Monday, January 17, 2011

Blogger Monopoly

It was Meredith who came up with the idea, in the comments to this post.
I think Monopoly should bring out a board aimed at our demographic, with a mini-Kitchenaid, an AGA, an Alessi kettle etc as markers. The properties could be Anthropologie, The Conran Shop, Zara etc. Then cards saying "Your blog is mentioned in the Washington Post, collect 200 followers" etc.

[my new coloured wine glasses]

Others added an iPhone4 and martini-shaker marker, a Kindle and a Hermes scarf, and Naomi channeled the darker side of lifestyle blogging:
I'm ready to invest in the bloggers monopoly set. I'm thinking that instead of Go to Jail, we might have a square labelled - Broadband Disconnection? Chance cards could include horrors such as, 'leave bitchy comment on popular blog, miss a turn' and 'Follower envy renders you unable to post for a week.'
What an inspired business idea, I thought, so I fished it out of the comments and embarked on some Product Development.

[citrus and pot-pourri]

Instead of hotels and houses we'd amass etsy purchases and cupcakes. The unit of currency would be the 'follower,' and counterfeit currency, the 'absentee follower,' would also be much in circulation. One upcycled object would equal seven followers and three thousand followers would equal one Book Deal.

Players would be penalised for posting a poem of their own composition or a photo of their cat. Guest posts and Blog Awards would signal fiendish alliances, and players who weren't always conspicuously pleased for everyone else would miss a turn. When the Giveaway bell sounded all contestants would effusively admire everything in sight.

The overall winner would be presented with a small oilcloth bag, suitable for wondering what to keep in. She would thank everyone and post a victorious photo of her sunlit morning toast.

A bashful, retiring person such as myself wouldn't have a hope, but I'm putting ten euros on you to win.


  1. Thank you, Speccy; you're looking well yourself.

  2. So come on then, Mise - show us yer followers! (have you hidden them, am I being stoopid, or have they all left you?)

  3. Hmmmm, wanna do a guest post for me?

    International alliances and all.

    I'll do the flowers and cook too for the state dinner.

    Right after china leaves, ok?

    xo your best friend forever,

  4. To me Jail would be Just Can't Stand To Write About Stuff For One More Day! I'll play. But I wanna be a Lanvin dress for my board piece. OK? Or a Chie Mihara boot. Thank you very much.

    And I'd LOVE to have you do a guest post. Any time.

  5. What would the stations be- broadband providers or courier services to bring all the etsy purchases?

  6. Fabulous Mise.. you're a genius
    I bags the Alessi Kettle.. I have one of those myself... gee and I've never posted about it... I'd lose this game for sure...

    Love the look of nothing in the sidebars... or is that just the start of the game? xxx Julie

  7. I am fairly certain I wouldn't be able to talk anyone in my house to play with me. They can't stand blogging.

  8. I think that it's a gem of an idea Mise/Meredy..... I think that lurkers should be included somewhere.....or maybe they should be in a blogging version of Cluedo!! XXXX

  9. Aw Mise, what's the equivalent to Euston Road? I'd maybe be lucky enough to land on it and acquire a cupcake or two. YOu would be welcome to join the party while I sup and watch the others go round...

  10. Here's a couple more to add to the board Mise.
    * Miss a turn for using the term 'I find that so inspirational' in a post.
    * Move back 10 places for having a Giveaway that requires people to become a Follower first (ooooh I do hate that!).
    This idea has legs girl, but do make sure you chuck Meredy some $'s after you've sold your 1st million units.
    Millie x

  11. I think you are on to something. Perhaps you need to find a marketing firm to produce such a game that could sell in the book section along side blogger books and magazines. Dumber ideas have made people millions. Give it some thought...with blogging all the rage I'll bet you could pay for your kids college educations with the money you'd make!

  12. This is Brilliant, I am being conspicuously grateful for the guffaws you have enticed from me. I'm surrounded by earnestness and I needed a few LOLZ.
    Did I just win an extra throw of the dice?

  13. Blognopoly. It rolls off the tongue more fluidly. And the for the markers you'd have to substitute the thimble for the crochet hook. xx

  14. Oh yes, we must have some crochet!

  15. 'The overall winner would be presented with a small oilcloth bag, suitable for wondering what to keep in.'

    Magic! I have been to that shop and wondered, and then bought anyway...

    I'm very interested in the fiendish alliances, since it all sounds very Scooby Doo. Monopoly isn't normally that much fun!

  16. Ha! Genius!!! I'd love to see this develop! I'd be up for playing...I'm sick of houses and other boring old properties.
    I'm not sure my grandsons would go along with it though...they're not hip enough to get it :) (This would be the first time I'd be smarter than a 5th grader)

  17. phew...its ok to post pics of ones dog...i'm so lucky i dont have a cat...

  18. As a blogger truly committed to the craft (agonising nightly over the next day's post and my slowly shrinking follower number) I would welcome the distraction.

    Surely the monopoly pieces have to include one of those damn pastel macarons? I'll scream if I see another one....

  19. Love those wine glasses. And what a charming little blog you have there missie!

  20. BRILLIANT! That's a game I would definitely play!

  21. Chance card: "If you've posted comments containing the terms 'adorable,' 'to die for,' 'I swoon,' 'OMG' or any other series of all cap letters appropriate to tweens, lose one turn."

  22. This post is so inspirational! Dammit, just lost a turn.

  23. Great idea! I'd buy that. get your marketing department to push to get it out for Christmas.
    Millie made some great points too, make her head of marketing!
    Also those glasses are beeeeeaaaaautiful! Love them.


  25. Funny funny! But you should know, blogging is a serious business ... so best add a 'book deal' card!

  26. Fab idea, oooh, I'd buy it - we'd have to work out how to play an online version!
    Thanks a mill for the mention in the post below, and I love my slogan 'click for home chic',

  27. There should be some open prizes, like if you wanted a pink estate wagon or just a lot of alcohol, say if you were having a stressful week and an oilcloth bag wasn't going to cut it.

  28. I'd buy it Meredith & Mise. I suggest 'annon. commenters' should go to jail & with zero hopes of picking a 'get out of jail' card. Brilliant idea..brilliant!

  29. Mise, I've just had another thought....Trivial Pursuit!! I best focus on Monopoly though, as I can't decided if we should have a Christian Louboutain or Manolo Blahnik shoe marker? It's keeping me up at nights. Is Manolo too 2005? I'll get my people to call your people and we'll workshop it. M xo

  30. This is a fantabulous idea, but I fear that I may not fit the demographic until I rush out and buy some of the items mentioned from some of the stores mentioned :-(

    (I do make up for it in cupcakes, though.)

  31. Aha ha ha ha! I'm so in love with this concept (effusive) and the razor sharpness of your observations (flattery)!

    If only I could work a reference to some hot new possession into this comment....

    All effusions aside - this has legs Mise!

    x x x

  32. guess my tardiness means i won't collect £200 now, any chance of a lend of that tenner?


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