Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Seasons new homewares shop

Seasons of Skerries, known for their wholesome, home-cooked food and the use of local, in-season produce, have extended their premises with a homewares shop and a new dining area overlooking the Skerries Islands, scheduled for official opening on Thursday, 28th April at 7:30pm.

"Signature dishes include their Creole French Toast with orange & lime syrup for breakfast, Butternut Squash & Parmesan Soup, Sweet Potato Patties and Fish Cakes with basil sauce for lunch and their delicious filled Meringues and Melting Moments."
They very kindly asked me whether I'd speak at the event. I can't make it, and am sad to be missing their Mad Hatters Tea Party with wine and finger food, jazz music by Neil McMahon and games such as Ice the Cupcake, Fold the Napkin (men only contest), Know Your Herbs and more. But perhaps you can join the party on Thursday? Admission is free, if you care to flaunt your knowledge of herbs, and would you go into a small stripe-admiring trance on my behalf?

"Themed gastronomic events and a host of social activity clubs will feature on this year’s calendar. These clubs will include, amongst others, a Healthy Eating Club, an Organic Gardening Club and a Home Crafts Club."
Skerries, where my father grew up and I spent many happy holidays bashing my grandmother's piano, is a lovely seaside town, richly deserving of pretty homewares and enhanced napkin-folding knowledge. I'll be along as soon as possible to try the Creole French Toast and check out the new homewares. Good luck, Mel and Brendan Connors of Seasons.


  1. Oh, I'm crestfallen you aren't able to be there. Come to think of it, I'm crestfallen I'm not able to be there. But I shall file this charming place in my memory banks in case I make it to Skerries sometime in my future.

  2. My, those are some handsome stripes! I have just noticed that my (slightly violent) quote regarding excess ramekins has made its way to your sidebar - how terribly kind of you! I shall add this proud achievement to my Blog CV :)

  3. What a beautiful shop. Wish I could be there for opening, but alas I am still snow bound.

  4. I'm already in a little admiring everything trance on your behalf. Do they do home deliveries? I'll just have a wee taste of whatever you think

  5. oh damn , i won't be able to go and nor will joe whose pure disgusted seeing as he's just finishing reading the haines napkin folding senior level part 8 ....when next in the area that squash and parmesan soup in on the to do list. I'd have loved to see you speak at the opening....
    your art installation suggestion is wonderful, i've passed it on to charles saatchi and he's passed it on to someone else.... fingers crossed.
    ps colour is china aster....something about blue colours with the word china/chinese seemed to really appeal .

  6. Both photos look like the impossibly beautiful home in which you bring up your impossibly charming children with your improbably Scottish husband, Mise.

  7. Oh man, I've got nothing good to say here. Nothing funny, witty, poignant, just nuttin.

    Will never make it to the sidebar at this rate.

    And I am your best friend and all that.....

    xo Jane

  8. Hi Mise
    good thing this shop is so far away..I could blow some dough here.. love the colours. was going to say I could live in that 1st image but make it a rule never to say that after watching a certain Twilight Zone episode..

    Have a lovely week.. ciao ciao xxx Julie

  9. Mmmmmm. I must plan a little trip to the Northside. Thanks for the heads up!

  10. I might have to travel all the way to Skerries just to try that yummy sounding french toast.....mind you, it would be a journey all the way from Portland, Oregon, but you have managed, Mise to make it sound so worth it!

  11. I would happily take your place as I love a good stripe induced trance Mise. Boy oh boy what a great menu, it surely offsets the damage done by watching me fold napkins.

    I hope you and your sweet family are all very well this week. I'm so happy you liked my goofy royal wedding post. I'm worried that some people have taken me serious / :

    Thank goodness you have a knack for understanding sarcastic humor.

    Cheers! Deb

  12. looks just I wish I could see it in person.

  13. I'd like to join you for Creole French Toast, a chat, and a bit of shopping for striped items. I need a private jet...

  14. Looks like a fun place to shop. I had to Google Skerries to figure out where in the world it is.

    Learned something new!



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