Monday, June 21, 2010

don't cry for me, Blogtopia

I've always been resistant to change. When I discover that my favoured shade of Benefit lipstick has been discontinued, I consult the websites that promise to tell me how long I have to live so that I can stockpile a suitable quantity.

These themes of mortality and catastrophic discontinuation of cosmetics seem a bit bleak for a summer solstice, so I halfheartedly upload some images of high summer around our place.

[the washing drying in sunshine, bona fide Irish sunshine]

[the important contemplation of a butterfly]

[practising for the junior infants' sack-race]

But no, my heart isn't in it. Tom Waits on the CD-player and Hayden Carruth on the page are more in tune with that 3 a.m. feeling.

As though the lipstick crisis were not enough, our corkscrew has become Unreliable. Scottish Husband and I are thinking of Renewing Our Vows in the hope that someone will give us a new one, but that'll take a while to organise and, in fact, I haven't told him yet. Meanwhile, we are pitched past pitch of corkscrewlessness.

A comment flashes up on my screen. It's Anonymous from Romford, wondering whether I'd care to do some data entry from home in my spare time. I grimly moderate it. As though I had spare time! As though I could see beyond a future with no lipstick on this longest day.


  1. What would it be to even have found THE lipstick? Consider yourself blessed that you found THE ONE, even though you have lost it now, you'll always know you had all those years together. I've been looking my entire life, have a drawerful of random useless tubes and cases, and never yet found THE ONE. Really, I've given it up.

  2. Don't you just hate that when they discontinue your chosen shade of lipstick or nail polish. I feel your pain!

  3. My fave lippy has already been discontinued and am eeeking it out with a lipbrush. I have told my children to put me out if my misery when I finally finish it. I've got three tubes left.
    Mind you, I had to fill in one of those forms the other day where you have to tick a box for your age, 18-25, 25-34 etc I pointed out to my daughter I have only three boxes left to tick
    3 tubes to last 3 boxes
    counting the days over here

  4. Oh, I wanted to say...I LOVE the washing picture.
    Mmmmm I bet it smelled of sunny air after

  5. Oh dear - has your corkscrew unscrewed? The only time corkscrews come into life is on occasion of marriage or being single 'once you are past thirty'. My birthday is coming up in September and I am confidentally expecting a deluge of corkscrews. I shall send you one if still needed, although I suspect September may be a rather long time to be corkscrewless. Love your photos by the way - the primary colours of the first, and the girls look so carefree and sunny. :)

  6. I love Benefit makeup! The free samples they send you. The way my skin looks dewy and slightly perfect when I put it on (later is a different story). Sorry to hear of your loss.

  7. I waited until today to tell you that the sun will come out tomorrow, not just because I myself hate to be reminded of the obvious but also because today is not as long a day to suffer your lip-smacking loss and tomorrow will be even less long and less painful ... and the day after that you'll have something new to worry about! (Think I just came up with a new spin on Annie: "The sun will come out tomorrow and then it might rain the day after.") A better woman might tell you it's an opportunity to try new lip shades. Not me though, I' sticking with weather.

  8. I have a brilliant corkscrew and I have to say it changed my life. Got it free in Brown Thomas when we bought a load of glasses.
    Also your girls are absolutely gorgeous, they really are. They look like real little free spirits, garden fair haired fairies!

  9. Hilarious!

    Your girls in white are GORGEOUS!!!! What a beautiful picture. I love your photography--the value range is always so light and airy. Must be that Irish sunshine.

    Happy First Day of Summer!

  10. Gosh, darn it, how could they just stop making it? I'd go through withdrawal after this. Love those lovelies in the pictures. Are they yours?

  11. dark times indeed treasure.

    lipstick crisis is shocking, however you left me foaming at the mouth at corkscrewless. please send word to family and friends immediately in hope that one of them will take pity on you and issue a new one by express post.

    on hte upside though, those girls of yours a gorgeous!

  12. Your Burren stone bravery in the face of such adversity is an inspiration, Mise. May the perfect shade come your way, and soon... Set your face like flint, as a stoic song goes, but moisten those lips with perfection!

  13. What beautiful girls you have :)

    How could the powers that be do that to you?! War should be declared!

    My favourite lippy is Clinique #41. And I would need to have serious psychotherapy if it was discontinued.

    P.S. My favourite perfumes were discontinued years ago and I'm still hunting for new ones.

  14. Now it's tomorrow, how are your lips? I've recently discovered pink vaseline- not stylish but effective for emergencies. Are you having an emergency? Is there still sunshine in the west?

    Also, we all know I'm a bit uncouth, but I'm liking the screwtop bottles. Oh, have just moved on to 'any excuse for a party'...

  15. Oh, what a shame. I feel your pain, my lipgloss recently got cancelled. It is all rather upsetting, at least corkscrews are replaceable! XO Mise!

  16. That yellow door - perfection.

  17. An Unreliable Corkscrew is a life tragedy, let alone the lipstick.

  18. Isn't it terrible, how they ALWAYS discontinue your favourites?!

  19. oh for shame! renewing the vows for corkscrews. what of the more noble motives of lovely new indie invites and regency styled dessert banquets?

  20. {oh mise ,
    i feel a poem coming on .....}

    this passing of time,
    with it's customer contempt ,
    and corkscrewlessness,

    if the worse comes to the worse,
    you can always cork the bottle ,

    or break it,
    and sieve the contents,

    or buy a new one
    with all the money earned
    from your friend in romford

    pillowcases are so much nicer
    than sacks,

    truth be told
    everything is much better.

    the benefits are manifold
    even though the benefits are no longer

    all looks pretty lovely,
    where you are.

  21. Well doesn't Benefit just suck. That laundry pic is pretty are pretty cute too!

  22. Mise, I just had to come back. your comments always make me laugh! If my husband and i get to Ireland, like we plan, I'm looking you up! have the champagne chilled.

  23. Louloulovesbooks: I think you are me. That's some ekeing. Maybe you could stop wearing it for grocery shopping to make sure it lasts for three boxes?

    Jayne: excellent, I knew someone would step up to the mark. The best and poshest one you get, please.

    Lilly and Becky and Aden: thanks, I'm proud of those girls! I must drop in to BT, buy a load of glasses, and hang expectantly around.

    Speccy: screwtop! I don't know how I overlooked something so obvious. When you return to Galway for a second honeymoon, would you pop a few crates in the boot?

    Bromeliad: it is. Quite clean if I say so myself.

    Jaboopee: what utterly magnificent verse. I have a staff vacancy coming up as poet laureate and I have my eye on you when you emerge from the rubble.

  24. That is the worst. Seems to keep happening to me when I find a face wash that I like. Your girls are darling! =)

  25. If it is any consolation for your sadness, tomorrow is a brand new (and shorter) day. And I have to agree with everyone else - your daughters are absolutely lovely.

  26. ok, maybe your day was worse than mine - I flashed my saggy breasts, but you have lost a tried and true lipstick shade. I know the sorrow of which you speak. I've been there too.

  27. haha... always looking at the stranger side of life.. Gee I hope my favourite lipstick hasn't been discontinued.. haven't bought it in ages.. who needs lipstick at home!! creating giveaway prizes!!

    Love your washing shot.. and your gorgeous girls!!! that hair.. that youth!!

    Thanks for your lovely comment.. and sorry i am soooo slow to make blog visits these days... I'm working on fixing that !! ciao ciao xxx Julie

  28. Bleak times my friend, bleak times.

  29. Lippy and corkscrew letting you down?? Thats just not cricket! The only thing that could be worse was if that gorgeous sunshine dissapeared and turned into grey, rainy skies!
    :) Flick

  30. the lipstick crisis clearly was enough ....

  31. ditto magsmcc:)

    I won't actually cry but that is a heavy one-two music-poetry punch you took.
    The summer laundry brightened my day and then the poem took it down a notch. Thanks for all of it though.

  32. Ditto magsmcc!

    The bright photos brought me up and the poem knocked me down.

  33. you had me at Tom Waits.

    Lippy? I forget to put it on which is just a swell with all the snogging I do.

  34. Oh, so is that how it works? When we renew our vows we collect wedding type gifts all over again? Hmmm... Good to know.

  35. Oh Mise, why oh why does life need to change, especially when it comes to our beauty routine? Phooey on that.

    Let's hope you stock-pile plenty and that a cork screw is in your near future. Where is your Scottish hubby from?

    Kiddo's are so darn adorable x

  36. Oh it is the longest day of the year without ones favorite lipstick.

    As to the corkscrew, my father always said, "If you can't manage to push the cork into the bottle (as an alternative to pulling it out) you don't want the wine badly enough." Though a renewal of vows would be lovely in that Irish sunshine.

  37. Dear Mise,
    CHANGE doesn't feature in my vocabulary. I can't do it !!....I mean, I physically can't do it !! I don't know how we ever moved. I HATE changing anything. ....... and, don't get me started on corkscrews !! We must have had every corkscrw known to man....the fish, the ones that competent wine waiters use ( we wern't competent and couldn't use it !!), cheap ones, expensive ones and have finally found one that works.
    Your girls are just so beautiful and what lovely photographs of them. No change needed there !!
    I also wanted to say how much I loved Louloulovesbooks comment ! Unfortunately, I'm futher along the boxes than she is !! XXXX

  38. The sack race looks like such fun - and how gorgeous your girls are. I think you just need to get a new corkscrew, and that alone will improve the longest day. They are always discontinuing my favourite lipstick. I can't help but wonder why.

  39. i think i saw a lovely woman called cait on the tv yesterday and i think you might know her very well.

    it was the baking that gave it away

  40. Janey-macaroni!! I don't open the door to Blogland for one day and CRISIS!! And here I was calling by to say THANK YOU!!
    Mise, Mise, Mise, you big-hearted Angel you. Yes, your parcel arrived and I am overwhelmed and delighted and will smell delicious for weeks now. Will make sure The Others get their share on Saturday (tho I am secretly thrilled to get first choice...)

    Now, continuing on a positive note, dear one, your photos are splendid! Is that GREECE you live in? Your wee girls are just adorable. Oh how that sack-jumping pic gave my heart a pang for My Only Girl who's all grown up now. So beautiful.

    And as for renewing your vows? Do it! We got married and then five years later had a handfasting, it was wonderful. Think we might do it again, in fact!

    Chin up, lovely. Lipstick crisis aside, from where I stand, all looks perfect where you stand. C x

  41. My new favourite summer wines comes in a screw-top. It's Tarango by Brown Bros. It's a red, but it must be chilled. Packs a bit more punch than a rose which I drink like pink lemonade.

  42. I vote for the vow renewal ceremony. I'll even bring a Reliable Corkscrew as a gift.


    ps: that first photo is fantastic.
    pps: your darling girls are fantastic, too.

  43. Perhaps the cosmetic manufacturers are in a conspiracy with the pharmaceutical companys that make antidepressants and mood elevators. Some one should clue them in that many of us just hit a different kind of bottle. Is there a support group for such traumas?

    The picture of the darling girls is beautiful. The motion was caught and even their hair tresses are catching the summer sun.

  44. Reconsider the Renewal of Marriage Vows thing Mise, all you'll get are 6 Crockpots & 3 dozen pewter wine glasses!!
    Millie ^_^

  45. Mise...Your clever writing, beautiful children, lovely garden...the list goes on with the talents you have and the bountiful life in Galaway wherever that is. Who needs moist ,dewy lips when you’ve got such a clever brain.. Someday it would be an honor to meet you. You are my idol. My fingers are still crossed for you to win Jackie’s giveaway but with her gazillion followers your chances are slim...but then again I too want to win it, so we shall see...I’m still waiting for another chocolate giveaway from you. Happy Summer. Cynthia

  46. Oh Mise, the cruel and unusual dual punishment of a discontinued lipstick and failing corkscrew. You're obviously being punished by the "essential life items" gods. You might have to commit to some sort of domestic-related Faustian pact to set things right again. I'm worried, Mise. Let me know if you need back-up. Meredy xo.

  47. Dumbwit Tellher: Fife

    Jacqueline: I'm worried that you're drowning in adoration over at your place with all those giveaway entries. If you need a rescue party, I'll round up Meredith to help me save you.

    Jaboopee, alas, I don't think I can lay claim to her - we are all media-shy here and we like the tv from the outside in.

    Ciara: that's great, I'm glad it showed up in time for clean festivities. Wish I were there!

    Tara: chilled red is a great idea, I'll have a look out for that Brown Bros one.

  48. I feel your pain, Mise. {And now I want to be in a sack race, but only if I can have one of those outfits, sacks and long blonde hair. Sigh ~ back to the egg and spoon I go.}

  49. Noooo not discontinued! How annoying! Have you tried stawberrynet?

    Beautiful summer pictures, your little girls look like angels, bless!

  50. I felt the same way when they discontinued my Dior colour. I think I can live without the lipstick but not the corkscrew. I'm sure I would be like the squirrel in Ice Age if I didn't have a corkscrew... And you give WHITE sacs to your butterfly contemplators for their sack races. My my ..; you are a beautiful purist Mise ;-)


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