Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thank you, House & Home

House & Home have given me a subscription to their magazine,
heralding a whole year of lounging about
on my fine collection of sofas
reading of other people's glossy kitchens
and thrifted chandeliers
while imaginary household members carry tea to me
on fashionable trays.

[Thank you, House and Home.]

This is surely an auspicious thing.
Golfing Weekly will contact me
for a three page illustrated feature on my Swing
(if that is suitable golfing terminology),
my homemade fudge will be showcased
in the Dublin Metropolitan Museum of Homemade Fudge
and the New Yorker will ply me
with foreign dollars.
Great Britain,
in its Great Way,
will name an ocean liner after me, or a beer.

I'll be famous in Blogtopia,
my aura will expand,
ambassadors will court me
and parfums will bear my brand.
My posts will be ghostwritten
as I'll be so in demand
and then I'll give it up for music
and the free electric band.


  1. Man I wish we had magazines that had those sort of consequences around here....

  2. Sounds like a good gig! Hook me up.. Enjoy your year of lounging and soaking up H&H loveliness!
    Flick x

  3. Your fame across Blogtopia
    Is already well known.
    'Tis only right that it should spread
    Throughout House and Home...
    Can I just say how much I liked
    Your cleverly crafted poem?

  4. Fabulous darling!

    I got a similar offer... a year's free subscription to Domestic Slatterns Weekly.

  5. Wow, great news:)!!! My fav magazine:)
    XOXO from Sligo:)

  6. Be careful of what you wish! Look at all you will give up.

  7. Be sure to remember your faithful blog followers when you become an international sensation! Great magazine - love the numbered pillows. Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. here's hoping you keep your feet on the ground through all of this. But, we can only imagine the heights you will soar too. You will no doubt, become obnoxious, have a scandal or two, but then once the band starts, come back down to us humble.

  9. I love House and Home, and now you will be able to inspire all of us with your pillows & your charming sitting rooms. I hope for more pictures!

  10. I hope you don't get too carried away for all of us "commoners".

  11. Jealous congratulations upon you :)

  12. Oooh, you were one of the lucky five!

  13. Oh dear Mise, your fame and fortune seems to multiply exponentially daily...I am so honored to leave a comment for such a world renown and revered are my role model and each day I strive to capture some of the stardust left behind in the blogosphere after your each and every post....hoping against hope that someday I too will be as famous and as admired as you....sigh.....

  14. Now, now Mise.....don't get carried away. I think it will more than likely be a river rather than an ocean that they name after you, and maybe gin rather than beer !!!!
    .... and, I will be the first in line at Superdrug when your perfume is launched. hehe. XXXX

  15. Mise, i love you. You’ve got it all going on in the humor department. I tried humor in my recent post but no one seemed to get it. I think they just think I’m dumb. My aspirations to be like you are not working out. It seems you have to be Irish or wherever Galaway is to be funny.

  16. I believe I had an instrumental contribution in this , It's only right that I should have an instrumental contribution to the band too, AND I can dance like james brown .

  17. Bless you, Humel. I like your hair more than ever.

    Outside the Lines, what a measured and reflective comment. You should be a stateswoman.

    Jacqueline, Harrods, surely?

    Beatnheart, don't move; I'm rushing straight over to check out your humour.

    Jaboopee, it's true, none of this would have happened without you. I'll mention in very small print in a footnote to my article in Golfing Weekly that you can dance like James Brown.

  18. May all the wishes you wish come true! See I can say something better then Good Post sometimes!!! LOL

  19. Lord I wonder how much 100% Irish House and Home magazine would cost in Melbourne. Squiilions presumably. Maybe even more than US Elle Decor.

    Love your poem. Very Ryhmney.

  20. Will your fudge be displayed in the impressionist section of the Dublin Metropolitan Museum of Homemade Fudge or the Contemporary section?

  21. Brava, Mise!

    It's fine to rhyme
    from time to time;
    One line might shine,
    the next will chime.

  22. Mise,
    No, I didn't receive your email with your email address...I've been waiting to send you the coke chair picture...try again at

    darn technology :)

  23. Hey Mise
    You didn't tell us how you managed to swing this... was it a giveaway win??? did you finally win a giveaway????

    Well I know that your fame will be sung about through the centuries.. giveaway or not.. xxx Julie

  24. You, my friend, are now a BIG time blogger. I'll look forward to saying 'I knew you when...'

  25. Mise, forgive me--
    for rushing past this hilarious post and its cute comments to leave you an abrupt note about the missed email...
    Back this morning for a full read and, I have to say, this is one of the best gifts you've ever given us, your loyal subjects.
    Without the wit your friends have for making clever comments, just put me down as your #1 Blogtopia fan.
    Isn't blogging grand? The perfect venue for creating any persona for ourselves that we wish...yours is ever so effervescent!
    Write on!

  26. Well, how darn gosh exciting is that?!! And poetry, no less. There's no end to the wonderment. Congratulations, Mise!

  27. How flattering that they're courting you this way! I am positively drowning in far too many magazines, all of them (sadly) bought with my own funds.

  28. Oooooo. And it's 100 percent Irish.

  29. Woohoo! I think they should feature you too. Can you send them to me when you're done with them?

  30. I can't wait for the golfing weekly interview! And your fame across blogtopia is already spread far and wide. I imagine that the imaginary family members are bringing you cups of tea because the real family members don't want you getting too far ahead of yourself!

  31. first comes house & home, then comes horse & hound. best you stock up whisky!!! xx

  32. Have you set this post to music yet? Ah, it will be sung from the rafters of all Irish pubs, and committed to the memories of children. A new folk song is born
    "The Legend of Mize."

  33. I'm with Implausible Yarn. Heehee.


  34. I'd love to meet the person who believes he or she could ghostwrite your posts.


You're looking particularly well.

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