Thursday, April 8, 2010

womanly introspection

There are a few things that keep me awake at night as I approach a year in Blogtopia, and I'd be ever so grateful if you could help.

1) It's a well-known fact that all bona fide bloggers store things (or display flowers) in Bonne Maman jam jars, but what should I do now that I have more of them than I possibly need? Does this signify over-consumption of jam, or under-storage of things? Does anyone have a tutorial to turn them into something I've always wanted but never dared to hope for?

2) How long does it take for a blogger who no longer blogs to cease to exist? Is there forever a small trickle of visitors who type 'cushion compulsion' into Google, and does the nice man in Taiwan who wants to know whether the climate of Ireland favours the cultivation of rose hips eventually stop asking? When it has been a month and no one has commented, will I know that my heart will go on and on and on...? Excuse me.

3) Does Lifestyle revert to Life if it ceases to be photographed?

Do you know the answer to any of these questions?

And, in administrative notes, I'm pleased to announce that Problemchildbride has been asked to join our growing staff as Queen Mother. We eagerly await her response.


  1. Jaboopee: no, I'm not doing very well at all. Thank you for asking.

  2. Revised org chart:

    imaginary assistant
    outsourced commentators
    VP of Shelving and Storage
    Queen Mother

    Note to self: have this embroidered on a tea towel and shipped to insurgents.

  3. Mise you are a sassy girl!! You have a wicked sense of humor which I love and admired. I wish I was half as smart as you..with fond admiration, Cynthia Wolff

  4. My attempt to answer your Qs:
    1. Refill with homemade jam or lemon curd. You will be the toast of Blogtopia.
    2. Six months tops. You will be usurped by other cushion compulsion blogger. You need to remember the blogging mantra:I blog, therefore I am.
    3. No, but only you will know that you have a lifestyle.

  5. Aha! I now know that I can not palm my collection of Bonne Maman jars off onto you! You can pour candles into them then and close them off with that pretty lid then offer them as gifts... That way people need never know about your jam addiction - or your lack of storeable items!

    For points 2. and 3. refer to Anita's comments.

    I am unhappy to know you are not going well and would like to ask if I may be of any assistance...


  6. I only have a few of those jars that I then fill with home-made jam - does that make me a bona-fide blogger/homemaker/Martha-Stewart type? Not sure, just know there's a glut of jam that I keep foisting on people who drop in or else we never get through it - then I am out of my fave homemade strawberry jam till this year's crop comes in the polytunnel. I love your orderly jar display - pure Martha Stewart! I think blogging has a doppelganger effect - inside this chaotic wage slave(=public servant) is a 1950s houswife struggling with her inner jam-maker!

  7. I am so jealous that you can buy that yummy jam so easily. I have only just found somewhere that sells it as many of the big grocery stores here in Suburban North Brisbane stopped selling it for some reason last year! I stocked up big time needless to say...

    I loved the Q&A from your previous post too! You always make me laugh-I love coming here!

    Best wishes,

  8. I have often wondered the answer to that second question. How long can you stop before you cease to exist in blogger terms? I do know that I started a blog 6 or 7 years ago on AOL, and I can't find it any longer.

  9. Dear Mise
    What a wonderful collection you have my dear... I'd hesitate to show you my cupboard full of old jam jars,bottles and coffee jars etc etc... I have done nothing with them [as yet] .. not even used for storage .. what a brilliant idea... !! who would of thunk it.. . and yours look so pretty... I must rearrange all my cupboards immediately... I like Ange's idea of using for candles... you'd be the envy of all your friends.... they could call you the Jar Candle'd have to start another blog of course dedicated to the subject... I'm off to find myself a lifestyle... xxx Julie

    ps thanks for you lovely comment...

  10. I am with Natasha- you should just be grateful that in the Pretty Far West of Ireland you can even obtain those jam jars. They are nowhere to be found in the Deep South East of Australia except at David Jones for 17$ a pop.

    The sad truth about blogging is that you leave a cyber footprint which never goes away unless you pay an overpaid geeky person to wipe it clean for you (its true, people do this).

    I must say on a side note there is a really nice blog running out of Qld (Simply Natural) and the blogger hasn't posted since August without so much as a good bye and people keep commenting saying things like 'are you okay' to no reply. I do worry for her.


  11. Your blogging of that childbride site shut it down. I can't even access. Nice work.

    Please hold a giveaway for your jars. There aren't enough giveaways in the blog world. ;)

    I adore that you've been here a year. Computer stalking has been infinitely more fun as a result.

    By the way, my word verification for this comment is uraystra. This is definitely post-worthy.

  12. i do not even own one of those jars therefore i must not exist, nor my comments be worthy.
    use beeswax or soy for your candles tho.

  13. I don't have any Bonne Maman jars, but I do contemplate them every time I go to the supermarket.

    Once you get at least one comment on one post of your blog, your blog achieves immortality, even if you never blog again.

    In closing, I'd like to point out an egregious violation in your photo: cute as they are, the jam jars are blocking access to the gin. This will not stand.

  14. Dear Mise,
    I fear that you are breaking one of the most fundemental rules of interior design, by placing brightly coloured items in said jars !! Pearl buttons, rice, cotton wool balls and flour, all of the white colour palatte, are the only things worthy of a Bonne Maman jar at the moment, on the interiors circuit.
    If I could offer my services as Consultant Jar Filling Designer,...a speciality service.. (by appointment to Her Majesty, The Queen Mother), I could get those jars sorted into something worthy of Country Living !!

  15. Okay, my comment is going to be almost totally selfish, but since I myself am selfish, I don't care. I worried when I read your questions, clever as they are, because I don't want this blog to end. I don't say that lightly. I say a lot of things lightly in the blog world, but not this.

    Also, I'm sorry to hear you're not doing well. If I were nearby I'd bring over a few cans of G&T's. And a lime. Actually, now that I type that, I just remembered something my mother does with her Bonne Maman jars. She mixes martinis in them, including the olives, and brings them with her when visiting people who don't have the right ingredients for a proper martini (like me--I never have vermouth.) Clever mum.

  16. have you read 'Paris, made by hand'? theres a shop in there that has bon maman jars as lights to hang from the ceiling...

  17. I don't know if you get them over there, but we get fruit compôte in BM jars with green checkered lids. My point being, maybe we should trade? My collection is running into treble figures now

  18. Well, I must confess I have quite a few empty Bonne Maman jars waiting to be filled, lined up and labelled. Not half as pretty as yours. I tend to store things, like my gran, just in case. In need of BM collection therapy me thinks.

  19. I wish I ate more jam. I see your Bombay Sapphire is conveniently at hand, Mise. I don't know the answers to any of these questions, I'm sorry to say. I'm glad your other commentators are much more wise and useful than me.

  20. Hello Mise. I'm a bit concerned that I am not a bona fide blogger in that I have no jam jars. This is probably due to the fact I have no space for said jam jars, but if it helps I do keep odd bits in a vase - does that count? Your jars look lovely by the way (which is the sort of sentence that would make me frown if said to me by an old man that sidled up in a pub).

    I've just typed cushion compulsion into google by the way. The IT desk at my work will think I am rather strange. And in exchange for now being known as a soft furnishing fancier, will you stay blogging, please? I thank you. :)

  21. Mise, I'm sorry to hear you're not doing very well. I think you deserve a can or three of G and T's

    On jam jars, I love all of mine and cant bear to throw any away. My kitchen cupboards are becomming unbearable. I use my jars as glasses to drink from, i like the way thry look in my cupboard.

    I also use them as photoframes, i blogged about it a few months ago

  22. Luckily I myself do not have this problem with jam jars as they all go to my mother! Every year she makes a huge stash of jam, and sends word around that she needs everybody's spare jam jars. Bonne Maman ones are her favourite :)
    So, unless you want to donate your extra jars to my mam, I'm afraid I have no suggestion other than maybe chucking them in to the recycle bin to make room for more lovely jam filled pots!
    P.S. There is no such thing as over-consumption of jam :)

  23. Uh, oh, no jam jars in my house. Am I just posing as a blogger? ;) Love the post - very witty.

  24. Are you still hungover from the G&T in cans?
    What happened to the sofa sourcer- did she get sacked for bringing more jam jars?
    And I want you to bottle your style (lifestyle/ writing style/ the lot)and distribute to those of us who struggle with the life and never quite manage the style!!

  25. Ah, good. I've been trying to comment for days without success- today I'm recognised as myself again. yay!

  26. My dearest very best friend mise.

    This post has existential crisis written all over it...
    The Bonne Maman jars are a common and obvious metaphor for your bewilderment as you approach the milestone that is a blogiversary...

    I would like to assure you, that there are no answers, there are only questions.

    To conclude :
    Your blog is an imperative.

    That'll be €376.65 and a box of chocolate fudge please . I am not registered for VAT purposes.

  27. Oh, dear. The thing is, I'm never quite sure if I should take you seriously or not. Sometimes I wonder - this post was one of those times. So I'm sending you a hug and laughing really hard to suit whatever need you're in the mood for, okay?

    And as far as #2, I will continue to pester you with occasional emails even if you leave Blogtopia (that was very clever indeed).


  28. 1) Store EVERYTHING in them. Inferior brands of jam, stray socks, pets.... (Not all in the same jar, obviously. Now that would be silly.) I do particularly like the idea of mixing your own gin and tonics in them too.

    2) This is one of those 'If a tree falls in the woods...' type questions for the modern age, right?

    3) Sadly yes, to an extent. Well, in my case, anyway. The Style is conferred by the camera angle and the careful editing. Beyond the photograph it is just Life.

    And here's a *hug*, just because x

  29. Recently I came across a blog where someone had written way back in January last year 'I think its time for me to stop writing on this blog. I don't feel like doing it any more. There doesn't seem to be any point in carrying on...' ;I felt like I had seen something I shouldn't. I turned off my laptop and folded the top down. Then put the laptop under the couch. Then shut the sitting room door.

    Mise, I think you should sell your collection of jars to all those suckers out there that crave those gingham lidded vessels. (I would like to put in an order for 4)
    Then with all your newly made cash have a 1st anniversary blog party! Hurray!

  30. I store all of life's essentials in Nutella Jars. Perhaps my lifestyle is just not as classy as yours? :)

  31. i have no idea how you sleep at night...

    conundrums wouldn't even be the start of it...

    i'll be thinking of you while i'm at prayer this sunday...

    having said that...myself and herself have a nifty idea for mason jars (thats what they're called state-side FYI) for our wedding decor...

    ah tis a terrible dilemma your in...i hope you make it through the weekend...

    i think you should promptly de-manify previous gin and tonic in a can and girl it up by pouring 2 nay 3 cans into problematic jam-jar, add straw, add ice-cubes...and while away your woes while drinking from the jam-jar...

    3 or 4 jam-jars later i can only imagine the wonderous ingenious nifty uses for jam-jars that pop into ones head...

  32. I am still reeling that Deborah from Kickcan and Conkers stores her gran in a Bonne Maman jar. Why on earth didn't I think of that. It's so hard to keep up with the blogiverse zeitgeist these days.

  33. You've made me laugh, once again, after a long day of working out my income tax situation. Merci.
    Now on to the jars. I have a couple that I use for taking food on the road with me and they also make fabulous homemade salad dressing shakers/mixers. Don't even think about stopping photographing your life and surroundings! Please. That's just silly.

  34. Was there lifestyle before photography? Absolutely. So you will continue to live lifestyle, no matter.

    And you needn't worry how long a blogger lives after they cease to blog because you shall never stop blogging. Right?

  35. Oh dear.

    See, not only are you one of the most witty and clever bloggers, but you have such witty and clever commenters, and I usually just sidle in the door to take a peek at what fun is going on, but don't often say anything as I'm afraid I am the odd old lady in the teacosy hat who a makes no sense to all the bright stars...sigh...

    But now, I do feel compelled to ask you, are you okay!

    I agree with Elaine, your blog is an imperative! And you do know we will keep coming here to party even if you do leave. But please don't.

    It just wouldn't be the same...

  36. I'm going way out on a limb here, about when you've finished with the jar, you throw it out? I'm going to have hate comments now aren't I?

    Okay, I'll admit it, I'm just being jealous and meanspirited because I have to store everything in industrial strength 40 gallon drums otherwise I'm bound to run out due to the locusts who masquerade as my children.

    As for if you want to.....take a break if you need everything a season. But please don't stop altogether? You are too precious. Maybe just throw us a bone once a week or so? If you're really not doing too well right now, your first priority is to just navigate through whatever situation is causing you grief. You could also spend time watching "Charlie bit me" on youTube? Meredy xo.

  37. O witty one,
    DITTO to Ciara's comment...exactly my thoughts as I breezed through you witty commenters...if it's true that you're not doing well, I send you my best wishes for getting back to balance.
    xxoo Becky

  38. I'm fine, thank you, everybody, and all the more so for your merry chitchat. These are great ideas you're coming up with here for the jam jars - I'll do a jam jar idea compilation soon so that your ingenuity isn't stuck in the comments, and we'll all live forever.

    17 dollars, Jane! I'm going to add little red SOLD stickers to mine straight away. And that's sad about the vanished blogger; it's rotten when that happens.

    And Lilly, I can see why you did that. I'd have probably tucked the laptop into a tea-cosy just to be extra sure.

    Ciara, you're not an odd old lady in a tea cosy hat! Not at all. You're the genie in the Milkmoon bottle, the pied piper of the narrow laneways.

  39. so i just left the grocery. i was in the condiment aisle and right in front of me is THE jam. so i got one just to see what all the fuss is about. i have to agree, the apricot rocks

  40. Mise....I am with you on all these questions. In regards to the jam jars, I like Ange's idea for the candles but have to admit that over the year's (in my 20's) I have used these as wine glasses. In my early years I recalled drinking wine from them in cafe's around Europe. The nice thing about this is that know one is really sure what you are drinking and is less likely to count. I have since made friends with a jamaholic and regularly recycle mine over to her. As you can see from my recent post, I myself am confused about blogging so am not the one to offer advice. Although I will happily meet you with said jam glass filled with a nice sauvignon blanc and you can bring along one of those premixed G&T's that you featured in a recent post and we can discuss at length...thinking of that, maybe the premixes could go into the jam jar with a slice of lime???
    Ok, time to call it quits on this one :)

    Thanks for you comment on Woman's World fits with your 'womanly introspection' it a full moon??

    Jeanne :)

  41. Mise
    Last year believe it or not Country Living did a competition where people had to write in with their ideas of what they did with their BM jars and then did a feature on the best ones.

  42. A trinity- I believe Lifestyle still makes a noise in the forest even when there's no-one there to hear it. It just doesn't give the same electric jolt! I believe Country Living ran an article on uses of Bonne Maman jars. I also believe that not buying Lifestyle magazines much anymore makes me less eligible for the forest, but I'll go on screaming anyway because you'll never get this far down such a long list of comments!

  43. You do make me smile... love your collection of BM jam jars - maybe you should just keep the empties in case of further use later on!! x

  44. Crikey! I'l meet with you and we can drink GnT out of them!!! Cancel my candle idea right away. Pleased to know you are well and I for one am pleased you blog. If it wasn't for you, my English skills would be next to non existent. I read your blog and ...I have to think. I suspect you to be of Oscar Wilde descendence...

  45. I've obviously failed as a blogger - no bonne maman jars here filled with anything except for jam!!

  46. 1) Yes, I believe your abundance of Bonne Maman jars signifies an over-consumption of jam. I know this is true because I have an abundance of Ball, Kerr, and Mason jars due to the same circumstances.

    2) A blogger who no longer blogs will cease to exist in approximately 33 days. Get to work on your next post!

    3) Lifestyle does not revert to Life if it ceases to be photographed, but Lifestyle does revert to Life if said photographs are not posted on a blog.

    Best of luck to you.

  47. I'm afraid I cannot answer any of your questions. I will, however, think about them for a bit and see if anything comes to mind.

    (Here via lovely Gigi.)

  48. Lovely blog!
    I will link you on my blog and I'd like to invite you to visite also my blog :D

    Laura from Italy


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