Monday, February 1, 2010

on the happy train

Award buffs, please note that this post starts with "Award buffs, please note" because I've been catching up with the glossy magazines lately and am steeped in magazine-speak, which seems entirely appropriate for today's post.

Thanks to kind awards from Heather at A Day in the Country, Jacqueline at Home, Meredith at Count it all Joy, Suzi at Made by Suzi, Jesse at Good Girl Gone Glad and Catherine at Kids and Capers, towering figures on the blogging circuit, here is a glimpse of my fabulous lifestyle.

The brief is to state several facts about me, or things that make me happy, or somesuch. So let's launch into things that make me happy. FIVE of them.

ONE: order, so calming and so hard-won. When the children are older, perhaps the imaginary assistant and I shan't have to spend so much time putting things back where they belong.

TWO: the rowdies, despite number one.

THREE: being licensed to drive. This was belatedly accomplished a few years ago (to facilitate rural living) after decades of taking taxis, so I'm proud of it, although still wary of speed, roundabouts, overtaking, car-parks and low-flying birds.

FOUR: I am Une Very Stylish Fille, by Dimitri from Paris. Because I am. Don't argue now.

FIVE: the facade of those glossy magazines, full of shoes I won't wear and exciting opportunities to help the large Indulgence Emporia finance the advertising of their incomparable face creams. And indeed I occasionally buy such face creams, deviating from the more sensible and equally lovely Harebell Herbs. Because the 300% brand surcharge is the tax one must pay on being une very stylish fille.

Who to tag? Paula of Mabel and Violet, Alek of From the Right Bank, Lorna of Garrendenny Lane, Stan of Sentence First, Shell of Shell Sherree, Maria of Vintage Simple and those other people I've tagged before who have been slow to step up to the line and dish out the facts. Imaginative excuses will also suffice.


  1. Your girls are beyond adorable. Please apologize to them on my behalf...because I stole your imaginary assistant for my own use. ;)

  2. Congratulations!

    I wish I had an imaginary assistant.... :-(

  3. Hi Mise,
    'How do I look, How do I look? '
    Re order and calm when the children grow up...speaking as a woman of grown up children, as soon as they have grown up and left home, we want them back, making a mess !!
    Do you know that, after many years of driving, I am so glad, every day, that I learned to drive. It is so liberating, isn't it ?.....and, I am still taken in by the claims of outrageously priced face creams, even though they have never made me look like Michelle Pfeiffer !!!! Funny that....but they still make us happy. XXXX

  4. Congrats on your awards. Well done for you and thanks for sharing the personal stuff!

  5. Pink and blue daughters are divine. And wow, imagine only just getting your licence that must have been quite hard after so many years of not driving.

    The putting stuff away gig - it does get tired doesn't it. But then we would have all this spare time if we didn't have to do that!


  6. When your imaginary assistant has finished at yours send her/him to me!! My two hurricanes need one! Cx

  7. Love those rowdies!

    And I'm with you on number one, oh my...

  8. Could your girls be any cuter? I think not. Thanks for the tag - I will divulge although I think you can probably guess what my list will look like. But first I must go investigate Harebell Herbs . . .

  9. oh yes you very stylish girl! Imagine how stylish we could all be with more assistants and more sleep and more sugar daddies! Well done you - you are a leader for us all!

  10. You sweet, hilarious one..! Can I tell you how readily I identify with #1?? And your girls? Too cute.

    Well, I followed this more closely than you did with the whole, '7 things you may not know about me' format. I think it's too late, though, as the post is already up. I like your version, though, my dear.


  11. Very nice to meet you, Mise and I came to visit from Maria's in time to learn 6 interesting things about you. I don't have nearly anything witty to add but am delighted I came! Your two daughters, by the way are absolutely adorable!


  12. Your girls are completely precious!!

  13. Look at those cuties! Hand them over immediately.

    I swear reading your blog has lead to a 75% decrease in productivity at my workplace. Please stop mentioning blogs I'll be addicted to. Please.

  14. HI Mise
    Well the Rowdies!! are without question!!! so adorable!! but yes driving!! I couldn't live without it... I thought I was a late starter getting my license at 20!!! ... I don't even get public transport to work anymore... if I can't drive.. I can't go!!

    Have fun.. and congrats on many well deserved awards!! xx Julie

  15. mise
    you have the most gorgeous rowdies ever !!!
    plenty of time for order when they re grown. i know, it happened.
    and only send the assistant to me if hes male and really good looking

  16. I'm thinking of putting an order in for some rowdies just like yours. They test the notion of whether there is such a thing as too divine.

    Now, permit me to thank you for making me an Honorary Award Buff. I'm tempted to follow your lead and provide five things, being a fellow rebel and all. I shall mull this over for Friday's post, since Tuesday's is already past the post.

  17. Dear Miss Multiple Awardee - congrats. on your gongs, most deserved. Order will come to your life I promise. That will be when your little lovelies leave home when they are 30. Can you hang on that long? We offered 'incentives' to get ours to go sooner - it worked.
    Millie ^_^

  18. You won six awards at once?? Blimey!

    I particularly like the driving point; passing my driving test is still one of my proudest (and most unlikely) moments - I actually kissed the poor examiner at the end...

  19. Far from magazine-speak, the intro to this post is admirably recursive, and your random reasons for happiness are all winning and wonderful.

    I on the other hand veer more towards the inadmirably reclusive, living as I do like a scruffily studious hippie monk. Almost everything makes me happy, except for all the bad stuff.

    This morning's joy was accompanied by a blue tit whistling from the apple tree outside my window. All my morning needs now is another mug of tea.

  20. I looked up rather guiltily then when I read the end of your post. as I believe I am one of those who hasn't yet responded to your last tag.

    I have been mulling it over, but so far the only interesting thing I can come up with is that we are in proud possession of Tara Palmer Tomkinson's potato masher. Is that the kind of thing you're after?

    PS, exactly the same here with the driving. Whenever I get in the car I still can't believe i'm actually allowed to drive.

  21. Stan, a reclusive life with birds, apple tree, blog and tea sounds ideal and probably wards off much of the bad stuff.

    Flora May, TPT's potato masher is worth a whole blog, not just a post! Is still available? You must tell us where you got it. Quickly.

  22. The rowdies look too sweet and innocent to be rowdies. Never judge a book by it's cover, I guess.
    As for driving, I've been driving for years and it causes me great angst often. happy to hear you enjoy it! Thanks for the hit of Dimitri...always enjoyable!

  23. Congratulations on your awards! I'm on the happy train today too. :) The rowdies are adorable!! I love those curls.

  24. You are certainly an woman of accomplishment par excellence. A driving, luxury face-cream wearing, producer of divine daughters woman! No wonder we adore you so. Meredy xo.

  25. All in good time. The masher is looking at me rather bashfully now, it never expected to be outed like this.

  26. I've been licensed to drive since the age of 17 (give or take a few months) and I'm still prone to squealing in fear when getting onto highways, driving over bridges, or in any kind of traffic whatsoever. I sometimes wish we could just go back to bikes and horses as means of transportation.

  27. i make do with a teuxdeux list and you have an imaginary assistant...

  28. Goodness, congratulations on your award haul! well and truly deserved too. And yes- your rowdies. beautiful!

  29. I am with you on the assistant - what I could get accomplished if I had extra help! Your daughters are darling - so sweet!

    BTW, you mentioned on my blog that you can see the Aran Islands from your window. How lovely! We had such a glorious time in Ireland and the western part of Ireland was by far our favorite. It's so nice to chat with someone from that area. Cheers!

  30. I am absolutely certain that you are a une stylish fille - I myself find that I am often half naked on my chaise lounge with an arched back. Mind you, it's because I have tripped over some bloody toy on the floor as I was on my way to finish getting dressed..

  31. Oh, gosh, need to go back and read the instructions - does this mean I have to attempt to be as witty as you!!!

  32. The rowdies are ADORABLE. Did you get them from a catalogue?

    Congrats on your many awards.


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