Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pretty Far Out: a guest post from Jaboopee

I spent a wonderful imaginary weekend out at Pretty Far West recently. Mise asked me if I'd like to do a little guest blog post; I am so happy to oblige and to share with you my photos of the happy couple in their very luxurious and welcoming home.

mise : bathroom 1

Pre-dinner ablutions. Scottish Husband serenades Mise whilst Beatrice runs the bath.

mise : guest bathroom

BATHROOM # 2: Oh my! Doesn't Mise scrub up well?
Mise says, "it's not the guest bathroom, it's MY bathroom."

mise: drawing room

Oh my! again, doesn't Scottish Husband scrub up well too? Here they pose in the drawing room for the official photo for the lifestyle Sunday supplement cover photoshoot I'm editing.

mise :dining room

After a beautiful dinner, the knees-up really begins. Mise says "There's never enough gin in these pre-mixed cans," so Scottish Husband is always close at hand with a top-up.

mise:  master bedroom

After a long and wonderful night, it's almost time to retire. I sneak one last photo of the Happy Couple as they dance romantically [and a little bit naughtily] around their sumptuous bedroom to this. It's their special song.

I need say nor show no more.

Thank you Mise and Scottish Husband, for allowing me to experience this little bit of your very beautiful lives.

[And thank you to Jaboopee, the accomplished and impudent artist, for guest posting here today.]


  1. The special song is a glorious finale to a pretty special night! I am still giggling at this fantastic post! Scottish husband is indeed a real doll!

  2. How perfect!!! Three cheers for Jaboopie for the excellent expose on "life with Mise'....

    Mise I see your hair is looking gorgeous!!! you must have ignored your baking tasks and gone back to the good shampoo... and your home is exactly as I expected.. pinks and blues... and pretty florals to match that darling hat.. now if we can only convince you to drink out of a glass. this would be a class act!!

    Very clever.. lovely work Jaboopie.. and thanks Mise for allowing us into your home.. xxx Julie

  3. Ah, 'Savva ya Lavva' - what a perfect song for the romantic couple. Thank you for that tantalising glimpse into the domestic bliss of Mise and her tartan husband, Jaboopie.

  4. Jaboopee, I see why Mise entrusted you with honouring such an auspicious occasion.

    Congrats once again, dear Mise, and Scottish husband is quite a lad. You're clearly made for each other.

  5. Aha! No better woman to host an exposé! Jaboopee: Queen of Life-Style!

    I feel I know you now, Mise. So much more. Your home is as darling as I expected it would be, and yes, I agree with Amanda, Scottish Husband IS a doll.

    And what a fitting song for such a romantic couple...sigh...

    (It'll be swilling around my head for the rest of the day. Thanks Elaine...)

  6. Thank-you Jaboopee. Now I'm completely jealous of Mise's idyllic lifestyle. However, Scottish husband is showing the strains of the good life - he really ought to do something about those dark circles around his eyes...

  7. jeepers! lorks! that is quite something! i'll have some of what you and Jaboopee have been taking, what was it? brown acid?

  8. Mise AKA Hilary Lester ......that's all i'm saying .

  9. This gets my vote as best guest blog post ever in the history of the universe. Renee and Renato was the crowning glory. Swoooooooooon.

  10. Hilarious!!! A laugh-out-loud for each vignette. Highly original and ingenious.... LOVED IT, Jaboopie! Thanks for opening your home to us, Mise... voyeurs that we are...:).

  11. Brilliant photos Elaine, I will never look at those kinds of dolls again without thinking of Mise and her Scottish husband having a knees up :-)

  12. brilliant! Jab you are completely nuts and I love you all the more for it!
    Ans as for you Mise, you look fabulous, still got your hourglass figure too!

  13. Ah Elaine, you never disappoint. Wonderful. It reminds me of the Oliver Postgate version of The Dolls House...which you may never have seen over there:


  14. Ah...that's the stuff. Brilliant.

  15. Is that a new hat Mise? And I just adore your roll top bath, did you install it recently?

    When you have sufficiently rested after that big knees up Jaboopee, you are cordially invited to my house to portray me in such splendid light! I'll get the Bombay Sapphire in.

  16. Just new to your blog, but that has definitely put a smile on my face!

  17. Funny! Sounds like a great night was had been all.

  18. what I want to know, is what is she doing with that cup in the last shot!

  19. Congrats Mise on one year! and Brilliant Elaine - this is just what I need after a crappity crap day at the office!

  20. What a riot! Elaine you should make your guest weekend with Mise and Scottish Husband into a weekly series...you really piqued my interest and now I just want to know more, more, more!

  21. Ah, excellent. Wonderful to get to know you better, Mise. Great candid shots of your life xx

  22. what a funny ingenius inspiring tittilating tantilising insight...

  23. Your eyes are so... blue! Your lashes, so long! Your hair, so blonde! Why, you're a real doll, Mise!

  24. this is really awesome funny. clearly missing one david bowie, (not that hes so much cuter than the scottish husband), but he is MIA. perhaps out picking up more bombay
    congrats, and to jaboopee also. good work

  25. the thought of having a beer with david bowie got me seriously excited.
    i know, i have a problem... hes married

  26. Much much better than a beer with frankly creepy D Bowie.

    Mise your hair is so silky and shiny, almost acrylic. Could it be?

    The only thing which concerns me is the head size disparity. I guess it is important not to be too lookist and to overcome these little blips.


  27. Ha! This is brilliant! It's exactly how I imagined it. Maybe for the second anniversary post pink & blue daughters could make an appearance (an excuse to use Shelly Dolls!). Great stuff Jaboopee!x

  28. Thank you very much oh kind and lovely Mise blog commentators ,
    Fiona's understated enthusiasm gets my vote as the best comment on a guest blog post ever in the history of the universe.

    and now...*voice faltering, tears welling up *

    Thank you so much for having me here Mise ,It's been so enjoyable I've decided to let you off with the €2.50 that YOU owe me....Be a doll and give scottish husband a big thank you hug from me too. X

  29. You both crack me up.

    Where on earth did you find that wee bathtub?

  30. Ha! This was hilarious. Thanks for the laughs!


  31. Mise, I know your husband's twin! He's in my doll cabinet and was given to me when I was young. Someone brought it back from Scotland for me. Let me know if you're even Down Under and I'll introduce you. The resemblance is remarkable.
    Jennifer XX

  32. Jaboopee - How wonderful to have been out of blogging for a while and be welcomed back by THIS!! I've always wanted to get to know the real MISE better and now I just want to BE MISE full stop!
    Now - to find a husband to bring me more gin...
    Fabulous ;-)

  33. Oh, this is truly funny :)


You're looking particularly well.

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