Tuesday, February 23, 2010

senior sofa management position

Scottish Husband mentioned lately that he has thought up a whole new time management philosophy. Hastening to replenish my conversational armory with equally fascinating topics, I hit upon the idea of a new sofa for the playroom. Much debate and research ensued.

A playroom sofa has to be petite, durable and pretty. Here's a candidate from Sweetpea & Willow. Yes, I'm usually inclined toward gaudier fabrics, but they mention that this one is perfect for re-upholstering in a fabric of my choice. It sounds tempting, but what an effort it will be to browse for fabrics, request samples, dither, dither and dither again, purchase the appropriate quantity of fabric, post it, place an order and arrange sofa delivery. Does anyone think it's a good idea?

Full time sofa manager required. Must manage sofa. CV and details of relevant sofa experience to this address. Ability to grasp new time management philosophy and apply same to sofa duties a plus. Non-stipendiary position.


  1. Oh I'm sure you will get loads of replies to your full time sofa management position. I could paint it for you - but not reupholster it or choose the material. I may have an unwavering penchant for yellow during the next two weeks which would then make way naturally for a blue phase. How would you be poor lady with a yellow and blue sofa I ask you? Only to find out that the following weeks phase was ... pink! For heaven's sake! There is just too much choice. ;-) That's why I opted for a plain coloured sofa that I could throw any cushions I liked at - on a whim ;-)

    Anita won a wee contest of mine where 3 winners were drawn ... I'll do another one one day Which doesn't stop you blowing quotes my way in the mean time... What ever inspires, I paint!

  2. I would love to apply for this job however I feel that I am slightly underqualified. I have only owned 2 sofas and these came from the boyfriend's parents who were getting rid of theirs.

    I am however keen and willing to learn. I have excellent organisation skills, might I suggest that I play some sort of assistant role to the senior position? I could catalogue choices, make them in to a nice list.

    I am willing to take this position as an unpaid intern as I feel the experience will be vital to me later in life.

  3. Mise, congratulations on your well deserved award nomination. I look forward to glamorous tales of the event!
    I am very well qualified for a job involving lying on the sofa, with occasional cushion plumping. I'll be happy to apply for that once all the hard work has been done. Please advise as to colours so I can coordinate my wardrobe...

  4. Hey Mise
    Well I've been logging extra hours in sofa duty lately.. so may be qualified as long as no decision making is required.. I have to agree with Ange.. i prefer to go basic with sofas and the big stuff.. then use colours via cushions.. allows me to change my mind hourly!! Haven't shown you my pillow collection!! [room] xx Julie

  5. I think I might be OVERqualified by virtue of my many hours of sofa occupancy...

  6. I say get the white sofa and get the girls scribbling with some fabric markers! It'd definitely be unique and a lovely piece for the playroom. A family heirloom!

  7. I'm sofa'd out...I've been working on my sofa slipcover...for what seems like forever...but I'm really liking that white one.

  8. I'm very interested in scottish husbands whole new time management philosopy, could we have the link to his blog please.

    Lillys suggestion is a great one, don't you love that lilly one....here's some examples of it made flesh.


  9. Dear Mise,
    I'm in the market for a new sofa and am in the same quandry. I think that buying a new sofa is one of the most difficult purchases. You never know what it's going to look like until it's bought, paid for and in the room.
    I don't even know where to look.
    I think that I need more help than you !!!! haha. XXXX

  10. I really love the lines of this sofa! My furniture ADD would require that I leave it neutral and solid, and instead pile it high with a rotation of various printed/colored cushions.

  11. Love this post! I'm seeking the same "employee" for my home as well. Need a new sofa, not sure what I want: slipcover vs. fabric, vs. leather, etc. Oh, the choices and oh, the lack of money! I like the style you featured in the post. Good luck in your search!

  12. please find within my cover letter for senior sofa management position...

    dear mise,

    i have 29years experience in sofa management, 23years of this unsupervised and more recently 5 years independantly...

    i have completed a self taught independant programme in sofa user ability and adaptibility programming...

    i have recognised the versatile and multifunctional use of the sofa which may lend themselves to your playroom needs...

    jumpability, bounceability, sleepability are all important factors more often looked over when thinking of the sofa beyond basic seatability and bum adaptions...

    my various experiences in the sofa field provide comparable analysis in the use and texture of sofa coverings...from leather and fabrics to sticky plastic protectors...and indeed the sofa recovery procedures developed and forcing me to act quickly, using initiative and unsupervised...

    instant wine and beer removal techniques as well as salsa and hummus cover ups can be discussed further...

    further skills such as cushion plumping, sofa lazing and adequate throw assistance may further expanded ideas with regards to the above position...

    above and beyond these necessary skillsets...my transferable skills as a designer may also be of interest...as are my dithering and datherings...

    (you might also think about a neutral covering for your sofa in a 2tone or even cordoruy covering and accessorise with phunky pillows and throws - although i have a real penchant at the moment for patchwork effects and i think that too could look awesome...)

  13. ps...

    you might enjoy looking at this...


  14. Ah the age old sofa debate. Having just been through it I can thoroughly understand the necessity for a full time sofa manager. I would apply for the role but it might interfere with my new position as VP of Shelving and Storage Solutions. Might I suggest the FAS Work Placement Programme for a suitable candidate? They might even finance a few sofa junkets if you ask them nicely!

  15. Mise,I know Custard by Design has the best application to date, but remember he is Gen Y - he will be gunning for Sofa CEO the moment you hire him! And what a gorgeous sofa for a playroom. A very good idea.

  16. or just give them permanent pink markers and tell them to go for it! (the wee ones, i mean - not scottish husband.)

    love this. and i'll take the job.

  17. I'm new here so I must ask...do you have boys? If so, how many, how old and how big? Because I see my medium sized boys, only 5 and 3 now, snapping the legs off this thing. It is lovely though.

  18. Hi Mise
    I think this couch definitely fits your petite, durable and pretty brief.

    Assume those are your adorable girls in previous posts? I bet they would have a ball if they were asked to generate ideas. It would certainly make the couch a conversation piece!

    This couch has personality. Your blog has lots of personality! You should have lots of fun creating it. Might be easier than you think!!

    Can't wait to read how this project comes along!


    PS...maybe pink toile?? lots of choices on that front in my post today :)

  19. Ok so, it could be a plain sofa with cushions or a paint it ourselves job. Thanks very much, Lilly and Jaboopee and Casapinka for sending me down this latter path. The children are prone to scrap and go off in a huff when doing a joint project, so it would forevermore be known as the Huff Sofa. Perhaps not a bad thing.

    The appointment is a tough one. As Brismod says, it's a fine application from Custard by Design but he'd aspire to be Sofa CEO and threaten my sofa empire, so I'd be safer hiring The Girl as Aide-de-Sofa Grade II with vague promises of a promotion one day to Aide-de-Sofa Grade 1. But she is clearly smart and may be a more subtle usurper of the sofa power. What a headache it all is. Now I need a HR assistant to manage the appointment.

    Speccy, thanks - it was ever so nice of people to nominate me for those awards. I can't offer you any sofa roles as you're already my blog mascot.

    Paula, VP of Shelving and Storage Solutions, no less. Envious curses. I knew I should have gone to more corporate parachuting events.

    Tracey, no boys. The chaos is only medium-sized. Join me in a glass of wine for our Nerves?

    Jeanne, I'd love this sofa in pink toile.

  20. I nominate my 2.11 year old son for the role.

    You can also come to Australia to collect him and then spend 28 hours on a plane with him returning to your home.

    He is available to start RIGHT NOW.

    His skills include but are not limited to running at full speed into the sofa to test its strenght, playing Knights and horses on the sofa to test its flatness and ocassionally dribbling on sofa to test its wash and wear-ness.

    And very excitingly just recently he has developed a new skill, climbing on the back of the sofa to test its structural soundness.

    on a more me me me note, personally I am opposed to patterned sofas.

    I think plain and get your pattern from cushions, carpet, children, spilled paint, graffiti etc.

  21. mise

    i have no qualifications. i havent seen my sofa in weeks. :(


  22. I'd apply, but I need to dither about it for a while. In the meantime, I think Jeanne's pink toile idea is inspired.

  23. I love that sofa, especially for a playroom! It does deserve some loud, somewhat out there upholstery though I think. And for me those choices do take an exorbitant amount of time. But you'll love it to death once you've found the perfect solution!

  24. If you find a good one, could you send him/her around to my place after you are finished? Actually, send any runners up as well as I have many, many items that need managing! I adore that sofa BTW.

  25. My advice? Removable covers! I didn't....then covered it in gaudy blankets. It died long before it's time as a result. Sigh. Removable covers NOW, just as the kids are old enough NOT to spill.....typical. But on the plus side, I have two sets of the removable covers, one is beautiful, pale and stately, the other funky, stripy and colourful....perfect for my differing moods. :O)

  26. That is a gorgeous sofa! I think you could put just about any fabric on it and it would still be gorgeous!

  27. Hello Mise,
    A playroom? Is this a room for kids?? :D
    Oh my, this lovely white sofa would be black in no time in our home I guess. But it sounds nice: a playroom. Would like to have one for myself AND with that sofa in it :D
    Best regards, Marjolijn

  28. HA! Your first paragraph had me snorting tea out of my nose. Heehee.

    Love the lines of the sofa - and I'd look into maybe just making some loose slipcovers with pretty tie-ups... I mean, I realize what's the point, right? But... I don't know. Maybe Noah likes to get particularly muddy... I'm just a big fan of slipcovers with kids.


  29. This post is brilliant and the sofa is gorgeous! Unfortuately don't think I am qualified enough to be a sofa manager though!!! x


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