Monday, April 11, 2011

You're a star!!!!

I was backward when it came to bringing up the children. It wasn't until Pink Daughter went to nursery school that I learned about stickers. If a child is very good, their homecoming sticker says 'very good!!' or 'you're a star!!' or 'excellent!!' but if they misbehave badly and expulsion is on the cards they come home with 'very good!' or 'you're a star!' or 'excellent!' instead. Should there be something challenging to be undertaken, such as eating a vegetable, they will do so for a sticker, but if it's cabbage the sticker will have to glow in the dark.

[Scottish Husband leaves an encouraging note]

So, ever eager to be a Woman of my Time, I have bought some stickers. A whole book of them. More than 300! Three stickers each if everyone stays quiet while dearest Mamma dashes off a blog post.


I'll also be sticking them onto the envelope when I write to you so that your postie will realise you are a person of consequence, and of course I'll adorn your giveaway win package with them. I sure wish I could add them to comments. Excellent dining-room makeover!! Incredible pigeon pie!  Exquisite finer feeling on matters of the heart! You're a star!!!!


  1. this made me chuckle
    kids love stickers!
    Mum's do not if they get left on school jumpers after "eating all your lunch" & "being very polite" they then "nack up said jumper if left on when put in the wash"
    Happy Stickering

  2. I was chatting to Middle Daughter on the phone , when suddenly she broke off to demand , "What have you done? "
    A familiar pleased little voice chirped "Won a prize!".
    Grandson had stuck his sticker chart ( one per completed task) full , while Mum was busy talking . So now he'd won the promised small treat . Logical when you're three , of course .
    We're getting ready for a future of prison visiting already .

  3. You are a star, Mise. No sticker required, but I would like an imaginary sticker on my comment, please.

  4. My little girlie (now 17) went through a sticker phase - they're still all over the place!

  5. Oh the invaluable sticker pool. I can recall chart after chart of tasks and stickers of my brood of 4. When I was a child right about the dinosaur age, there of course was no stickers, not even a glue stick in sight. I was rewarded with food for doing my tasks. You mow the lawn you get to have a sandwich for lunch!

    Perhaps I should try the sticker approach with my Scottish husband? Just maybe many things would be accomplished; oh what a grand thought.

    xx Deb (I LOVE your posts)

  6. I'm with Deb, no stickers in my childhood.

    Maybe the lack of has made me such a prolific blogger.

    Still wanting that star sticker.

    I was going to mow the lawn today but there was no reward in sight, no sandwich, no sticker,no nothing.

    You're a star though.

    xo jane

  7. I used a chart to keep my kids from fighting, when they were little. They managed for an ENTIRE MONTH, in hopes of a prize. They got the prize and by then had kind of forgotten how to fight. Best retro parenting methodology ever.

  8. how i envy you the sticker stage, i'm at the
    " if you slam that door one more time we're taking it off its hinges and you'll have no door into your bedroom" stage.

  9. Did I read correctly - the girls get the same stickers at school regardless of their conduct.
    I that the modern trend in the school systems? Perhaps that makes it easier for the teacher.
    For some reason my Child Female would take the stickers off her papers and wear them on her face - oh the drama.
    I am such a ninny at the dentist's office that the Doc puts a sticker on my collar if I show any reserve.

    My kids learned their economics fairly early, and at home they insisted money was preferable to stickers - good luck.

  10. oh yep. sums up school for me. my first principal said to me horrified after reading a report I wrote "you can't say that they can't read - you have to say that they are working really hard at reading time'
    FARK - what kinda world do we live in? I wish that I had a sticker saying 'be honest or my one year old will spit apple bits on your shoes'
    lufferly post - sorry I got all ranty - you hit a spot in my mind obviously!

  11. I used to love stickers! My favourite were the felt ones of baby animals, we used to bring all our stickers to school on thursday to swap (we had designated days, tuesdays for marbles, wednesdays for skipping ropes and fridays for smelly papers.)Nothing beats a gold star though!

  12. I love your sticker story. My sister is constantly bribing her boys with them. I should suggest she try your glow in the dark stickers ;)

  13. I have a useful supply of stickers available at all times, being a teacher. The Family are quite used to being awarded stickers for small triumphs such as: The Tomboy staying at the dining table throughout an entire meal, not once getting down to check on The New Hamster or to play a short tune on the keyboard; The Boy remembering to get his homework ready by the back door before we actually leave the house (bonus sticker if he remembers to pick it up as we leave the house); The Doctor managing to close each cupboard door and drawer after he's finished taking stuff out or putting stuff away....


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