Tuesday, January 4, 2011

it's true about the Kitchenaid

My Kitchenaid mixer fell on the floor a few months ago.

[not broken]

OK, it didn't just fall; I dropped it, distracted by an item on the radio about using sports psychology to get ahead in the competitive world of blogging. It's a curse, being competitive: I first recognised the trait in myself at college when I took against the earnest lads at the front of the lecture-theatre and set out to out-perform them. From there, through a series of triumphs, fate leads me to blogging. It could have been worse: it could have been golf, or growing giant vegetables. The Kitchenaid was absolutely fine; the floor broke.

I'm a bit sad about the broken floor, but uplifted by the Kitchenaid's magnificent resilience. Surely these people should start manufacturing cars and hairdryers?

So, some resolutions for the sake of conforming with new year blogging norms:
Have the floor mended.
Quit being competitive.
Read up on sports psychology.
Stop adding to my carefully curated collection of unread newspapers.
Mix more cakes.
Post shorter, more focused posts, perhaps including morals.
No, I mean it.
Appear more resolute.


  1. Do you know that I have have that mixer- in the original box never opened (it says it's white but it could be pink for all I know) that my husband and I got as an wedding gift ten years ago- crazy right- I prefer using a little hand held one- takes up less space in the cupboards- we were just talking about opening it-

  2. Gotta love Kitchenaid!.

    They should make cars, in that pretty blue or pink.

  3. I can't believe it's still working.

    Knowing that, the Kitchenaid will now be my weapon of choice should an intruder dare break into our home. xx

  4. First off goodluck with the resolutions!! Secondly I cant believe it didnt break and thirdly 'Ren Lady of the Arts' if you are thinking of changing your flooring an option could be to take your kitchenaid out of the cupboard!! Happy new year .Sinead x

  5. Thank goodness you didn't drop it on your foot! Mine's bright red...I never move it (except to slide it about a foot to clean under it).
    Sorry about the floor.
    Ren-Lady of the Arts...re-gift it...someone will love you for ever!

  6. Hahaha, good old Kitchenaid! A fine product I've used in propping my photographs for years...classic!
    I'm going to tell KitchenAid!!!!:)

  7. Hi Mise,
    Our daughter is desperate for a Kitchenaid......She probably won't use it....she just loves the look of it !!!! ( That's a bit unfair as she does a lot of cooking. ) This new information on their superb resilience to being dropped will only make her want one more.Perhaps Ren-Lady of the Arts would let our daughter have hers !!
    I don't make New Year resolutions but, I must try not to delete my posts like I have just done and have lost all of my comments !! I think that I need to go on a blogging course to learn the finer points of posting.
    I would really like to see a car in the shape of a Kitchenaid.....I think that they could catch on, although, I think that we would look a bit 'Stepford Wifeish' driving around in one !!
    Does your insurance cover Kitchenaid breaking floor ?
    Sorry, I digressed all over the place there. XXXX

  8. So glad it broke your floor and not your foot! I also adore my Kitchenaid for its "spirit of the Blitz" reliability and stoicism. When I think of some of the concoctions I've hurled at it over the years and it still keeps faithfully beating on without judgement.

    I think Monopoly should bring out a board aimed at our demographic, with a mini-Kitchenaid, an AGA, an Alessi kettle etc as markers. The properties could be Anthropologie, The Conran Shop, Zara etc. Then cards saying "Your blog is mentioned in the Washington Post, collect 200 followers" etc. Or am I engendering a spirit of competativeness? Meredy xo.

  9. Meredith, that Monopoly board is a brilliant money-spinning idea - empowered consumer target audience, spirit of the age, hint of irony etc etc. Talk to no one till my agent contacts you. SIGN NOTHING. Back slowly away from the phone. We'll split 70-30, ok? Oh ok then, 50-50.

  10. I've always had a hankering for Goblin' TeasMaids, but have never dared use one outside of a hotel.

  11. We received one ( kitchen aid, not broken floor) for Christmas last year. Much excitement, never used it.

    Are we competing? If so I'm gonna stop commenting cause I'm way outta my league here.

    xo jane

  12. the monopoly must have an iphone4 marker....and a martini shaker
    bravo to the mixer! thats quite an endorsement
    have a great week

  13. What a great story...what kind of floor do you have? Is it repairable? Yes, bake more cakes!
    I have a Kitchen Aid that was given to me used by a woman who got a Bosch mixer for her bread and everything. That was about 10 years ago, and it is still going strong.

  14. Crumbs. I think I need a KitchenAid if it helps you become resolute! Not you specifically of course; you generically. Happy New Year Mise :)

  15. Mixer are very indispensable buddies for cookers. Having items like this is truly a good relief.

  16. I and my family will be hiding in the kitchen aid bowl in the event of nuclear holocaust - clearly a more robust shelter than the cellar?

    I'm ready to invest in the bloggers monopoly set. I'm thinking that instead of Go to Jail, we might have a square labelled - Broadband Disconnection? Chance cards could include horrors such as, 'leave bitchy comment on popular blog, miss a turn' and, 'Follower envy renders you unable to post for a week'.

    Truly inspirational stuff!

    x x x

  17. That's impressive. Surely this astounding testimonial will entice a free Kitchenmaid from the manufacturers? {Though possibly not a new floor.}

  18. I used to say "Oh no, you broke the floor!" to my son when he fell to distract him from the welt developing on his head. Are you sure you broke the floor and are not just trying to distract yourself from the fact that you are losing your grip ... on your mixer?
    Only because I want you to feel better about being competitive, I will share that I am so competitive that I (sometimes) cheat on board games. Even when I'm playing with my kids. Wonder if there is an area of sports psychology that touches on this?
    Here's to "appearing" more resolute!

  19. I am impressed, and now I want a Kitchenaid - I am a clumsy thing. Although perhaps I should await your advice on compatible flooring materials? I do hope you ask the man in the shop, when selecting your new floor, whether it will break if you drop a Kitchenaid on it.

    PS: you must add a Kindle to the Blog Monopoly board. And an Hermes scarf, methinks.

  20. Hmmm. So that is how to get my floors replaced...

    I absolutely love my Kitchen Aid and use it quite often. I think if I dropped mine I would have a heart attack before it hit the floor! My family laughs at me because when I have to take it somewhere I will not let anyone carry it but me and I actually strap it into the car seat! Yes, I really do! I bought mine 19 years ago and despite all its use, it still looks new and works great. I would like to get a second one so I do not have to take this one with me when I am baking somewhere other than my home.

    Love the ideas about the bloggers' monopoly game!

    ~ Tracy

  21. So glad it did not land on your foot. Please add "Wear steel toe boots when making cakes" to your list.

  22. Incredible! I can't believe it broke the floor.

  23. Disgruntled in drumcondra shouting from the
    back row here....
    " giving up competitiveness ,when you've already won is not a proper resolution "

    PS I applaud your handling of the earnest lads.
    PPS I enthusiastically anticipate amoral counsel

  24. Ah Mise (this is a response and totally kitchen aid unrelated)

    If I were you, I would pop down to Galway farmer's market and purchase some delicious and highly medicinal local, raw honey.

    Save your impulse purchased agave syrup for a Tequila Old Fashioned - after all, your liver is already suffering with the tequila, so what's a little agave syrup?

    Fin a recipe and a little romance here:


    Glad to have you back and all - I missed you.
    x x x

  25. Being a recent Kitchen Aid accquirer I have to say they are a ton weight, they totally would dent the floor. I love your nesting le creusets too! So pretty! Happy New Year Mise!

  26. I still have a small hand held mixer and I am afraid that I do not use it enough to justify having it. Yes, I wish I knew more about cooking, but not enough to put it on a resolution list.
    Broke your floor - another reason I should not learn more about cooking. But you are right, they should expand there business.

  27. Are you telling us that you want a new floor for your birthday? Will I organise a collection? (In a BM jar, of course)

    I like the monopoly idea so himself would be getting clues about the lifestyle to which I aspire. Unless it causes panic... I don't blog, but I do have a kindle- can I still play?

  28. bank error in your favour. receive a bon mamman jar filled with collection monies.

  29. Bloody Hell, that could have been your foot! Happy Birthday (belated?) welcome to the 4th decade - there are no clear purses or blow up chairs here either. But really, who were we kidding!

  30. Oh, God, I'm glad it wasn't golf. Yawn. I would have never know of you if that had been the case.

    And I have to agree with Heather. Better a broken tile than a broken foot. (But of course she was a lot more clever on her delivery.)

    Happy belated birthday, you! Here's wishing you and yours a fantastic 2011.


  31. Oh Mise...you are lovely and perfect just the way you are. you don’t need any stinkin resolutions. Thank you for a year of humour and great writing. Your a star in my book. Keeping it real on the West Coast...Cynthia

  32. Ah good, some blogging resolutions. I have failed at mine fairly quickly; the first being - blog more often and more interestingly.

    I shall follow your lead and throw some of my kitchen appliances on the floor and see whether it inspires me.

  33. A bottle of wine broke my floor recently. I know... a glass bottle... broke my tiled floor. The floor is still broken, but the wine was delicious.

  34. And I thought they were only good for mixing cakes and looking pretty! They can also help you to get rid of unwanted kitchen flooring. Who knew?

    (Pity that they can also help you get rid of WANTED kitchen flooring, though....)

    Happy New Year to you and yours xx

  35. Today I decided to collect a few more blogs to my list, I went to Jeannes page, Collage of Life, thinking whoever I meet there must be a nice person plus interesting to read! Of course your thumbnail of the KitchenAid caught my eye and what did I find: entertaining thoughts! I like your confession about being competitive. I can not imagine a life not competitive. When a cyclist overtakes me on the road, I want to prove him/her wrong, at the next red traffic light I will overtake him/her, coz I know better it not worth rushing towards the next traffic light because it will turn red ... and so much more! Why can't I just not care about them?
    Will you tell us the name of the book on sports psychology?
    I did not manage to follow your blog, how comes I could not find the button?
    Have a nice weekend!

  36. I have your newspaper problem with books. Must stop adding books to bedside table. I hope your floor feels better soon.

  37. I'm an interior designer from Melbourne, Australia - I loved your blog, I found it very inspiring. This is all new to me but I have just set up my own blog
    You may like to check it out because I had so much fun doing it.
    Thanks for providing me with such great entertainment!

  38. Hey Mise
    I always knew I wanted Kitchenaid and now I know why.. I recently saw a giveaway of a kitchenaid mixer... sign me up.. or so I thought.. apparently those in Aus may get a substitute brand!! 'substitute' no thankyou.. they obviously haven't read your post!!

    PS.. Have I said Happy New Year yet? how remiss of me.. Happy New Year dear Mise.. much happiness to you and all those Pretty Far West.. ciao xxx Julie

  39. Mise - conform? I've checked out your resolutions and reflect as follows
    1 - maybe, 2 -no chance, 3 - maybe, 4 - impossible, you live in hope that you will get time to read them, 5 - possibly with help from pastel daughters, 6 - no don't, we love the rambly ones. Yes I mean it. Resolutely.

  40. Good news that the mixer made it and even better news that it didn't hit your foot. As for resolutions..I'm too lazy to make them I'm afraid. But this year I made a resolution to begin resolutions for 2012!

    I love my Kitchenaid too ~ they are built the way old appliances use to be.

    x Deb


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