Thursday, April 22, 2010

edgy on a velvet sofa

Ever since I was catapulted to fame by losing the Irish Blogging Awards, I've been waiting for the press to come round and take my photo. This yellow velvet sofa would make a good prop - I'd sit on it, dressed in an austere charcoal grey frock with a dusky pink fabric rose, clutching a mismatched china cup and saucer and some spare adjectives. Behind me, women would come and go, tweeting of Michelangelo.
[The lovely Oswald sofa from the Conran Shop]

These Converse trainers would be just the thing for looking edgy in the sofa shot. Edgy is so important when you're as famous as Gwen Stefani and me.

[Converse Low Tops, vintage shoes via Penny Lane]

How are you doing with being edgy yourself? It's tough going, isn't it? Boyfriend blazer, boyfriend jeans, boyfriend socks, boyfriend Amex card, especially when you'd really rather wear the vintage shoes on the right, and secretly aren't even that convinced about yellow.

Yeah, I look so confident in that imaginary photo, but inside I'm not that sure about yellow.


  1. Love the reference to the The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock :)
    Being edgy is tough, but it's one of the prices of fame and if you want to hold on to your many fans you'll just have to do it. Wouldn't it be great if not being edgy become the new edgy? It would be so much easier! Luckily I don't have this problem, fame hasn't knocked on my door yet :)

  2. But Mise, your hair is always so fabulous that no-one will notice whether you're wearing vintage or converse, or even if they're not yellow! And the camera doesn't reveal inner turmoil, it's OK xx

    PS Good of you to spare Gwen's feelings, but she's nowhere compared with you, my dear :-)

  3. Lovely sofa.If the media come looking for me one day, I'll keep it in mind.

  4. Oh, yes yes, I can see it now--tweets of Michelangelo and all! Edgy? I don't think I'm doing so well with it. Perhaps I could begin with that sofa. Hmmm...

  5. Did I miss something? You lost the what??

  6. no, the sofa definately would need to be yellow, that way they could use their fave word "eclectic'

  7. Oh Mise,
    I thought that it was Senior Sofa Management time again and that I needed to come out of my office with my Bonne Maman jars (filled).
    I am actually VERY edgy but not famous. I would definitely wear the vintage shoes along with my tophat. I might have to dye them black though. Gwen has nothing on me !! XXXX

  8. Yellow is a happy confident color. I love your imagery and your imagination. You and Gwen Stephani rock!

  9. Yes edgy IS tough Because it can slip so easily into trying too hard or looking like a man\drug addict\ prostitute\ groupie.

    Yellow is hardest colour in world to pull off unless you are a lithe Brazilian. I would stick with pink couch, pink table and pink other things.

  10. Edgy? Fell of the edge ages back. So tired I misjudged my step and just walloped over and landed on my bottom. Sore, yes. But still - life continues. You however are just so balanced - perfectly as usual!

  11. I don't know I think the vintage shoes are more edgy.

    If you keep the sofa, they will come.

  12. O, yellow is the color of intellect and no'll be HOT, HOT, HOT! Or not.

  13. Oh Mise
    Gwen has nothing on you!! You are sure to win the edgy award..... but I'd give the yellow a flick I think... said to be mentally stimulating so actually probably quite good for edgy ... but not good for a sofa..

    I once bought a yellow sofa in a moment of sheer stupidity really.. and hated it for 4 years before giving it away... still miss how darn comfy it was though....

    So tell me Mise have you succumbed to twitter yet???? Have a fab weekend in your converse trainers and edgy sofa.... xxx Julie

  14. I am so far from edgy, I barely know the definition of the word. I do however, love the yellow sofa.

  15. Your one wacky your musings mise

  16. I love velvet sofas and converse low tops and mismatched china.
    I don't worry too much about being edgy. I can never make it, so I gave up the effort.

  17. I don't know if I could work with yellow....has never looked good on me!! Now bright green.... Cx

  18. I love yellow! That couch is gorgeous, but I bought a huge yellow lamp in TK MAXX, was €210, now €40. It's just too yellow.
    I'm so guilty on the mismatched china front.
    My secret to staying edgy is that I just don't brush my hair. I've been edgy since I was 5 because of it.

  19. My sofa used to be yellow/ gold. Many years and 2 small folk it's just... there.

    I do like the thought of the charcol dress and the yellow shoes- vintage for the tea party, converse for the 'just in from the beach' look. You look slim enough to be 'edgy'. I'm more 'comfortable'.

  20. Hey lovely famous lady!
    I'm not sure what this award is that you lost (title of it being quite self explanatory though!) Whatever the circumstances were, it's sure to be an injustice of the highest order if you did'nt win!
    As for edgy, In my mind I'm convinced that I am, along with all the other things I would like to be, until I see a mirror and remember that actually in reality I'm just really BLAND! xxx

  21. I'm happy you were "catapulted" to fame by losing! That yellow sofa has made my morning...but I do love yellow. I also love my "boyfriend amex card". Thanks for the laughs!

  22. I have lost my edge...
    lcd soundsystem 'losing my edge' lyrics say it all really ....

    two particular highlights are
    "I had everything before anyone."

    "I hear everybody that you know is more relevant than everybody that I know."

    listen to it here

    (Cáit reckons this is Joes song and made him a t-shirt with the words "I was there")

    I think it's ok to lose your edge, it's nice and soft and what ever you think of yellow just make sure you stay well clear of beige. Thats just wrong.

  23. Jaboopee, I wasn't there for that song. Where could I have been?! A little less lucid and a little more drawl and it could nearly be Mark E. Smith. That's a great t-shirt Joe has.

    Julie, no, I just can't bear to Twitter, but one of these days I'll hire a tweeting assistant, or promote the mascot.

    Jacqueline, a customer has complained that one of our filled jar has a Slight Defect. Would you pop out and say stern and edgy things?

    Lilly, that just isn't right. Your hair is the envy of the Internet. Whenever you comment and your tiny photo appears I get emails asking what hair-sheen spritz you use.

    Speccy, what you need is a slipcover. Lord knows we all need a slipcover.

  24. i've a few pairs of jeans, t-shirts, shirts etc...the auld american diet has got the better of me i'm afraid so there's a few skinny jeans available...

    not exactly boyfriend jeans...

    but you might be edgy enough to wear the blogger aquaintance jeans...

    you just might...

    i think i need a quantum leap reference or something...

  25. Lost it on the tweet.

    Hate all things boyfriend except the boyfriend.

    Yellow about yellow.

  26. according to this irish numerology guy i heard, yellow is THE colour for 2010, representing sunshine and joy.
    might want to reconsider, it is fairly sassy.

  27. Edgy? Am I edgy? I fear I am completely round... and becoming more so by the day.

  28. Damn it, I just bought white high tops in an effort to achieve edginess. I wish I had known that I needed yellow low tops instead. I can't believe you didn't win an Irish Blog Award but you don't need an award, even the non-blogging people can see that your legion of commentators is sufficient evidence of your fame. Not to mention the fact that your casual yet whimsical use of yellow is sufficient evidence of your edginess.

  29. I'm sitting here pining away with no edge to clutch onto. What I definitely need is a boyfriend's Amex card but what to do with the rest of my house and clothes once I have the yellow couch and converse? I have declined the vintage shoes as being too impractical for negotiating the puddles of mud that splatter the gardens around our house ;-)

  30. I need some spare adjectives right now. All I can come up with is somewhat alliterative in nature: What a completely resplendant charteusian comfortable couch! And who would look what's on your feet when you paint such a pretty picture anyway!

  31. I'm dead pleased you signed up to my blog so I could come over here and discover how screamingly funny you are. What a find. I can't wear yellow. It makes me look as though I need urgent hospitalisation. Not a good look when you're pushing 50.

  32. Yeah, I can't do yellow either. But you pulled it off quite beautifully. Nicely done.


    ps: Every time Twitter is mentioned, I think of Slaughterhouse-Five, by Kurt Vonnegut. Po-tweet?

    (Is it just me?)

  33. Dear Mise,
    I am so sorry that we have had a complaint of a slight defect in one of our jars. I am on my way with a complimentary Bonne Maman jar with it's jam intact as compensation. I hope that this will calm the situation. I also think that it won't harm my chances of becoming the Ambassadress to Ireland and that the Queen will see that I am perfect for the job. I want to thank you for recommending me.
    Do you think that I will be invited to the Palace ? If I am, I can wear my shabby chic tophat and maybe you will lend me those vintage yellow shoes !!
    .... and, to have awarded me the prestigeous Emplyee of the Month is a great honour and, I can't wait for the presentation.
    I am your humble servant ! XXXX

  34. Yeah, I love yellow but look like a duck when wearing it. It's been a while hon, I'm back to bloggy land and missed your wonderful blog a lot. xx

  35. I know what you mean. Sigh, I have been a finalist and lost in the Annual Weblog Awards or Bloggies every single year for the last 4 years. If the press come, I plan to wear my curly Marrakech beaded slippers and sit on my cushion strewn Moroccan banquette. I'll send them your way afterwards if they ever make it here....:-)

  36. Ah, J. Alfred Prufrock, I KNEW it! Nice update, we don't talk, we Tweet these days. That sofa is to die for, love the yellows. Yep, with gray and chipped china teacups, very smart, let's hope you get famous! LOVE your blog, very clever writing here, which I really appreciate. Awesome. I am so following.

  37. Yep I'm so edgy if anyone accidentally fell against me they would instantly be cut in 2! I'm with Jane here, you'd need a Brazilian to lounge on that sofa (or at least I think that's what she said)
    Millie ^_^

  38. That couch is lush and would look great in a plain white room. Has to be the yellow converse shoes - they scream comfort, comfort, comfort.

  39. Hysterical post...agreed about the need for the Amex card! That sofa is officially my new obsession. I've had a think for green velvet couches lately but now I'm yellow all the way.

  40. Of course you could pull it off Mise..I know you could do that yellow just fine!

  41. Yellow has been popping up every where these days! Loving the sofa! -Jami

  42. I have a yellow obsession, so you can imagine how excited I was when I saw this entry! What a gorgeous blog by the way! x


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