Monday, January 10, 2011

red dot glory

See these beguiling red dot ramekins and the pie dish? I won them from Lorna of Garrendenny Lane by coming up with the new slogan for her lovely home & lifestyle online shop. Me, yes, me, who can't sell the idea of eating dinner to a five year old, and suddenly I'm a confused blend of Nigella Lawson and Mad Men.

Now I'm driving proudly around with my sunglasses on whatever the weather, a discreet sticker on my rear windscreen:
Win pie dishes from home in your spare time. Call me now and ask me how.


  1. Lovely! And your slogan is very intriguing! The red and white polka dots are charming.

  2. You'll be a media magnate before you know it! Great score too :)

  3. Well Mise,
    For someone who couldn't win a giveaway if you paid them, you are certainly making up for it !!!! haha
    I think that you are now qualified to run courses in Advanced How to win giveaways and influence people !!
    Well done Mise.I can just see those beautiful red dot ramekins and the red dot pie dish gracing your kitchen shelves. XXXX

  4. Really gorgeous dishes!

    After a year or so of protestations and malingering, my 5 year old now proclaims a love of potatoes. Maybe " eat up your spuds" really works ....... eventually!

  5. what was your slogan ? i thought mine would have won it hands down!
    outraged in drumcondra, a confused blend of rab c nesbitt and expose
    ps: congratulations

  6. You mad girl you! As Ren-lady says...don't drop it!

  7. Congrats Mise
    Looks like a perfect marriage on ramekins and expectant owner... Glad to see you are making up for lost time winning giveaways... Any more under your belt?? Have a fab week.. ciao xxx Julie

  8. I'm a sucker for polka dots. I need those.

  9. Gorgeous. But how? But what is the winning slogan? Not to be dim . . .

  10. Barbara, I forgot: the slogan was 'Click for Home Chic'.

    Jaboopee, I'd say yours didn't win because mine was better. Oops, I mean you should have won, surely foul play, yes indeed. Manners are so important.

    SewMentalMama,I must start a potato campaign as it worked for you. Still working on herbs, the great battleground.

  11. Myabe serving food in enticing red and white polka dot tableware will help persuade the five year old?

  12. Oh a chocolate tart would look sooo fab in that red dot dish. I want I want.

    PS Congrats - brill slogan!

  13. Mise, i've said it before and I'll say it again, you really need to be on Twitter. I'm starting a petition on there. Literally 10s of people are behind me. Momentum is gathering.

  14. I do everything Flo tells me to.. ( twitter petition'ee)

  15. you rock, thats how. easy.
    those are the shit btw. nice job
    ~laura xx

  16. How pretty...those red polka-dots are perfect for your sunny and lovely personality Mise! Congrats on your win!!! I say, "Watch out Martha Stewart, Mise is on her way"!

  17. Nice dish! I received an award today and I would like to follow on with an award for you for making me smile and for being uber stylish Mise. To accept this award you need to
    thank and link back to the person who awarded you
    share 7 things about yourself
    Award 10 great bloggers that you have RECENTLY discovered
    contact those bloggers and tell them about the award
    Sinead x
    ps Ok I havent just discovered you !

  18. I will give you my red Kitchen Aid if you can convince my children to eat their meals. Here you may wear your sun glasses everyday but as we are both celebrating our 40th I feel obliged to warn you that you may now suffer some visual difficulty in the gloom of a rainy Toulousain afternoon.
    Happy fudgy, dotty, red birthday celebrations and a wonderful New Year!! My own resolution is to become as witty as you - so I guess that means maintaining my competitive streak.
    Honestly Mise - you do keep me coming back to blogging!

  19. So pretty, they're gorgeous! And a great slogan, well done!

  20. hey there lady - I am your very best friend and so mentioned you on my blog in the kind of way a very best friend would.

  21. So you're the clever marketing guru who came up with that fancy slogan! Excellent work Mise and good thinking Lorna for swapping some lovely ramekins in exchange for your svengali, I mean, exceptional marketing brain.

    Oh and thank you for the link to our gorgeous Josette cushion!

  22. I love those dishes and congratulations on your win. As the saying goes,"A prophet is not recognised in his own land."

  23. Bravo to you Mise. Those beauties will look quite smashing in your adorable kitchen. I'd hate to tuck them in a cupboard. You are so clever!

    Hey..Happy New Year to you. I think you are off to a pretty fabulous start.

    Cheers my dear x Deb

  24. Went looking for the slogan and found it here in the comments section. Quite catchy, and congrats.
    Now you know we all expect to be invited for a polka dot luncheon with home made goodies right fron your new cookware. We should all wear polka dot dresses of course.

  25. wow great score. had to laugh at the sunglasses bit, i often look like a total knob wearing my glasses into shops and everywhere, not because i'm a culinary goddess, but because they're subscription. i'm sure people think i have polka dot bake ware.

    hope santa was good to you, and here's to a great year ahead! x

  26. Well done you, fab slogan, and gorgeous prize :-) Enjoy many homecooked meals from this beautiful cookware. Throw away many uneaten meals refused by five year olds. (But at least the meals will look good.)

  27. Fabulous! I scurried over to Lorna's, and burst out laughing. It had to be you!
    Now I have to go back and look properly, and maybe even click...



  29. I'm loving your new look. Did you do something to your hair?


You're looking particularly well.

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