Tuesday, July 27, 2010

two questions for you

I like to pop in every day to tell you how fabulous your blog is and how much I adore your new bread-basket, vanity publication, opinion, or hand-embroidered shift. Some days, however, it just doesn't happen. This is because of work, being preoccupied with my preoccupations and, more than anything, the demands of motherhood.

People with no children, feel free to surf quietly away from here now. Book an island-hopping trip in the South Seas or rearrange your headpieces or whatever it is you do before elevenses. It's so long ago that I've forgotten. The rest of you, can you tell me this:

[dressed at last]

a) If a child insists on singing her song, her special song, composed by herself, about how much she likes her Mamma, between every item of clothing, how can getting dressed be expedited? The song is seven verses long and involves arm gestures. A pair of socks counts as two garments. The theory is, I believe, that one should get in tune with the child's schedule, but will that get us to the shops before they close?

b) For how long should a train, carefully made from large cardboard boxes, painted and adorned with a steering-wheel and funnel, be kept after the child starts losing interest in it (yet still assumes that it will be treasured forever)?


  1. Can't help with the song, sorry. The Girl had to pause between mouthfuls of dinner last night to compose an alphabet of lovely words to describe me. Yes it's cute, yes it's heartwarming, but bedtime approaches and my evening is precious....

    The train needs to be quietly parked in a 'station' (garage? attic? gullible friend's house?) for a few days and if it doesn't get asked after, it can be got rid of. It will then be asked after immediately, at which point you explain that it's at the engineer's for repairs and wait for it to be forgotten again. Good luck... xx

  2. Aren't they gorgeous! I don't think any of your questions will be answered because everyone will gush praises about these adorable girls...

  3. hmmm,

    a) make it into a victory march, that is soooo v.special that it is sung by one and all (yeah, i didnt say you wouldnt feel pain), when everyone is completely dressed. maybe add a horn section to really clinch the deal

    b) the minute they divert their eyes!

    btw, gorgeous chicks you have there!

  4. Firstly, these are absolutely gorgeous girls Mise!

    I would learn the song, sing along and enjoy. You may be able to get them to pick up the tempo while they dress. It will take a bit of cleverness on your part which I am sure will be a snap.

    I would make every effort to keep the much loved train. Heaven forbid they go to look for it one day and it is not there. For this you will dearly pay the price. Trust me on this one!!

    Jeanne :)

  5. I dont have children, but I just wanted to say that you have an interesting and lovely blog.

  6. I failed to surf quietly away I'm afraid and I don't wear a headpiece on Tuesdays so I have a little extra time to read about your child related dilemmas. I am of absolutely no help whatsoever though, I have yet to discover such things but those little faces would surely make the demands of motherhood so worth while.

  7. Love your little boho chic girls Mise. Cute, cute, cute.

  8. Okay, I don't have kids, but I do have bucketsful of nieces and nephews. The only thing I know to be true about being with them and getting anything done simultaneously is that time stretches and morphs in the strangest of ways whenever they are near me. Minutes, weeks, months all seem to be irrelevant to them. Things that happened six months ago suddenly seem very, very important again, and yesterday's trip to the zoo is but a distant memory. So, I've given up being on time or accomplishing much of anything when we're together. Now that I'm moving to the same city as two of my nephews, I think I will never accomplish another thing again until they have grown up or I have grown senile, whichever comes first.

    I fear it will be the latter.

  9. Haha- I can relate to number two very well- We love creating and then playing but then what? Sorry no answer for you- my best guess is when they won't notice...

    number one- well I have boys- I usually throw their clothes down from the second floor into the entry and say- Better be dressed before I come down!
    Your babes are a bit younger but anyway I am going with the assumption that boys and girls are very different esp. in the matter of dressing-

    Your girls are so ridiculously cute! How do you stand it???

  10. hmm, from someone with older kids than yours let me tell you, I'm still treasuring those cardboard trains.

  11. I'm a clueless non-parent, but boy those girls are cute.

  12. I love your compact but adorable children, Mise - they are so pretty, that I want to eat them. As far as the questions go, I think they are unanswerable.

  13. Those girls are absolutely adorable. I'm so homesick for motherhood sometimes I can't stand it. And people need to stop telling me that "Well, you have grandchildren that's even better." No it isn't. It's nothing like being a mom. It's not the same. Stop saying it is.

    Never mind, I'm okay. Enjoy these precious moments because they will be gone before you know it.

  14. Dear Mise,
    a) Get up and hour earlier.
    b) Dispose of and hope that there will not be tears. If there is, get more boxes and have a train painting day !! Simple as !!
    P.S. Your daughters are beautiful, but don't tell tham I said so !! XXXX

  15. Resistance is useless here Mise - those 2 cherubs rule your life, so just accept it & enjoy every nanosecond. In the blink of an eye they will be 30, living in their own houses & you'll be waiting like a cat on a hot tin roof for an invitation to dinner just to check that there is enough food in their fridge, the bathroom is clean & they have enough warm blankets on their bed.
    Millie ^_^

  16. The train problem is a daily issue here - with creations of feathers and icypole sticks and partially deconstructed boxes. Unfortunately, we deposit said items into the recycling bin under the cloak of darkness when the darlings are sound asleep and oblivious to our covert actions.

  17. There is no solution here mise..do what works in the moment. If you yell that's okay, if you get to the shops late, that's okay too. It is what it is!

  18. take a pic of the train and frame it for their room, then it quietly goes missing.
    skip the shops for the song whenever possible
    ~beautiful little pooches you have

  19. Gracious, that singing sound like a problem. My daughter is only 19 months, so I still dress her. My boys are five and three, but being boys, I often still dress them too.

    As to the train, is it really precious. Was making it a huge memory. If not, maybe you could arrange to let them forget it out in the rain, and use it to teach them a lesson about responsibility. No. That is dreadful. I am a dreadful woman and mother. I know this because my children have no treasure toys at all.

    Good luck.

  20. Your girls are so adorable! I think they look like you from what I can see of you on your profile pic. Song over shops any day. Do online grocery shopping and then there's more time for singing.
    I cull when my angel is asleep but I only keep the things I consider to be her best and worth saving. Otherwise we'd be even more cluttered than we already are. Be ruthless here Mise! The best memory worth keeping is Mummy singing songs not an old box, sorry train. xx

  21. Me thinks your questions have been answered by your own actions or lack thereof.

    Both of our kids have graduated from college; One now is in grad school, and the other is taking additional under grad courses in other areas of choice. I still have school projects including all scientific projects, and all art works. Many of the art pieces are framed and hanging up around the house.

    You can only hurry them so much, or perhaps "guide" is a better word - besides they are still so young. What if hurrying them along made her forget the song and you never heard it - gad. Bet they are independent thinkers like you.

  22. 1) No idea - my method of turning into a screaming banshee at 7.50 each morning has left mine permanently scarred.

    2) Put said train outside - trains live outdoors. Let the elements do their worst and then blame Mr Rain!

    (Motherhood as you can see is not my forte!). Gorgeous girls by the way...

  23. I would like to see these problems on you tube before I can comment further.
    I like your "preoccupation with your preoccupations" ,reminds me of a julian cope song." I'm only concerned with looking concerned"

  24. This is easy.

    (a) your children should be dressed in what we called onesies or a jumpsuit. One item of clothing, therefore only one lot of 7 verses.

    (b) I am ruthless with rockets, trains, elephants made from toilet rolls and such like. I say that the council came to pick them up to recycle to make special things for other children. They don't mind one iota.

    Gee the Rowdies look like you!

  25. Sorry, I can be of no assistance. My cat can dress herself whether she's singing or not, and has shunned all of my efforts to train her in crafts. Please excuse me while I look for an island-hopping cruise and alphabetise my headpieces by colour. {Your rowdies look adorable, though. Worth however long it takes to get them that way.}

  26. And they are SOOOOO dressed!!! How'd you manage it?

    I've never seen such delightfully dressed little girls, the stripes, the ruffles, the colors are way beyond my imagination. If I could get a smock pulled over my little girl's head before she ran out the door, I felt lucky.

    Put the train outside and maybe the rain will take care of the problem.

  27. I love this photo of your precious girls!

  28. The song and dressing has to be complete before the buzzer/timer ends.....the winner gets a huge hug!!

    The train moves to the hall, to the porch, to the bin in three easy steps......

    LOVE the outfits...such adorable wee cuties!

  29. This post made me smile... Now, who is the one that Noah will have the honor of marrying someday, again? ;)

    And as for the questions... Yeah, time is not your own anymore. And I've been known to, um, dispose of said cardboard trains. (I know. Horrid, horrid mother that I am.)

    I hope you've been well, dear. I'm off to have dinner here, but will be back to see what you've been up to later...


  30. Oh, my. Good luck with answering these questions. I'll be no help at all. I'm busy booking my island-hopping trip and rearranging my headpieces.

  31. oh i love a good song between socks! our littlest audrey has a song for every occassion...& i think i've just cottoned on to the program...she is singing it for herself...regardless of socks...or school...or the cat in her arms...or her siblings needing the loo...she's a little aussie kookaburra singing her heart out in her home in ol'blighty...& if moving away from all our family has taught us anything- it's to just live in the moment and enjoy the song...between socks...
    and ummmmm...i dont know what you lovely irish do...but us aussies tend to move everything into the garden at *use-by* time...so card-board trains beloved as they are, need to start fending for themselves at some stage....
    very happy i stumbled upon your blog....
    melissa ...

  32. Ah yes, children - they do make simpler tasks hard.

    a) I can't help, I have boys. We don't have songs we have 'let's run away from mum - again'. Once I catch the two year old I hold him down and wrestle him into clothes... seems to work.

    b) I am pretty ruthless and the projects "disappear" while the artiste is out. Then I play dumb about where they are and even dumber when he finds them in the top of the bin... yes this has happened at least twice and yes I am really that sort of mother...

  33. Gorgeous girls! I have 3 daughters, now all grown up - my problem, living in the tropics of Australia, was to get ANY clothes on them - bikini pants were all they wanted around the house. Just start the song early enough to get to the shops!
    As for the train, maybe parking it in the rail yards outside is a great idea, as Ticking Stripes said, and the rain can handle the problem. Then, if there are tears, there are always more boxes to be turned into something else - a grocery shop, an ambulance, a pirate ship...

  34. P. S., Mise. I never did receive your emails but thanks for the acknowledgement of the coke shot on my blog :)

  35. Awww..Mise It's unanimous, your your wee Mise' are are so enchanting. I have to second what Millie said..oh so true & said with great humor.

    I had several that if you parted with their artistic treasures it was the end of the world. I told them I put them in 'storage' meaning in the bin. But you know kids they are sometimes like elephants & requested for me to take them out of storage for a revisit! I wasn't always the smartest parent.

    Such good dilemma's aren't they as they sound like such happy, carefree souls. Just as childhood should be. Great mom Mise, great mom!! xx

  36. Dear Mise
    Your girls are just adorable!! I'm sure it's worth the lack of time!!

    My suggestion re the train is.. take a photo of it.. make it wall art.. and then accidentally leave it out in the rain.. soggy trains don't stay on tracks..

    Hope you are well... my internet is still useless but seems to be in a happier mood today!!! xxx Julie

  37. I say get hubby to do all the shopping and sit on the floor and sing with your girls. They are just too scrumptious not to do so. Of course - it is normal that dressed like that, you would want to show them to others (preferably singing that song to prove what a fabulous mother you are). It appears to me that any shop keeper would keep the shops open longer hours for the chance of seeing and hearing your girls.

    As for the train ... Humel's suggestion has often worked for me after a few weeks' display in the middle of the kitchen table!!

  38. Do.not.get.rid.of.the.train. The train sounds awesome. Put it in storage. Give it to the in-laws for safe-keeping. Mount it on a wall Shaker-style. But keep it!

    As for the singing. Press record and make copies to play back to her during her teen years. That alone is worth missing the shops. Meredy xo.
    p.s. could your girls be any cuter?

  39. The Mini-Mise(s) are just too adorable and peas-in-the-poddish for words.

    As for your dilemmas, may I offer these suggestions...

    Re. the song I can recommend Garage Band. Pink daughter can record her Ode to Mama and you can then add backing tracks etc. This can then be played while you get them dressed.

    Re. the train...wait til they are out of the house and then unceremoniously stuff it in the recycling bin, making sure you leave no trace of it whatsoever.

    In my house, only artworks submitted in an A4 format make it into the "keep for posterity" file.

  40. Oh, I left a really long comment, and it's not here. how frustrating. It was good though, it really was.

  41. I know all about the special songs, special poems, special stories. The dressing/going to bed/getting in the bath/ having dinner takes for ever, but I dread more the day when the special songs stop, or when they're composed for a boy!

  42. Oh my....those are two of the most adorable girls Mise! Aren't you blessed to have such a wonderful family! That is a great photo.... too cute!!!

  43. Do your children look like that regularly? I really feel like they are too adorable and fashionable to be able to pull that off on a daily basis- with songs and hand gestures.

  44. Aw Mise - your little ones look like models, 'dressed at last' but so beautifully!

    Could the song perhaps be turned into a 'going to the shops' song as opposed to a 'dressing' song?

    As for the train... tricky. Maybe 'park' it in one of their bedrooms and see how long it is before they get a bit fed up with it?

  45. Answer to B - one week tops - then it hits the recycle bin. Without them seeing or knowing this of course.
    A - I've no answer - I've got my own issues - like the charging angry bull/toddler pounding me with fists of fury. I can't even pee without her stuck to my leg.

  46. Oh hahahahaha! The girls are gorgeous! As to the train tell them the train fairy needed it to cart away the baby fairies.

  47. Okay, I had to come back here and leave another comment on this one.

    I subscribe to your comments, and it was only then that I realized that those are your actual children, in their actual clothes. I thought you stole it off the internet or something.

    They are beautiful! You take fine photos. And those clothes! Where do you get lovely clothes like that. Maybe it is just your talent at mixing and matching them. My girl is still young, so I will have to pay close attention for the day I want her to make me late for the shops.

  48. dear Mise,
    I had boys and the only thing I had to worry about was making sure that they weren't trying to put the pants on over their heads! They didn't care about clothes and all they wanted to do was play. They are off at university now Mise, and those endless days of endless work are well over. I can go to a shop whenever I like but like so many of the mothers who wrote here, I miss those little fellows and I wish that I had been patient with them more often and waited for them to be children instead of thinking of how their being children was interfering with my being an adult. So often I felt that I was likely missing something in a world that went on then as it does today and probably will tomorrow without a thought to my presence in it.


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