Sunday, October 31, 2010

winter, for Tom

Everyone knows that a blogger traditionally marks the changing of the seasons with a wishy-washy Book of Hours post. This, my second blogging year, brings more of the same old icumen in, same old hope and expectancy, same old make-your-own-bag kit that came with Cath Kidston's SEW! this time last year and lies neglected still. Is there anyone else out there who hasn't made their bag yet either? May we meet?

So, winter.

The robin hops outside the window.

The friendly robin hops outside the window.

The friendly robin hippety-hops outside the window as the days shorten in the shadows of the slanting sun, awakening the soul's ancient yearning for cashmere socks and a knitted hot water bottle cover. We walk down these quiet country lanes, mute disintegration surrounding us in the smell of ruined houses, nettles and damp, the abandoned illegally imported cars rusting on the bog. The yellow-lit windows are private worlds, taxed families drawn together to mutter about the banks and the public service pensions and agree that they could have managed the country better themselves for God's sake. Frightening frost covers our car window. We can't see. Sidney? Sidney? Are you there? Sidney?

The well-dressed homme sports a cable knit, the femme a camel coat. Jaded by the lettuce leaf, we move on to undepicted casseroles and warming pies. Australia stirs and bounds about, mentioning its spring tulips. We mutter enviously to ourselves and delete its blogs from our reader.

Not really, Australia.

Please don't judge me, people. This post is for Tom Stephenson, a gentleman of Bath.


  1. Mise, you have such a great sense of humour.!

    I hope Tom enjoys your post, although I think he would have liked some photos of fallen leaves and apple pie.

  2. Oh no - I've failed to mark the changing of the seasons with my own wishy-washy Book of Hours post :-( Worse still, my bag is so far from being made that I don't even have Cath Kidston's SEW! yet! Nor am I wearing a camel coat. Or camel anything. I have failed miserably in so many ways. I hang my head in blogging and sewing shame....

  3. You captured a moment in time, at the outset of winter in beautiful prose. Tom, whoever he is, should be pleased.

  4. Yes, Mise, you certainly have proved yourself to either have more balls than Cro and me out together, or you have prematurely fired-off by posting a 'winter' blog when the leaves have yet to have fallen, in a melancholy and misty way, from the trees.

    Lakeviewer - whoever you are - seems to have more balls than a God-given right to possess. Also, you underestimate my pleasure. 'Pleased'? I'm fucking ecstatic!

    As always, Mise, you have inspired me with your beautiful prose. Cath Kidson style vengeance will be mine...

  5. Tom should add 'A gentleman from Bath' in his blog title.

  6. While the calendar might say it's spring here, the weather is in total disagreement (in my part of Australia anyway). One thing's for sure though...the Cath Kidston bag remains deconstructed in this hemisphere as well!

  7. Well the whole point of blogging for me is to force myself to make that Cath Kidston bag and then post about it.

    I don't think I have ever read you mention the (don't mention the) Irish Economy before. Like you all over there, I am pretty sure could run our country better too.

    Lucky Tom.

  8. Damn. My camera is full of pictures of dead leaves, all ready to post on the blog and astound my loyal readers that, in fact, *I* have the best autumn.

    However, I am utterly thrilled about your link to my new shop. You're lovely Mise, you really are. If you'd care to e-mail me your address, you may find a little something on its way to you...

  9. what tulips, no one told me there'd be tulips?! must hpone the gardener and ask him where the flipping heck my tulips are?!!

    i'm going to go say hi to tom.

    j x

  10. Those darned Australian's and their warm weather. Hmph. Oops, I just took a look at and Sydney is about the same as San Francisco today.

  11. i would have liked a gentleman in a bath....

  12. lovely - you make mouldering seem attractive - mind you, you seem to have the knack of making most things seem attractive, especially when done in a camel coat.
    ps tulips finished for the year, roses coming on nicely

  13. That harbringer-of-winter post might even make Wallander a little more morose. Love the affect with the cars.

    Unfinished projects? It is one talent that I have perfected, and
    I have a closet just for them.

  14. Yes, yes, our Spring weather seems to be undergoing some kind of identity crisis. There are tulips, nonetheless. I have a fine bunch of them on my dining table right now. Excuse me while I put on a jumper.

  15. Mise....I have never made a Cath Kidston bag in my life and never want to so, I'll meet you at the log pile. Perhaps we will come up with our own interpretation of a bag.
    I'm thinking of making your bathroom over in Autumnal colours for my 'changing seasons' post.That way, I incorporate interiors with the new season and fulfill every bloggers dream brief !! XXXX

  16. hahahahahaha
    put my blog back!! and yes.. the weather here SUCKS! no envy required.. the prose .. certainly not australia as we don't have bogs!!! and finally Cath Kidston what? guess that answers that question..

    Can still see the style and drama of your little actress!!! fabulous.. xxx Julie

  17. I have to judge Mise and tell you what a wonderful writer you are. Lucky Tom..I like to highlight words in what I read...the words that speak to me. I think I would have to highlight the whole post. All five sense are working now...brilliant!

    Jeanne xx

    PS..I have been working on a needlepoint Christmas stocking for 10 poor son looks at it and wonders when...
    I can can appreciate your comment about the make-your-own-bag-kit!

  18. This gets the fall post award, nary a mention of Starbucks pumpkin spice latte to be found! XX!

  19. your words paint a very real and hilarious autumnal landscape MISE,

    i thought that might have been you outside my yellow lit window the other night

    this'll be my third winter with the same quilt...winter just wouldn't be the same without aspiring to finish it.

    PS that camel coat IS very current.
    PPS your stove and ta dah assistant look spectacular.

    PPPS , your on , over at mine .

  20. I don't have any camel coloured clothing. I must get on that.
    I'm sure you've made Tom's day with this post.

  21. Oh Mise it's been far too long since I've been blogging & how I've missed your acute sense of humor. I want a camel coat, I really do! Just been to damn hot to even think of wearing a coat. Sounds lovely..but it really does get weary month after month after month. Sending you some warmth & rays of sunshine Mise.

    Cheers my dear x

  22. I should hope not! Though, it is true, Australia does pity you at times, only in all things weather related of course!

  23. I had this written into the Marriage Contract - DOESN'T SEW OR IRON. MOTH reckons this will be struck out if ever we have one of those silly Renewal of Vows thingies.
    Millie ^_^


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