Wednesday, February 10, 2010

crocheting against the odds

It's been a long time coming, but I've finally been seduced by the craft bloggers into a bout of crochet. This is my new stash of cotton yarn.

Under the timely influence of the Crazy Heart trailer, I've started my comeback crochet tour wearily and against the odds, mostly during conference calls. I pause to clutch the crochet hook in frozen horror every once in a while as long-suppressed embarrassing memories return to me, thus providing a handy plot structure for flashbacks in the story of my life, which will end with a completed blanket (small) and a hinted redemption.

You'll be writing to me to see how I'm getting on, so I've bought some cards with which to reply. Aren't these lovely?

[Image: Shell Sherree]

They are by Shell Sherree, available from her etsy shop along with equally delightful handbag and teapot cards, and she won my lifelong friendship by enclosing a Campari print with my order. Thanks, Shell!


  1. Oh good - a flashback blanket :-) The best kind x

    Having never tried crochet my comeback is some way off yet, but I shall try to take up my hook sooner rather than later just so that I can abandon it all the sooner and hence start planning my own comeback tour. Clair, are you in?

  2. She bakes! She sews! She covers chairs in funky pink print! She wreaks poetic havock in a single bound! Of course she crochets! She's Super-Mise!

    God bless you, Mise...I know you should never leave a man behind, but you'll have to go it alone on this one. Do it for the rest of us who are aware we possess opposible thumbs, but know not what to do with them. Meredy xo.
    p.s. Just when I thought Jeff Bridges couldn't get more appealing, he starts singing haunting country ballads. Be still my beating heart.

  3. I am learning to knit!!!! and am waiting for the "scarf" to be finished ..a blanket is a long way off x x

  4. I'm still resisting - I have too many terrible memories of the hexagonal 'square' with a a hole in it that I knitted during a Girl Guide's sponsored silence... Wool and needle crafts are not for me I'm sure.

    But I can't wait to see what you come up with!

  5. Oh yum! That's for both the cake and the crochet!! Love love love love the colours! Can't wait to see what appears! Cx

  6. Fab! Can't wait to see the results!

  7. Miise,

    I am impressed on both counts. I love looking at yarn but so far that is all it amounts to. Look forward to progress reports!
    Jeanne :)

  8. A blanket. Excellent. I keep putting off a blanket, seems like such a big project. Perhaps I should just get to it. Have fun!

  9. I prefer crocheting to knitting :) It was my number one hobby in high school...for months my friends would get hats as presents.

  10. hi mise
    my mum taught me to crochet once... i forget now, but she will indulge me again im sure.
    i just picket up some donegal chunky tweed made in kilcar ireland.
    it is awesome. im knitting squares for charity. and a blanket... well, hopefully
    have fun!

  11. Hi Mise,
    Our Granmother taught all of us girls in the family to crochet. My sister makes beautiful baby things that look as if they have come from some extortionately expensive children's store in the Knightsbridge area, my cousin crochets beautiful tops and cardigans for herself, worthy of Dolce and Gabanna's 2010 Spring/Summer collection and I....well, I'm rubbish !!......but I will enjoy seeing your finished blanket. Will that be next week or next year ? Haha.
    Happy crocheting Mise. XXXX

  12. Cute cards. The nuns at school taught me to crochet, but I was a complete failure. My stitches would have different tension depending on the mood I was in. One day would be perfect, the next day all tight and puckered. Horrible! I'm sure yours will be lovely.

  13. I too feel seduced by craft blogs! I have yet to try my hand at crocheting.

  14. I am impressed, my mother being a country girl can crochet.

    I think those granny square blankets really do produce flashbacks and when I see them in op shops I start screaming inside and I see dragons jumping out at me I just have to run and run.

    I have read instructions for crocheting and just can't do it.

    Check out Meet me at Mikes lovely Melbourne crafty blog, she has lots of crochet adventures on her blog and also Brown Owls.

  15. Lately, it seems like every single blog I read is about crochet, causing me dreadful pangs of jealousy and feelings of inadequacy!

    I have resolved to do something about my non-crochetness this year, so help me God. By hook (literally) or by crook (very likely).

    ((also, when I read your paragraph about the Shell Sherree cards, I thought you wrote that she enclosed a Campari pint with your order, increasing my envy tenfold))

  16. Well, I can't wait to see your (small) blanket, dear. A redemption blanket no less.


  17. well, there it is. Crochet. I cannot do this! I can make pie, granola and even homemade tortillas. But alas, crochet..not a hope in hell. I've no doubt you will make something lovely..and memorable.

  18. When I first picked up a crochet hook recently after 25 years I had a flood of memories come to me as well. How bizaar this is.

  19. I crochet by default. I was a knitter for years until an injury--not a knitting injury, a tennis injury (although I think it would be more fun to say I have knitter's elbow than tennis elbow)--made knitting too damn painful. So now I crochet. In fact, I've always got some project or other stashed into my purse for moments when my hands and/or mind are bored. Meetings, swim meets, basketball games, waiting rooms . . . the list is endless. Pretty yarn makes all of these things so much more livable. xo

    PS My verification word is "undirt." I wonder if that's a command, as in I should go undirt my house. Probably. It's quite a mess.

    Can't wait to see the blanket you make!

  20. Dear Mise, you are such a good sort!! You are more than welcome ~ I'm only sorry I didn't include a matching pint of Campari. {I wish I'd thought of that, parallel-botany.} Crochet made me crotchety when I tried it in my youth ~ but I can't possibly imagine it having that effect on you.

  21. So how are you getting on? Is it a little too soon to ask? My nana taught me how to sew, knit & crochet. I detested knitting, but quite liked my crochet attempts. Goodness knows what I actually made though.
    Meredy's right - you are super Mise!

  22. You need to tell me how you're getting along. I just started and so far it's just made me want to kill people. Actually mostly myself.

  23. My one and only crochet project was a hemp water bottle holder and I tell you what it took me from Maine to Michigan to make that bad boy. Hemp is not easy on the fingers. Fairly indestructible though.

  24. That's so funny! It was one of my new years resolutions to learn to crochet. My beau got me 'The Happy Hooker' for christmas, it has great step by steps and I also got the first issue of that crochet magazine thats all over TV!So far I can only do squares. Its alot faster than knitting but it eats so much more wool! x

  25. The appropriately named Ms.Piggot is on her way to the prettiest of the farthest west to check your chain stitches AND to make sure your not wearing INappropriate patent leather shoes .

    We {all 19 of us}, here at jaboopee wish you all the very best in your crocheting endeavors . we look forward to seeing your angst made flesh, in the meantime , if your looking for a support band.....pleas (sic) call......

    ps i don't care what anyone says.... jeff bridges and maggie muchyoungerthanheis is never going to be right... it's just another hollywood antiwomanism and i'm sick of it ...i am woman , i am mother....hear me roar.....

  26. Jaboopee, you're back! Hurrah! Yes, that trailer is a classic Hollywood cliché, but doesn't it give you that delightful thrill as you watch it of thinking that Jeanette Winterson isn't going to like this At All?

    And I'd love that support band please, so long as all 19 of you wear lampshades on your heads. We could be Sheena and the Shadies. Actually, you can be Sheena and I'll just be a shady. I'm publicity-shy.

  27. Just over from Julie Ruby's and spent an hour cruising around your and your cronies are HILARIOUS!

  28. Such perfectly soft yarn! I am excited to see your finished blanket. The cards are lovely as well - just the right blend of subtlety and color.

  29. Hey Mise
    Well firstly.. sorry I am late to see the comeback. A tad slow this week.. I think Meredith is right!!! It's Super Mise.. what can't you do you clever homemaking miracle worker!!!

    Well I can knit and crochet.. but haven't sewn since i was a wee thing.. come to think of it I haven't crocheted [i wonder if that is the right term??] in eons..

    Can't wait to see your results!! I'm sure we will all be in awe!! Have a great weekend xx Julie

  30. Oh what pretty pastel colours. I wish I could make things unfortunately I'm completely useless xx

  31. I can't wait to see what you create; I LOVE the cards!

    Hon, I have a giveaway this week and I'm rootin' for ye!

  32. Dear Mise,
    I just wanted to thank you for commenting on my post for Renee's birthday. Often, people don't comment on those sort of posts so, many thanks for the support.
    Have a lovely day. XXXX

  33. Hi Mise

    Happy Valentine's Day...I have something for you on my recent post..have a look when you have a moment..Jeanne :)

  34. I'm still getting over Mémé's cushion covers. I can not now admit that they're coming back into fashion after spending 3 years stuffing them away in dark corners of the garage. It could have been the navy blue and purple colour schemes mind you... Sigh. It would appear that I would have to take it up too, along with macramé in order to teach my messmonsters and be sure they will have well rounded personalities as adults... Anything so they don't turn out as sociopaths.

  35. Your yarn looks wonderful - never thought I would say that to anyone! Looking forward to seeing your foray into crochet - I have too many bad memories of primary school knitting to even try! G

  36. that's some yarn you spin pretty far west...

    have some valentines day belated love...


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