Friday, January 1, 2010

don't stop, don't stop the dance

Thirty years ago, I climbed on the rocks and bounced on the great bales of seaweed tied up by the shore. Twenty years ago, I was in college, pursuing spiky hair and the arts. Ten years ago I flitted about between academia and the merrily meretricious dot com bazaar. And now, a few days after the delightful birthday party, more than half way through the one year blogging experiment, I'm the queen of sofas and fairy cakes, owner of a eucalyptus tree, peacekeeper for the rowdies, and 39 years seems a longer time than I have lived.

Happy birthday to me. Happy new year to me. And you, yes, of course, to you too.


  1. Happy Birthday and Happy New Year! Wishing you fabulous adventures in 2010.

  2. Happy Birthday Mise!!! May all your dreams come true!

    And Happy New Year!! Those sketches of your daughters are gorgeous as is the birthday card!!

    I wish you and your sweet family much joy in the coming year and never stop jumping on seaweed bales!! xxx Julie

  3. many happy returns that i write it i'm not quiet sure what 'returns ' mean ....but i especially want you to have lots and lots of really happy ones ...your bryan ferry intro kinda brought a tear to my eye , or was that daughters writing and lovely card, or is it just this passing of time...or maybe its those two glasses of wine ...
    anyhow your the queen of everything in my book and I"m really looking forward to the rest of your blogging experiment

  4. Happy happy birthday - much better a short life long lived than a long life about which you say I did nothing and it went so quickly. Pink and Blue daughters look so like you. xoxo

  5. Happy New Year's Birthday Mise!

    (Secretly I am hoping you had some nice chocolate to celebrate ;-) and not the last of the Quality Street)

  6. Best wishes to you. Spiky hair - edgy. My arts degree was done in a perm...not so edgy...

  7. You're a new year baby? How fun! That would call for a double celebration, right? Happiest birthday and new year to you, Mise! Your blog is brilliant and your comments over at mine always make my day so thank you for your support and friendship during the past year. xoxo, Ally

  8. Happy Birthday!

    My MIL's birthday is today too.

    Sounds like a grand 39 years so far- enjoy this next one!

  9. No way! You really don't look 39! x

  10. Many Happy Returns, Mise.
    What wonderful drawings of your daughters. They are the spitting image of you.
    I wish you and your family everything that you wish yourselves and for many, many magical and happy times in 2010.
    Many thanks for you company on this blogging journey and for your wonderful posts and your support over at mine. With much love. XXXX

  11. Many, many good wishes to you for your birthday!! How funny to be born on the 1st day of the year :D
    And also all the best for this year to all your family of course.
    Warm greetings from a cold country,

  12. Happy Birthday!!! Your children are adorable! I'm SO looking forward to your always HILARIOUS posts in 2010!


  13. Happy Birthday Mise. What fun to have a New Year's Birthday. I had a friend many years ago who was the same and we could always guarantee a good party on NYE. Hope 2010 delivers everything you wish for and then some.

  14. Happy Birthday, dear Mise! I hear you about one's age seeming longer than one has lived. Here's to it never feeling like it's catching up. And here's to another beautiful year for you {and countless more to come}. Those portraits of your rowdies are beautiful.

  15. Happy Birthday and I hope the cake was so wonderful that you thought you might feel a bit ill but then a good swig of tea came along and you were just fine.

  16. Happiest of Birthday wishes to you!!! And every blessing for a wonderful year to come.

    Looking forward to what the year brings!

    C x

  17. mise,
    happy birthday to you !
    your post title instantly put bryan ferry in my head. perfect song for the day!
    all the best!

  18. Thanks so much for the kind comments about the blog :)

    Happy Birthday and Happy New Year :) x

  19. oh happy birthday! i thought you were a teenage mum from your profile pic, now i learn the grave fact that you are indeed 39, i bow to your greater knowledge and wisdom, i am a mere 35 you see.

    weird, i thought i was a-following and somehow, i'm not so i'll dash off right now and remedy immedately. call it a late birthday present.

  20. Very lovely here at your blog. A very happy birthday to you!

  21. A sincere happy birthday to you my friend. And happy new year's to you and yours. Here's to a blog and comment-filled 2010. :)

  22. Happy Birthday!!
    Happy New Year!!
    Happy Happiness to you!!

    All hail Queen Mise!!
    The writing in your card is the sweetest thing :)

  23. You had me with the song lyrics/post title, Mise! Happy, happy birthday! Glad you decided to embark on this year-long blog experiment, and hope it continues long after the deadline. We're all depending on your wit and wisdom now.

    xo Gigi

  24. Happy Birthday Mise!
    I adore those sketches of your precious I detect a mischievous glint in their eyes? That birthday card should be framed and hung in a place to encourage you.... or if one of your girls come home with a belly piercing during their teenage years.

    Would love to see some photographic record of this spiky hair phase....too fun!

    Happy Birthday, Girl with the Pearl Earrings! Meredy xo

  25. can I just add my bit too? Happy birthday, you sure had me fooled. I too thought you were just a slip of a girl....what's the secret? Please don't tell me I have to drink anything dodgy!

  26. Thanks for the kind wishes, everyone! It's the gin and exhortation, Suzie and Nath; it keeps me young.

    Jaboopee, the many happy returns are surely about tax: I think it means you'll be sending me a new once-off print of yours every year. But only if they're happy.

  27. A belated happy birthday, with hugs (and possibly even an exclamation mark!)sprinkled on top.

    Here's to a peaceful, healthy and joyful 2010. x

  28. Oh no, I missed your birthday! :-( I've been neglecting your blog (along with everyone else's) and now I come to catch up and I discover I missed something really important.... Belated birthday wishes, and all the best for 2010 too xx

  29. better late than never...Happy Birthday !!! Have a wonderful 2010

  30. Awwww. Happy Birthday, B. I forgot that you are also a Januarian. When we were making snacks and slumming it in D4, who knew we'd be blogging and having sprogs and both 39? Surreal?

  31. Happy Birthday Mise, and very merry unbirthdays for all the days I've missed. I hope 2010 brings you goodness and happy surprises!

  32. Hope your birthday was wonderful! Cheers to a great year ahead of love, laughter, good health and fun adventures! :)

  33. Happy birthday, love the card!

  34. Happy birthday, Mise!!! Oh, I've missed you..! And happy 2010 - may it have many more months in it than the regular 12, and may it bring many, many comments for you to sift through.

    much love,


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