Sunday, August 29, 2010

win win win (win)

In the time-honoured blogging tradition, it's a giveaway.

The prize is this necklace, created by my sister (the jewellery-maker & artist sister).

Ideal for wearing to blogger meets, country markets, garden parties, wine-tastings, insurgencies, gala balls and all that Stuff of Life.

It's open to everyone, everywhere. A random commentator will be selected as the winner, unless I decide to choose a non-random commentator based on wit, sycophancy or the ability to rise to the occasion. You know the drill.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

taking and giving back

I've learnt a lot from the good old Information Superhighway.

Well, maybe two things.

The surefire cure for no longer being able to wear my gold jewellery is to boil it. Yes, I too raised an eyebrow at that, because most search results told me I was allergic to things like Alcohol or Chocolate and of course one mustn't fall for that hokey stuff. But I gave the boiling a go and the gold was wearable again. I'm only harping on this point in case someone out there has the same problem and might find this solution in a search. Boil the gold in water for a minute or so. BOIL THE GOLD.

And lately, over at Fun and VJs, I spotted an array of colourful glass on a shelf, and liked the look of it, so I scoured the house for anything jolly I could find and created my own burst of colour on the landing.

How uplifting a sight in the morning as one struggles toward the continental breakfast buffet.

So that's two things, and now it's time to give back. I've made the perfect rose tea, and I'd like to tell you how. No, I insist. Brew a cup of Earl Grey tea (or similar, any sort of light china tea) and add a few drops of rose water (and milk, if you like).

Why did it take years of the quest for a good rose tea for something so obvious to occur to me?

And there'll be a giveaway in the next post for even more giving back.

Friday, August 20, 2010

what does beanz meanz?

Is this as conveniently tinned as the zeitgeist gets? These ingenious Can Lights, designed by Willem Heeffer of, suggest Warhol, rationing, catering and quirkily fashionable frugality, and are well in tune with the upcycling mood of our post-bling times.

"With the help of Dublin’s many restaurants and cafĂ© who collect the tin cans, these everyday waste objects are turned into charming yet functional pendant lights. The lights celebrate the cross over between popular culture and sustainability and look great in sets of three."

[Willem says that he would like you to like fusefinds on facebook]

Maybe one day they'll expand their range and I can have used tins of tomato soup, beanz, pineapples slices and steamed chocolate pudding in chocolate sauce hanging in a row of four above the kitchen island. They'd amuse me when I walked into the room and I'd chop my well-lit vegetables whilst busily wondering what it all meanz and considering the ironies in the commodification of thrift.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

spinning to my death in a brand new raincoat

I'm edging closer to elusive edginess with my latest purchase, the Ilse Jacobsen soft shell rain coat that is half a wetsuit (available in Ireland from Avoca). Don't look so dubiously at me. They are much in demand and it looks very well on me. I know this because the shop assistant told me so.

[image: eshoes]

Worn with biker boots, it gives me a certain metropolitan moodiness, the look of someone who has an angsty blog. Lord knows I must chuck some of the long-promised disquiet in here soon before I lose all credibility. Underworld's Dirty Epic is on loop to help me along. Dated angst is all I can offer, dudes.

But while you're waiting for that, have a look at Kelly Swallow's lovely Squintesque chairs. How about this one, the chic and poised 'Long Leggy'?

[image: Kelly Swallow]

When I die in a helicopter crash (if I die in a helicopter crash) I'd like the interior upholstery to be done in this style, so that I can spin to my death in a kaleidoscope of designer fabrics.

[If there are any lost souls looking for it, I'm deleting the Pretty Far West Facebook account. It was taking a week for the blog feed to reach it. In the feverishly paced world of exchanging pleasantries about curtains, that's useless.]

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

do you like my new sofa?

Here in the imaginary Galway branch of the Women's Institute, we like to apply Unwritten Rule 11.6 of Lifestyle Blogging: never show the bad sights.

Through judicious camera-pointing, the reader will be distracted from the PROLONGED UNHOLY MESS and DISTRESSING DIRT of extensive bathroom renovation and the month-long EXCEPTIONALLY RAINY RAIN.

[The much managed new playroom sofa]

[Flowers from Scottish Husband]

See, same old arcadian far west. And the screen fades to pink.
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