Thursday, September 16, 2010

hoping to be Aunt Dahlia

My Blue Daughter isn't merely three years old; that would be beneath her dignity. She's 3-4, she declares, just as the labels on her blue clothes state. The 4 gives a gravitas and sense of aspiration, helping her to be within reach of Pink Daughter, who has realised the threat and is now 5-6.

Me, I'm aged 39-40, and it's important to bolster the dignity of that impending 40 by acquiring some more original artwork.

[a delightful meep miniature...]

[...from Shell Sherree, who is a dear]

These pretty ACEOs from Shell Sherree are my latest purchase (I didn't know what an ACEO was until I looked it up on know-it-all Wikipedia). This is surely the perfect Blogtopian art, charming and airy as a browse through the Hermes website. I'm convinced it's what wealthy Aunt Dahlia, proprietor of Milady's Boudoir, would display in her drawing-room along with Ronald Searle drawings and biscuit-tin lids. At 39-40, perhaps I can start turning into Aunt Dahlia.


    ELAINE PRUNTY ( age in brackets )

  2. Lovely! I remember telling my mom when I turned 9 that I was a "pre-teen". Kids are obsessed with growing up! These illustrations are lovely, Mise!

  3. give it a whirl for a while, but personally i found that since hitting 40 a year ago i have been regressing at a steady pace. it's the tipping point i think

  4. Heaven help us, that means I'm 41-42! Not the kind of figure you want to think about... My elder son is 13-14 now which is horrifying, because some of his clothes would fit me! He's always been such a tiny tot, and suddenly... ZOOM!

    Those pictures are great. Nina at Temps Perdu uses tin lids (including one from my shop) as pitcures, you know.

  5. Yikes! I can’t even think about my hyphen age! I’m approaching a very critical age, one that you are a mere youngster would know nothing about.

    I applaude your taste in charming little paintings.

    your bathroom looks beautiful.

  6. 39-40 is a nice range to be in. ;)
    I love your new art purchase - so cute.

  7. I'm 36-21 :-)

    Lovely choice of artwork, most dignified and refined yet simultaneously and at the same time full of youthful charm xx

  8. I'm old enough to forget my age, and being alive is defying it. When I crossed over to 30 I decided that was enough and stopped counting.
    The drawings are wonderful, and so alive. I always wanted to be an artist, but either you are or you are not. So I am still trying to figure out what I am going to do when I grow up.
    Sit amongst your well chosen works of art, and write what you will, but I can not see you getting your children into trouble the way Dahlia does Bertie - or can I?

  9. Oh, this is so sad. I am 41-42 (shudder) and I have no art to speak of. So, so sad.

    I have sons. We shall call them Black Son and Blue Son. They did not acquire those colors by sitting docile on the chaise looking at pretty things. Oh, no, dear Mise. I have only one daughter, brought up behind these boys, and therefore just as bad.

    I fear their shall be no art in my life for awhile.

    Please continue to post your lovelies so that I may gaze at the from afar.

  10. Dear Mise
    If only I could go back to being 39-40!!! I won't admit which hybrid I am!!

    These prints are sweet.. Now I have to go search wiki to find out what AC??? is... first I have to go back to the post to find out what came after AC..

    Have a lovely weekend and thanks for your kind comments.. xxx Julie

  11. Mise, I can't think of a more wonderful 39-40 year old to be in possession of these Meep Miniatures. Thank you. You're such a darling, dear. {There, does that help you to feel Aunt Dahlia-like? It helped me.}

  12. I'd love to leave an endearing comment, but I have a busy link-clicking schedule to undertake now on your post. Suffice to say...this post makes me happy:) Meredy xo.

  13. Your daughter is too cute!

    The label on my clothes says 10! A good number!

    Love the drawings.

  14. I prefer to describe myself in that wider demographic which the advertisers so love - 36 - 45.

    That art work is divine I have never thought to look behind the Shell Sheree who comments so often.

    Isn't child jealousy funny. My daughter insists on pouring the water for her and her little brother's meals so that she can make sure he gets Exactly The Same Amount as her. xoxo

  15. They're delightful, Mise. Delightful.
    And as someone who is 39-40 (though at this stage, really very much closer to the 40 end of things) I can't decide if turning into Aunt Dhalia is something to be envious of, or horrified by...

  16. I am 39-40 too. I like the sound of it!

  17. This 33-34 year old thinks your art taste is spot on.

  18. Beautiful! I think it's brilliant to get artwork like this. have gorgeous stuff too, we get the catalogue in the door and cut out the tiny photos of paintings. Perfect for a dolls house for your 3-6 year olds!

  19. Beautiful! I think it's brilliant to get artwork like this. have gorgeous stuff too, we get the catalogue in the door and cut out the tiny photos of paintings. Perfect for a dolls house for your 3-6 year olds!

  20. Hello again - yes, I'll answer your question about how the Challenge has gone just as soon as I can eek out the time to write a meaningful (as opposed to dash-off-a-bit-of-text-about-a-pretty-picture) post! Life is more of the latter than the former at the mo, sadly, but I do like to post daily for my mum. Thanks for asking!

  21. Well, I suppose it's about time I learn what an ACEO is too. Thank you for enlightening me. Aunt Dahlia was new to me too. Her own French chef? Fabulous! And I'd love to read her weekly newspaper for women. You are just brimming with interesting data.

  22. Lovely artwork, Mise.....very appropriate for a 39-40 yeear old.
    I wonder if you could point a S-M in the right direcion, artwise ? XXXX

  23. I'm with Jane - my age is best summed up as within the 36 - 45 age bracket too - isn't that known as 'Middle Youth' these days? LOVE the paintings, but since I can still claim to be in the 'youth' phase of my life, my 'real' art collection hasn't progressed further than one yet!

  24. I adore these creative, colourful and exquisite illustrations. They are bursting with life and spirit.
    Do enjoy the day;-)

  25. Being aged 49-50 I know numbers don't matter as long as my heart is young. But I'm glad the labels in my clothes don't say 49-50 :) Have a great day in the West

  26. deadly wee images...

    very energetic but yet calm colours...

    can i be 30-31...

    actually scrap brother hasn't got me a birthday present yet....i'm sticking with 30 for another while...

    i'll go with 31-32 next year...unless i hit large first...


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