Sunday, February 28, 2010

Happy birthday, Pink Daughter!

I made that cake myself, to Pink Daughter's specification. She's five years old now, and specifies quite specifically.

"What is the secret of your success with children?" people ask me. "How do you manage to make charming tutus out of Emma Bridgewater dishcloths and yet meet your work deadlines? How do you keep your house so tidy, your icing fairly crumb-free, and how do you finance your imaginary Maserati? Must you rush to the Opera so soon?"

"Ah," I reply smugly, "it is simply that whenever I move from room to room in my house, I carry something back to where it belongs."

In fact, no one has ever asked me any of these questions. I guess they just don't care.


  1. Happy Birthday to your little girl :)

  2. dear best friend,
    you're perfect.
    it's genius to return something whenever you move to another room. I'll bet your kitchen is clean before the meal is finished. I know mine is :)

  3. Absolutely LOVE this cake! Your daughter and I would get along quite nicely - I prefer SPECIFICS!

  4. A wonderful creation ,both daughter and cake and indeed you Mise, .... and I do care, I care so much....
    ...I could sit here for hours hanging onto the coattails of your wisdom.I am in the process of compiling a list of further questions but in the meantime might I ask,
    Why ? , in your opinion, do blogger use the symbol for a wheelchair user beside the word verification box when a symbol of an ear would be much more appropriate?

  5. Japoobee - wouldn't an eye be more accurate?

    Pink Daughter - happy happy birthday you are a lucky girl with that cake.

    Mise - that carrying tip thing is certainly a key secret to anyone's success. Gee it helps. Except when you pile all the things to be carried at the door of each child's bedroom as I do. I am just happy I don't have a two storey house.

  6. How lovely. I was happy before I even figured out that was a cake. happy birthday. Congratulations to you for making it to another year. Hope you had fun today.
    (My own captain fabulous turns 5 in march:)

    ps. I am writing this on my iphone, having left my spotless home and well fed child, on my way to La traviata from which i will return to partake in deeply rewarding marital relations. (was that too much?)

  7. Pink Daughter is so lucky. I would love a cake like this on my birthday--or any day. Today would work!

    You are brilliant, Mise.

  8. I can honestly say, I've never moved from one room to another without fixing, carrying or adjusting something. Even during hide and seek today - I cheated and tidied while she hid. Bad mom!
    The cake is super cute and she must have been so happy! love the button too.

  9. Five. I wish I could remember five. Your pink daughter will after having such a lovely cake made to her precise specifications. But Mise, I presumed you out-sourced to one of your assistants?

  10. hello!! Greeting from not so sunny Southern California...I arrived via Home..Love your wit and humor and smart writing...Mind if I tag along??

  11. mise,

    that is the best cake i have seen all day, hands down.

    and i love the fierce reference ... my girls would very much fit that mold. happy birthday pink !


  12. Hey Mise
    So many things to love in this post.. First that you made that cake and what a pretty well specified cake it is!! Sounds like the apple didn't fall far from the tree... requirements, specifications... Secondly.. that button is fab... 'And Though She Be But Little..' ha ha love it!

    You know the picking things up nugget is true wisdom... simplicity at it's best...

    Happy Birthday to Pink Daughter!!! xxx Julie

  13. Happy Birthday to your daughter! Such a lovely cake!

  14. Aach, great post. I love the badge - man she must be the coolest kid! hope the cake and the day were all they needed to be. And bugger all those that don't care - I suspect you are just some sort of magic fairy person who amazes us all!

  15. I'm in awe of your super-efficiency and cake making skills. A veritable goddess. Happeee Birfdeeee little one!

  16. 8 year old has a birthday in April. 44 year old has a birthday in May (eek, 44+ 1= scary number) Will you or Beatrice be available to organise, bake and decorate? Bed and board will be provided, tho not quite up to your normal standards
    Loving the fierce badge. Please send several with Beatrice

  17. Oh, Happiest Birthday wishes to the fiercely, specifically pink wee girl! Hope fab fun was had. What a cake!!

    Gosh, I am feeling so dense...why did I never think of carrying things with me as I go? You'd think after four children, and almost fourteen years of parenting I'd have copped on to that blindingly obvious trick? I can tell you have changed my life today, Mise. I am deeply in debt...

  18. m,i haven't being in blog world in a along time but in the real woprld i've heard great thing about you. is it true your blog is up for an award. you should definately get it.good luck. the cake is beautiful. is there no end to your talent! see ya d

  19. That's a fine cake, Mise. It's not easy to produce such finery to exacting specifications. I love the little button/badge, too. It might become my new mantra.

    Happy Birthday, dear Pink Daughter!

  20. Happy Birthday pink daughter! That cake is so gorgeous, and such a beautiful collection of photos. That's a great idea about picking stuff up, Im one of those people that runs upstairs then forgets when I went upstairs in the first place! x

  21. I think my mother would like you Mise! Her favourite saying 'Don't put down, put away'. My sister and I just didn't get it at the time.
    Love the cake and the 5 year old specifics. And the badge is brilliant. I need that for my 6 year old.

  22. Oh, phew, that's great..! So it's not OCD? The perpetual tidying up? And my child does not have OCD either, in his specific specifications? Phew..! ;)

    The cake is lovely... And like Jaboopee said: "I could sit here for hours hanging on to the coattails of your wisdom." Indeed.

    Happy 5th birthday to pink daughter!


  23. Ah that is loverely, well done to you for taking a photo before it was gobbled up :-)

    Happy birthday to the little one too.

  24. The cake is truly so creative. Looks too lovely to eat, yet, I am sure it tasted quite delicious.


  25. Thank you for your visit and for becoming a follower...Check out The Ukettes on YouTube when you have a minute...we have alot of fun playing and being together...I've played with boys alot and the girls are alot more fun....enjoy your day(evening!)
    Thanks again, talk soon, Cynthia Wolff

  26. Why Mise, how do you keep your icing so crumb-free? Was that part of the specific specifications? And please may my The Girl have one of those oh-so-appropriate fierce badges?

    Happy Birthday oh Daughter of Pink :-)

  27. I can't see any mills and boon books,? i must be in a wheelchair .

  28. Perfect cake. You must have been proud of yourself...I would have been! Happy bday Pink Daughter.

  29. I'm so sorry that I didn't manage to reply sooner, but I've been busy in my imaginary garage buffing the imaginary Audi :)

    I hope that Pink Daughter had a splendid birthday.

  30. PS No worries re the voting - I came in the top 6 so I'm well-stoked and can't thank you enough for your support! xx

  31. May I ask where the badge quote comes from? I am not well read you see, so many literary references are wasted on me. I like its sentiment an awful lot though. I've found that generally with girls, size is inversely proportionate to fierceness. Both mine came out at 7lbs-odd and scary as fuck.

  32. I completely forgot what I came in for...sorry - Happy Birthday to Her Royal Pinkness.

  33. Dear Mise,
    I know that you're not speaking to me because of my 'faux pas', so I am going to give my comment to Pink Daughter. Many. many happy returns to you, dear pink daughter. I wish you the best of days with all of the special treats that your heart desires. Tell your mummy that she is SOOOOO clever to have made such a beautiful cake. Only a super-intelligent, pretty, kind and forgiving person could have made such a special cake as that. Ask mummy if she would fish out the unravelled knitted lavender sachet that she had been knitting me for the past three years, from the bin and finish it for me, and to find it in her heart to relight the candle that she had burning under my picture. You know the one. The one that you and the family used to look at every day until mummy stopped liking me !!
    Enjoy your special day, pink daughter, and tell mummy that I will be waiting for her comment on my next post !!!! XXXX

  34. Happy 5th Birthday to Pink Daughter. Mise, the cake is just beautiful - clearly befitting a "little" yet "fierce" Princess.

    I am a bit dismayed at everyones response to your tidying up wisdom. I thought you were being ironic. My little heart went zing! with joy at your irony. Say it isn't so, Mise. Do you really, truly, pick things up when you leave a room. It's just too much to bear. Aren't your hands already occupied with a martini in one hand and cigarette holder in the other? If you admit to washing out your containers before recycling them I may never recover. Meredy xo.

  35. happy birthday, little pink daughter - can't believe she's five. today i went to my friend margaret's house and she said, "i sold the dress painting!" - we had each painted dresses together last week, hers much superior to mine. and she pulled it up on the computer and there was YOUR NAME. i swear, i thought i was in the twilight zone.

  36. Mise - thanks for that fabulous tip. I shall post a before picture of my stairs and then see how many trips it takes me to clear them!Hope Pink daughters day was special!

  37. Thanks, everyone, for the kind birthday wishes for Pink D! The quotation is from A Midsummer's Night Dream:

    "O, when she's angry, she is keen and shrewd!
    She was a vixen when she went to school;
    And though she be but little, she is fierce."

    Heather, could you go a step further and teach Lily to tidy while you hide?

    Speccy, no bother. PFW imaginary party services will be in touch.

    Flora May, approx 7lb for both mine too. I guess that makes for more concentrated fierceness for extra washes.

    Jacqueline, you've won me over. I'll be back. Hell, I'll move in.

    No no, Meredith, it's ok, I'd never inflict a post without irony on YOU, my dear. I outsource the picking-up to impoverished colonial nations. They tidy my house over the Internet while I have the Martinis.

  38. *LOL* You make me chuckle! Happy Birthday Pink Lass. The cake is beautiful...beautiful I tell ya!

    WE care. ;O)


  39. Happy birthday to the wee Pink Daughter. I fear that specific Spiderman son will specify a Spiderman cake and you (or possibly Meredy) will be required to impart some of your wisdom in the cake making stakes. And, before you admitted to your martini-goings on and your propensity for hiring the colonial community, I was going to admire you for your putting awayish ways ;-) It appears to me that the more I carry into another room, the more appears in the room I just left. Do you have a specifically specific remedy to this other than confining the messmonsters to solitary confinement in the outhouse???
    Today's word verification anti spam word for this comment is GONES. THe things in my hand were... Gones and put away and never came back!!

  40. The cake is beautiful! And I love your little quote afterward.


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