Sunday, May 29, 2011

things I have noticed about blogging

This isn't an important post, like my important posts about cushions or my important posts about how I am feeling today.  I thought you might like a break from all the importance while Blogger is playing up. I can't seem to leave comments on your blog just now but you know that I love admire read you.

Here are some things I've noticed about blogging. They are highly technical so you may want to move right along.

1. I suspect many Google Friend Connect followers don't read the blogs they follow, whereas the rss subscribers and the darling old-fashioned bookmarking people do. And yet the follower count is an international mark of honour. Whoever has most followers when the music stops will win their own chat-show and a handcrafted floral headdress. I hardly dare to hope that it might be me.

2. My preference is for bloggers who post once or twice a week. Any less frequently and I worry that their quest for the perfect shoes has led them into unsuitable company; more frequently and the breakneck progression from their chandelier revamp to the new slipcovers for their sofa makes me feel faint.

3. The perfect number of comments for a blog post is 10-20.

[chocolate guinness cake]

4.  Blog posts should ideally include an image. This is so that a commentator can leap straight to the breathless admiration without struggling through the text.

5. Word verification tests for posting comments are pesky. The easiest way to deal with moderation is to set it so that comments will appear with neither verification or moderation for a week, and thereafter are moderated. The occasional alert marketeer will slip through with a link to their once in a lifetime yoga mat offer during the first week, but that's no great matter. Sure you might even need a yoga mat yourself. Moderation after a week is in case one gets struck by a bus and lies in hospital worrying about all the pathos piling up in the comments, or not piling up.    


  1. Great post M-
    I usually follow by googlefriend- not sure I know how to do the RSS feed-
    I like getting more than ten comments seems to give validations that others are reading-
    I really hope you don't get hit by a bus!
    I hate WV- awful.

  2. Really enjoyed reading this post - agreed with everything :)

    Most importantly GFC.... it's such an odd thing!

    Fee x

  3. Great fun, but I don't agree entirely. There can be no ideal upper limit for comments, Mise; the more (genuine ones) the better in my self-esteem-deprived view. Bloggers have needs too, you know.

    And pictures, yes, but I want everyone to struggle - no, read avidly - through the text, entranced by my lightness of touch and radical disregard for sentence length.

    And posting once or twice a week? Phooey - what about those of us who live on the edge of an abyss of anxiety, and discharge their neurotic burblings every day? Sometimes more often? I'd die if I had to limit these outbursts of angst and self-absorption....

    And I have no idea how an RSS feed works. Or Twitter, or many other things. But I can edit in HTML and change the size of pictures!

  4. Oh, that's so useful, thanks - I'll switch off my moderation now; I could really do with a new yoga mat. Abby x

  5. Hello Mise:
    We have loved all of this, and after due consideration, we have decided that we must change our style.

    1.We intend to follow ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE as there is clearly no expectation to read what is written and, who knows, we may just win the floral crown.

    2.We intend to post hourly in order to be noticed.

    3.We intend to make good any shortfall in comments by adding our own.

    4.We intend to have only pictures in our blog, of white paint drying and such like.

    5.We intend to moderate nothing, nor shall we be moderate in anything in the hope of attracting Yoga mat manufacturers, spam,sponsors and the insane.

    Watch out for our next post....due out within the hour!!

    1. Very pink and lovely.....note to self....add some pink to my greyness.
    2. Very cleverly written posts.....note to self.....start Creative Writing course.
    3. No followers 'thingy'.... Note to self....delete followers thingy' !
    4. Posts once or twice a week....note to a bit more.
    5. Lots of computer jargon....note to self.....when applying for Creative Writing course, apply for computing for beginners as well !!
    6. Make Chocolate Guinness Cake.
    Thanks for your lovely comment today Mise.....can you let me know if I start to become a Grandmother bore ? XXXX

  7. I don't want my own chat show or a floral headdress, but I do love followers and comments!

  8. I didn't mean you, of course, Rachel. We all live for your posts.

    Abby, I hope one day you achieve a new yoga mat.

    Jane and Lance, I think such flair as yours will surely win the floral crown. I'm just hopping over to your place now to read the 4 new posts I'll have missed since you commented. The giddy excitement of it is quite overwhelming.

    Jacqueline, you're one of those genuinely nice sorts who need follow no guidelines. Just do your own thing and the world will send you handtied bouquets.

  9. I have never seen a better looking slice of cake.

  10. Howdy Mise
    Tend to agree on most.. although I read it may be the word verification thing causes some angst and after switching it off I now get comments from all the weirdos plying their trade of strange and unusual objects used for strange and unusual things... so the moderation stays...

    I hope you win when the music stops! ciao xxx Julie

  11. Just found you vis 'slow lane life'. I'm still laughing at this post!

  12. I've failed miserably then!

    Just a note to add - I find blogger extremely tempermental to leave comments - sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Is it because I secretly prefer wordpress and it is having revenge??

  13. Lessons learned today
    1. I post too often. That's because I'm scared that if I stop, I'll stop and then I won't be part of this fun blogging world any more. What do you mean quality vs quantity? I'm just impressed to be writing at all.
    2. Images should be interesting rather than just, um, there. Oh, but you're a hard task master!
    3. As an old fashioned bookmarker type I might need to find out about this follower business, otherwise how will I get the rosette?
    4. I don't know anything about RSS, HTML, or moderation, but I already have a yoga mat and I can do Twitter. (Glad to be able to put that computer science degree from the dark ages to some use...)

  14. Have I missed the recipe for that delicious looking cake? You could become a foodie blog Mise. My Dad might even make nice comments on your blog, unlike mine. I note that i am comment number 17 - reaching the upper echelons now. xx

  15. Oh, now I feel much better about not posting every day, though I do apologise for inflicting word verification on you. I shall ponder on that one...

  16. Hurrying to get in under the 20 count.

    I find if you have someone on your blog list and can immedaitely see the updates you will rush right over to read and savor every bite of cake.

    I find that you don't post enough leaving us all writing one another emails worrying you are on vacation or worse have gotten bored with the whole thing.

    If I go to comment and the post already has 78 comments I steal away. Who needs my thoughts? Surely one of the 78 felt the same way?

    Um I forgot what else you said...
    But i agree wholeheartedly.

    xo Jane

  17. Great points Mise. After fretting childishly after losing some followers, I am going to banish the little smiley faces from my blog......the photos of delicious cakes will continue however. According to blogger stats, the number 1 read post of mine each day is a vanilla cake recipe I posted.

  18. Ooo - chocolate guinness cake!!!

    Sorry, what else were you saying?


  19. i fear i've failed on at least 3 out of 5 in this bloggers manifesto.... i'm commenter number 23 ,does that make me irrelevant ? ....i subscribe AND i follow , ( to be sure to be sure ) and my own blog posts have become so infrequent that i wonder do i even exsist.... i feel a poem coming on ...


    ps my hopes were raised very slightly when i thought you were going to tell us how to do a link inside a comment ... ;(

  20. for example this .......
    in relation to that cake .....

  21. Great blog! I keep you on my sidebar and I go down the list weekly and read all my favorite blogs :)
    I think I am going to change my moderation like you suggested and see what happens...why not give it a go :)

    Have a great day!!

  22. Mise, LOVE THE PHOTO. Now, on to important matters. First of all, you forgot the recipe for chocolate guiness cake, or was there a LINK I omitted to click on???
    Second of all, I shall try to wrench myself away from the shoe hunting in order to post more often. You are right of course, blogging friends will worry about me if I am away too often, and I would hate to cause undue worry to my lovely blogging friends.
    Thirdly, I shall now go and sort out this comment moderation business. There are only 3 minutes left before my self-imposed midnight bedtime. Will I have time to correct my comment moderation system. Only Blogger really knows ;-)

  23. 1. I know I shouldn't be commenting because you already have 25 comments, yet here I am.

    2. This isn't an important comment.

    3. I prefer quality over quantity.

    4. The fork in your image is very intriguing. Is it a Chocolate Guinness Cake fork?

    5. A slice of Chocolate Guinness Cake and a special fork would make me very happy.

  24. Amazing post :) You are right about everything and about the comments I think that you should leave all the good one and those which make sense.

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  25. This is post twenty nine. Just thought I'd show that it's good to get high numbers as well! PS - what's all this 'moderation' thing?

  26. Hi!

    This is my very first time here and I'm enjoying your blog for so many reasons!!!

    Please, drop by if you have a minute. :-)

    Have a Beautiful Day!


    Luciane at

  27. I'm having trouble posting comments on some blogs but can't figure out just why...I think you explained it but I don't GET IT!

    Fun post!
    Becky @ (in case google takes my comment to anonymous) However, I don't think it will because your simple-and-smart comment set-up identifies me as "becky" hee...hee.

  28. No 32 checking in
    Great post. Looking forward to that recipe for Guinness Chocolate Cake and any other Guinness recipes you can come up with. My specialty is "Beef in Guinness" a big hit at parties.
    Thanks for an enlightening subject

  29. Why haven't I found you before? Thanks to Rachel I'm here now and have bookmarked you - the only way I know how to find people who make me laugh, again. Most of my Followers are entirely mute. Why is this? My comment rate is very modest. This may be because I don't put myself about enough, sprinkling bon mots as I go. But I think on the whole I prefer it that way. Am waving goodbye but will be back.

  30. uh-oh - I'm the 34th comment!! A refreshing post! Thanks for stopping by my blog to read Jules post - she keeps my mad color cravings under control as well!

  31. That was a perfect post. Blogger is a bit bunk these days. I have now switched to a pop-up window, and it seems to work...for the moment. Grr.
    By the way, I received my "give away" package - merci beaucoup! I love the bag, note book and mirrors. Mostly it was nice to receive a hand written note from you - loved it.

  32. Whoever has most followers when the music stops will win their own chat-show and a handcrafted floral headdress.

    I have visions of people inventing followers just to get the numbers up. It is a little tiresome the number of people who blog just to make money, as their blogs are usually very shallow.

  33. Chania, I remember that vanilla cake recipe of yours, and I'm not surprised that the world is flocking to your cake-stand.

    Jaboopee, snap, I subscribe and I follow you too, but additionally I have set up a nifty piece of spyware on your machine so that when you hit 'Publish' an alarm goes off here and at Áras an Uachtaráin. Mary says the alarm is a bit strident and she's looking for one that does birdsong instead, but I don't mind it myself.

  34. Hello Gorgeous One, ah ha I love this - 37 comments!! Sort of chucks your Point #3 out the window girl. Yep, am in agreement with most of what you've said. I don't give a rats about the number of Followers I've got which is just as well as the number is actually going backwards! Son #3 in Melbourne analyses my site stats & sends me a monthly report - he's a stats boy. I really can't see the point, so I've asked him to stop or he'll be out of the Will. I loathe all the serious knots that some Bloggers tie themselves up in re their popularity. It's all about the fun & only the fun. Amen.
    Millie x

  35. I subscribe to PFW through NetVibes. I have no idea if this makes me old-fashioned or just a few short years past the cutting edge.

    My blog comment count has dimished instead of clumb, so I've decided not to consider it an important measure of anything at all whatsoever.

  36. I was going to comment on this post but worried that you might not read your own blog because it would have twice the perfect number of comments. I guess you won't know for another week anyway ...

  37. Mmmm, cake....

    Sorry, were there words?

  38. Only the fun. Well said, Millie.

    Stan, I guess it's an important measure of the extent to which you consider it?

    Here, Mel, I saved you the largest slice.

  39. I am definitely in the "post less than once or twice a week" category....but I must defend myself, I really am not fraternizing with unsuitables....alas I am usually on my other blog over at tumblr, and posting there at breakneck speed, DAILY! I am also a failure in the areas of "followers" and "comments"...and, I hate to admit it, but I have actually stopped there no way I can redeem myself in your eyes Mise?

  40. I came back to leave you a comment...then I saw it was up to 43 comments. So I take my comment back. xx

  41. Comment 45 ... so very late to the party ... only just found your blog ... love it ... will be back :)

  42. Am commenting again - what does that do to point 2, eh, eh?

    I actually swooped over here to give you a virtual hug after reading your comment under my post on the WAAY website. You are so lovely. May your cushions always be soft and jam jars never run empty!

  43. I hardly dared leave a comment, as they currently stand at 48 which is well over the top frankly.

    All observations are spot on. I look forward to your weighty tome on the subject in hardback.

    Blogger has finally let ME back in; to comment, LOL and XOXOX at my leisure. S'nice to be back. I've missed my pithy remarks.

  44. Great post Mise! I am with you on every count although I see you have exceeded your 10-20 comments per post and rightly so! Words of wisdom here...I like it! your profile photo!,

    Best wishes Mise...

    Jeanne xx

  45. You have far exceeeded 20 comments. There is nothing left to say.

  46. Love the chocolate cake. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  47. Having just dipped my toes into the world of blogging, this is very informative....and funny.
    Words of wisdom indeed.


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