Monday, November 8, 2010

becoming my sister

There I was in town on Saturday, staring intently at a scented candle in a china teacup, when someone came up and asked whether I was the blogging person with all the jam jars.

"Yes, I guess I am," I replied brightly, immediately aware that I was wearing my second-best butterfly clip.

"No, actually, no no no," I continued coherently, "she's my sister, and much nicer than she appears. Much. What a wet day."

And so we left an unsatisfactory encounter. I'll never leave home again without my best butterfly clip.

[image: Paul Sherwood for House and Home]

And here's the online addendum to the print article in House & Home.


  1. What? Why would you do such a horrendously humble thing?! Accept your glory!

  2. I say hold on to your anonymity. Let your fame be based on a character.

  3. Invest in some very large dark sunglasses and a Hermes scarf, Mise. Lovely article on your home!!

  4. Why did I think your name was Mise?

    Lovely home. So family oriented and colorful. I like your take on not being part of a throw away society.

  5. I'm sure your second best butterfly clip is better than any of mine. That's such a great story in House and Home - you should be proud!

  6. all is lost without your best butterfly clip, i completely understand that theory.

    that pink polka dot coat in your pic is seriously sweet.


  7. I am going to keep an eye out for the magazine over here. What a divine tribute to you and your beautiful home! Congratulations Brid!

    By the way your jam jars look fabulous in the pictures. I would want to tell the whole world I was the jam jar lady!

    Best wishes always,

  8. Super article - will have to track down a copy of H&H over here.

    And your house looks stunning... but where is the family portrait with you all looking terribly smug and staring off into the far distance, laughing at some hilarious private joke?

  9. So your sister's Brid and you're Mise or are you Brise and is she Mid? Most importantly who owns the very cool yellow aga? I'd like to be her friend...

  10. Your sister's house is very beautiful. You must be very jealous of her lovely taste and that banging article in H &H.

    She says she's going to send me a copy:)

    xo Jane

  11. Didn't your mother ever tell you to NEVER go out of the house in your second best anything! You just never know who you might meet. Congrats on the article.

    Jennifer xx

  12. Always wear your best butterfly clip Mise.. so you can proudly flaunt your well deserved fame!! hahaha

    Have to check out the article now.. OH.. and have been meaning to tell you.. I have my very first Bonne Maman jar and well.. a little disappointed. So far it hasn't changed my life.. haha ciao xxx Julie

  13. Well further to Julie's comment I did buy a Bonne Maman raspberry jam jar and managed to left handedly drop it and smash it on the kitchen floor last week. Jam everywhere.

    Now, the butterfly clip situation. What you should have said is that you are Mise's Body Double, like in the movies. Or otherwise, carry an emergency spare back up Best Butterfly clip on your person for these such ocassions. xoxo

  14. You are so pretty!!!! What an honor and a well deserving one. you are funny, smart and an asset to The British Isles...they are lucky to have you...will Hollywood be next? stay tuned.

  15. Yes, we are reminded about wearing our best underwear just in case, yet where is the advice about butterfly clips? The modern world is filled with peril. {The House & Home feature is beautiful, Mise. Congrats again.}

  16. Cool! Love looking at out-takes. No more anonymity for you, Breezy Mise!

  17. I sympathise, dear: I would go to pieces if I actually met anyone in real life who claimed to have read my blog. On the subject of adoring fans...I ADORE your kitchen. Ravenously.

  18. Hello Brid....I tweeted about your feature in H&H the minute saw it last Wed! Was pleasantly surprised as I was looking for Sharon Hearne Smith's kitchen which is on the pages before you and couldn't believe you were in there as well, bonus! Really lovely piece, congratulations. Imen xx
    PS thanks for the comment on Helen's post as well.

  19. That was smart; she was obviously after your jam jars. You can't be too careful these days. Also, don't you know that by wearing the second-best clip (and no doubt, unmatching unders) you are inviting fate to have you run into people? Congrats on H&H!

  20. You always make me smile and laugh!
    Congratulations on your spread in H&H. I am going to scout our local bookstore to see if I can snag a copy. I'll say I remember you when!! Your home is just a terrific as you are. Your personality shines through.

    Bravo my friend xx

  21. -jam jar lady
    -her with the beautiful house
    -yer wan with the 2nd best butterfly clip
    -the other sister, no not the jewellery one
    -Mise, who writes wonderfully
    -oi, you

    You'll soon be responding to all of these when out and about!

  22. Those photos are so gorgeous Mise and your kitchen is beautiful! Well done! I say you should carry your best butterfly clip in your bag and when you get recognised just quickly change clips before you respond. Perfect!x

  23. Speccy, your mascotting is working wonders. You must never increase your prices or leave me.

  24. Flwrjane, surely she can send you something better than that. Would you have a postal address you're willing to dish out?

    Other Jane, that's so very sad. The raspberry is the nicest one.

    Thanks for the tweeting and kindness, Imen!

    Jacinta, of course, I never thought! How fiendish!

    Thanks for the fine manners and smart remarks, everyone. You're A+.

  25. i ll be friends with you or your sister

  26. cool, thanks for the link treasure. going to check you out, so that you cant fool me with your butterfly clip fueled decoy if i'm ever on the emerald isle.

  27. Ye loony.

    Take credit where due, my dear! You've earned it!

  28. See, my mother advised me to make sure I was always wearing nice underwear - you know, in case I got run over and had to go to hospital or something. She never thought to warn me that I should always be wearing my first best butterfly clip in case of bumping into fans unexpectedly. Maybe that's the difference between us?

  29. Brid, could you please tell your (ahem) sister Mise, that her house looks beautiful? Can you also ask what her city home looks like--as I understand from the article that this is only her 'country home?'

    Oh, and I will be by for that yellow stove in short time. I'm just over in Germany right now ya know...stuffing my face with potatoes and crazy types of meat (a bit of boar for anyone?)

  30. I'm not sure what I love more, your post or the label you gave it.

  31. just recovering from a bout of flu induced bed boundness and am very glad to report that the last remaining copy of H&H in my local centra has been my only succour ...."just leave page 74 open and put it there on the pillow beside me ," i beseeched joe as he administered the hot whiskies .

    your home is indeed a remedy, i'm feeling better now....thank you.


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