Saturday, July 30, 2011

ensuring adequate pinkness for an important visitor

While you've been empathising assiduously in the comment boxes, bless you, we've been bustling about here making sure everything is dainty and sufficiently pink for the arrival of Casapinka and her daughter. In truth, I have done most of the bustling myself; other family members have spent the time standing around remarking that the visitors might like afternoon tea after driving all the way to the pretty far west.  They're probably right.

So, while the oven heats, I thought I'd show you my latest purchase - Coming Up Roses in the Drawing Room by Shell Sherree.

Is this picture beautiful, I ask you, or is it doubly beautiful? I plan to hang it across from my favourite armchair, so that I may live in an internally consistent world.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

theoretically giving up chocolate

I sometimes wonder whether the greater sense of wellbeing is achieved by temporarily resolving to permanently give up chocolate or by permanently resolving to temporarily give up chocolate.  It was while grappling with this purely theoretical question the other day that it occurred to me that I'd never shared with you my Philosophy of Food, viz.:

  • Don't eat food that has an artificially low fat content. Eat the full fat version in moderation instead. 
  • Don't eat anything that contains artificial sweeteners.
  • Bake your own cakes rather than buying them. They will taste better, and the effort of baking will limit consumption.
  • Never bother with biscuits (cookies to the US reader). They are not as nice as recipe books would lead you to believe. 
  • Don't buy ready-prepared meals. Have a boiled egg and toast instead.
  • Puréed young spinach leaves added to choux pastry will make interesting green canapés.
  • Rosewater fudge is delicious and will gain you points amid owners of mismatched vintage china.
  • Never order from a restaurant menu that does not mention goat's cheese. You don't have to actually order the goat's cheese, but its presence is reassuring.

Have I covered everything there or do you have anything important to add? 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

the pace, the pace


As balmy summer takes hold here and the white butterflies flit about in the clover, I undertake to publish a new post STRICTLY EVERY TWO WEEKS or when I feel so inclined, and to reply to email messages and comments STRICTLY WITHIN SEVEN DAYS or when I feel so inclined.

In return, I'd be grateful if you could fling my name into all your giveaways if you feel so inclined.  Should I have to choose between wonderful prizes (a), (b) and (c), please put me down for (c), or the one with most pink or cobalt blue. If your giveaway is geographically confined, remember that you and I are fellow citizens of Planet Earth and pop "so lovely!!! Mise, Ireland" into the hat anyhow, there's a dear. 

I shall continue, of course, to comment on your blog A PICO-SECOND AFTER YOU HIT 'POST' or when I take a break from watching the fluffy clouds above, and I'll certainly be at the launch of your on-line shop, clamouring for something stripey.

what lovely handwriting you have


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

home is where I want to be but I guess I'm already there

Photographic equipment took over our house yesterday, as Marie and Ashley from Home Interiors came round to take a set of shots, destined to appear one day in Delightful Domiciles with Affable Owners Monthly, or somesuch.

My role was to dash out into the wild every once in a while to gather flowers from the fields, then dash in to arrange them in pretty little jugs before the camera clicked. My dashing, indefatigable in the morning, became increasingly defatigable as the day wore on.

[Pink Daughter with a mere fraction of my flower-picking oeuvre]

Marie, the stylist, was a wonder. A cushion and a throw here, a stack of books there, a necklace carelessly flung on a bedside table, and the house took on a composed, elegant new life.

[Marie works her transformative magic on the bedroom]

You can see some of Marie's accomplished Before & After work in other houses here.

[the bathroom windowsill needs a small touch of pink - cameras are abandoned as we all go on a quest for the Right Thing]

[Ashley and Marie at work in the guest bedroom]

Despite being the quiet, retiring sort, I appeared in a few photographs, looking hungry and bewildered casually at ease.  We all agreed that it had to be me, as Scottish Husband leaning against the range, proudly holding his unpink motorcycle helmet, might not be of great interest to the influential teapots & florals market sector. Some market sectors just don't think outside the box.

By evening, 19 hard-won shots were done and dusted, the girls had heroically not tripped over any wires, and we got to settle down with a large gin and tonic on a styled and repositioned sofa, planning to invite all the commentators to a cucumber sandwich served crustless on our imaginary rolling lawns whenever the feature is published. I hope you'll be there yourself.
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