous, and definitely sufficiently pink enough. :)

    Have a lovely time with Casapinka and daughter!


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