Sunday, January 17, 2010

lengthy award ceremony

Please excuse the increased security presence on stage today for the protection of the rosy tea-cosy and the velvet cosmetic bag on display here, as kindly supplied by the lovely Paula of Mabel & Violet.

[Starts to read out all 69 comments]

[Audience stirs fretfully, boos and hisses]

[A woman at the back flings curtain tie-backs and scented tea-lights angrily at the podium]

[Sighs, abandons planned programme of choral recitation of own verse]

And the winner, as chosen by, is no. 26, Helen of Feeding Five for Fifty. Helen, I'll be in touch to organise your prize.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the bar is now open.


  1. Darnit... I go away for a few days and look what I miss...sigh. Oh well, next time...

    Giveaway coming up on Milkmoon too :-)

  2. Congrats too the lucky winner!
    Have a great Sunday! xx Julie


    Please excuse my excitement, this is my first ever win!!!!!! Thank you hon!

    *big happy face*

    Helen xxxx

  4. congratulations, Helen. many happy pots of tea!

  5. Haha!! I love your awards ceremony, Mise. Sorry about the tea-lights ~ I really only meant to throw the tie-backs...

    Congrats to Helen!!

  6. I certainly need a drink after all that suspense... Well, congrats to the winner.


  7. And the award for Most Amusing Giveaway Reveal goes to....

    (nervously fumbles envelope)

    ...Mise from Pretty Far West!


  8. Well done to the winner, looks like I'll have to start knitting.
    (Thanks Mise for the supportive comment)

  9. Bah humbug - there's obviously been some sort of mix-up.

    Congratulations to Helen anyway :)


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