Saturday, March 6, 2010

a sunlit dress

Once the paint is dry, this picture will be mine.

Back in the old gallivanting days, I rented a house in Dublin with casapinka. She owned a huge cask of Toll House chips, so I liked her a lot. We dreamed of living in the Mexican Embassy across the lane, a beautiful house where gangsters in low-slung cars sought diplomatic immunity from the Irish rain. When she abandoned us to move back to the US, the replacement tenant had no Toll House chips. It wasn't the same.

Where were we? Casapinka, who sparked my interest in dresses on the wall years ago, now takes art classes from Permanent Magenta, who painted this dress. I like the persistence of the dress theme, and the sunlit simplicity of the painting.

In other important ephemera, this is the successful CV for the recently advertised senior sofa management position (non-stipendiary). Welcome to the team, Paula, who is also VP of Shelving and Storage. She joins myself, the offshore team of commentators, an imaginary assistant and a mascot in PFW HQ. Please ring bell for attention.


  1. I am not sure what Toll House chips are but they sound important. When I was gallivanting the most important item a fellow house mate could have was Baileys Irish Cream and a pack of Dunhill Blues (I was most sophisticated you see).

    Love the dress. Very accomplished.

  2. Hear, hear for the new senior sofa manager. That is one ravishing, show-stopper of a piece she got there..!

    And I can just see you two - you and casapinka. Ah, to have had roommates like you two...! It would have been life-changing, I think! :)

    And the painting is lovely, by the way...


  3. Dresses on walls. I love. Especially if they are mine.

    Housemates with older, handsome brothers I remember being popular. Especially if they had handsome friends too. *sigh*

  4. Hi Mise
    I'm not sure what Toll House chips are either! should I get some? haha

    The painting you purchased is adorable.. reminds me of a shot silk dress I owned.. back in my gallivanting days. I'm sure it will be a lovely addition to your family... And speaking of purchases.. I popped over to Paula's blog to see her CV.. and well I want and need that sofa... I also want and need a bigger house to put it in!!

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.. xx Julie

  5. the toll house chips i know are chocolate chips... or the whole cookie!
    best room mate ever!

    sweet dress

  6. Such a pretty piece and it will be beautifully at home with you, Mise! I love Paula's Chesty Chesterfield, too. You've made a fine choice there.

  7. You recruited well - I checked out Paula's CV and I am suitably impressed. That dress painting is wonderful - I hope it dries quickly.

  8. What a sofa! Will Paula bring it with her on the days that she's @ HQ?
    The painting is fabulous, and I'm fascinated by you and casapinka being housemates- the pinkness, the prettiness and the wit. Had I known you I'd have been too overawed to speak. Now, of course I have a virtual persona (she likes to think she's pretty too), and a brass neck.

  9. Love the painting - hope to see a photograph of it living at your house once its dry! G

  10. So pretty! It'll be beautiful next to a window, maybe on a lilac wall? Gorgeous for a house with little girls! X

  11. oh sunny days, sunlit dresses...and sundresses! with that painting you can have that sunny feeling all year round! Show us where you hang it when you get it home. Hope your Sunday is sunny, too.

  12. Room mates always had to come with Dunhill Internationals (I don't think that we had Dunhill Blues like Jane but Internationals were sophisticated too), Glenfiddich, and be good at washing up and tidying !....Toll House chips were a valuable extra !
    I do love the painting, Mise. Where are you going to hang it ?
    I also love Paula's sofa. I am in the market for a sofa and am not having much success. I love Chesterfields but they are not quite right for my room. Oh, isn't life difficult sometimes !!!! haha. XXXX

  13. Oh my. I love the imagery of seeking immunity from the rain.

  14. Gorgeous picture and amazingly beautiful turquoise sofa,
    To see some more really beautiful 'paper dresses'
    scroll a little bit down on this link

  15. I am so happy to know that you will soon have a fabulous dress on your wall. I can tell this is bringing you great happiness. Fun post. Thank you for always making me giggle.

  16. Oh to be gallivanting with you and casapinka! Please tell us what Toll House chips are?? I feel as though I must have missed out on something. I love the painting! And I think you've hired a goodie in Paula.

    P.S I included a soft toy in with the book with the unusual title. Did it help?

  17. Yes I can see why you recruited that Sofa. I would have too of course - it's my favourite colour. LURVE the sunlit dress. May it remind you forever more of your gallivanting days!! (I had no toll chips but lots of shopping excursions with my gay flatmate "DAHHHHLING you can't possibly wear THAT, we bought it LAST week. Time for another Myer's 90day plan!!"

  18. What a beautiful painting! Have a sweet day!

  19. Bonus points in a roomate, Toll House Cookies, weren't you lucky ! Beautiful painting Mise will look fab with the couch. You are going to be sitting pretty real soon :)

  20. Whoa..that was quite a little trip you took me on...I'm baking choc.chip cookies as I read this so figger that one your fantasy..Cynthia

  21. It's good to maintain friendships with people who can:
    - paint or know painters
    - keep enough Toll House chips around

  22. Ting ting, I am ringing....can I have a cookie? Love that painting Mise.

  23. That painting is gorgeous!!! And so is the sofa!

  24. What an honour! I was expecting a rather lengthy interview process for such a prestigious position as Senior Sofa Manager. I am so excited to join the team, when do I start?!

    Thank you Mise, I won't let you down. And thank you also Shell Sherree and Richie from custardbydesign for dropping by to let me know about my new appointment!

    I'll pop over with my measuring tape and some fabric samples shortly, right after I put up the new shelves.

  25. Oooh what a beautiful painting, specially for a girls room.
    Off to read all the loveliness I have missed on your blog in the past month :)

  26. OH I AM WARM AND FUZZY ALL OVER. Thank you:) Thank you.

    I am so delighted working with your Pink, she's inspirational gold. and just feel so special being included in your blog. And all the sweet comments. peaceful sigh. Am greatful to Pink for re-introducing dresses as still life to me. (My BFA project was giant paintings of laura ashley dresses)

    I love Mabel and Violet:)

    I don't have any chocolate chips but thank goodness my son encouraged my to buy some choc chip cookies at the market yesterday, I am going to find them right now. Its time for my second cup of coffee.


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